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Thank you for a wonderful summer!

With the end of summer coming to end, we at Harvest Gold wanted to thank everyone who came in over the past few months, specifically the artists who came to paint plein air! Some wonderful art works were produced by his summers plein air paint-outs as well as great time shared together. Kristen Dill was our last featured artist of the season, and painted a gorgeous nature-inspired still life painting inspired by summer flowers and fruits, and the glorious views from the gallery.

We also are very thankful for our loyal customers, who return every summer to stop in and say hi! Thank you everyone for your continuous support of the gallery. Goodbye summer and welcome fall!

New Work from Rebecca Klementovich!

Yesterday, local artist Rebecca Klementovich stopped by the gallery and dropped off some wonderful new paintings. Rebecca grew up in New Hampshire, but as a young adult she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, New York.  Eventually she moved back to New Hampshire and is now a resident of Dover. She is the co-founder of Femme Fatales of the North- the goal of which is to show women making art and to share the art they make.

Despite the overwhelming amount of traditional art in the Mount Washington Valley area, Rebecca is an abstract artist, she has the unique ability to catch the energy that nature radiates. Rebecca's main focuses are on color and horizons- or lack thereof; getting rid of a defined horizon is one of the many ways a landscape can become abstract. Due to the abstract nature of her art, it’s Rebecca’s goal to ground the viewer- ground as in show them the landscape without directly showing it to them. Not only does she want to show them the landscape, she wants them to feel the emotions the landscape would make them feel as if they were looking at it. Replicating the feeling of the natural world is hard enough for an artist, but doing it as an abstract piece of art is even harder.

Her new painting, called "Diana's Bath & Summertime" features a abstract-landscape view of a major waterfall in North Conway, NH, which Rebecca describes as being "highly photogenic, and this plunge is structured in such a way as to allow you to stand below its falling waters."

Another new painting that is now apart of the gallery is called "Blanket of Forests". Rebecca Klementovich describes this piece in an artist statement, "I wanted to present this collection of artworks to spark your imagination. What else might dwell in the heart of the forest? Is their language soft like moss and fluid like a tiny underground stream? Here are some carefully painted artworks around the idea of Forest Creature. The Birch trees are poking through the forest. In the distance are the tall Pines trees watching over the forest and its animals."

Come check out Rebecca Klementovich's glorious new paintings at Harvest Gold Gallery, or see them on her artist page here: https://harvestgoldgallery.com/collections/rebecca-klementovich


Doug Houle: Painting Around New England

Harvest Gold Gallery is thrilled to present this week’s featured artist, Doug Houle! Doug Houle lives in Augusta, Maine and has been establishing his art work around the area for several years. Doug will be painting plein air on Saturday, August 14th to exhibit his skills and feel inspired by the wonderful view from the gallery. All are welcome to join us at Harvest Gold Gallery on August 14th, whether an experienced painter or just an art admirer. 

Doug Houle was born in Manchester, Connecticut and attended Plymouth State College, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting in 1998. After college, Doug participated in art shows in Vermont for a few years before relocating to New Hampshire, and ultimately landing in Augusta, Maine where he has been for the past 25 years.  

Doug Houle’s art style has always focused on painting New England's buildings and landscapes, creating dramatic images of these ordinary buildings using light and color. “Through my painting I have chosen to highlight the architecture of small town New England. I am drawn to the charm and nostalgia around old homes and barns, store fronts, and light houses. Whether the places are frequently visited or passed by, they surround a town’s people, giving recognition to the historical relevance they have in our communities.”

Doug explains that “[He likes] to create a mood in my paintings that will remind you of a time gone by, and light and color are crucial for these pieces. Working primarily in oils, I leave the underlayer of my painting showing through the planes and edges, which helps to develop a level of interest in the surrounding work.  Objects absorb and reflect all sorts of color and how that is manipulated impacts the mood. The light that each color creates is there to invite you. I want you to live in every one of these rooms, within each window, and behind every possible door.”

Don’t miss out on the chance to observe Doug Houle’s creative process on Saturday, August 14th. Check out more of his work here.

New Inventory - Bruce May

We are so excited to have gotten some new inventory from the One-Legged-Woodworker, Bruce May. He gets his nickname from a motorcycle accident that caused him to lose his leg.

Lynda and Bill met Bruce at an art show before his accident and offered him a place to show his work in the gallery. After a long two years of waiting, he showed up minus one leg and with a stack of bowls.

Bruce is the first woodcarver that we ever showed in the gallery. We haven't had his work in a while, so we were so excited when he showed up today with some new pieces.

He works with many types of wood to create bowls that are absolutely stunning. Bruce is also known for keeping the bark on some of his bowls which adds to their uniqueness. It also lets you see the layers in the wood.

Bruce's work is only available in the gallery, so we hope to see you soon!

Clinton Jones: Nature Inspired Sculptures

Harvest Gold is delighted to announce that Clint Jones’ sculptures are now showing at the gallery. Anyone familiar with Maine will recognize the inspiration taken for Clint Jones’ sculptures, using nature scenes and Maine waterfront to design beautiful sculptures. Clint Jones intertwines work & hobby with his intricate metal sculptures that we are excited to showcase on the walls of Harvest Gold Gallery.

A Maine native, Clint Jones grew up on the water in Cumberland. After school, Clint trained as a marine mechanic and also gained skills as a welder which he puts to use while creating his sculptures. He currently commutes from Casco to Chebeague Island and works as an island car mechanic, diagnosing problems in cars and fixing them with delicate skill. 

While Clint Jones is a skilled boat and car mechanic by trade, fisherman, and boating enthusiast on the side, his real talent comes from his artistic side. Clint Jones creates metal sculptures through a process of creating paper patterns, tracing it onto a single sheet of metal, cutting and welding the metal, and making sure the sculpture can structurally support itself. His paper patterns keep his sculptures alive for as long as he wants, as he can reuse the design again and again.

Unlike “island cars'', which have a short lifetime span, Jones sees his metal art as time capsules that will last hundreds of years, each piece telling a story. Jones likes the strength of metal and enjoys working with a medium with such longevity. He feels people have taken notice of the durability of his pieces.

We invite you to come admire the nature and animal-inspired sculptures by the talented Clint Jones that now grace the walls of the gallery. Visit Harvest Gold Gallery today! For more information about Clint’s work, check out his artist page on our website: https://harvestgoldgallery.com/collections/clint-jones/sculpture


First Plein Air of the Season!

With the wonderful beginning of summer and the flowers in full bloom, Harvest Gold Gallery had our first plein air paint-out of the season. On June 26th, Rebecca Klementovich showed off her skills by creating a beautiful painting looking out at the views from the gallery. She brought along a great turn out of painters and customers alike!

Plein airs are a fan favorite event held here in Center Lovell, where each weekend this summer we feature a local artist to get inspired by the gorgeous views and paint a one-of-a kind piece of art. All of the paintings/art created during a plein air will be available for sale in the gallery as well! Plein airs are very special to us at HGG, as viewers and participants get a unique experience with the artist, all while enjoying a nice summer day.

Rebecca grew up in New Hampshire, but as a young adult she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, New York. She worked for 20+ years as a fashion art director and textile designer.  During this time she began to love color and what it can convey to the viewer.  This becomes apparent when viewing her art, she strategically places colors in a way that accentuates the view she’s conveying. Eventually she moved back to New Hampshire and is now a resident of Dover. She is the co-founder of Femme Fatales of the North- the goal of which is to show women making art and to share the art they make.

We are so grateful to have been able to host Rebecca at the gallery last weekend. Harvest Gold is excited to get to celebrate a new artist every weekend this summer and have beautiful new work to display in the gallery! If you are interested in attending a plein air session, or perhaps you are an artist wanting to have your own plein air day, message us at harvestgoldjewelry@gmail.com or at (207)-925-6502.

Catie's First Day

Hi, I'm Catie and I'm newly employed at Harvest Gold Gallery! In my free time I enjoy being outside, reading and making art. Even though I'm new to Harvest Gold Gallery, I've found so many art pieces interesting, but my top three favorites are:

"Spring Beauty" by Carol Novotne 

This painting really caught my attention because of the landscape and style; so ethereal. 

"Emerald Pool" by Diane Scott

I've been to Emerald Pool several times; this painting really captures the beauty of this location unlike any photo I've seen. Looking at this piece transports you to Emerald Pool. 

"Sunset Daises" by Varvara Harmon

Daises are one of my favorite flowers, so this painting immediately caught my eye. The way she adds so much life into her paintings truly makes them breath-taking, especially this painting. 



New Works by Jeanne Oulette

Local Maine Artist Jeanne Oulette has brought in some new works to the gallery for Spring and Summer. Jeanne is focused on interpreting the landscape of Maine in oil paint. She takes particular inspiration from the mountains, rivers and seacoast. Take a look at some of these new pieces, and come check out more of her work here at Harvest Gold Gallery.

"Cold River"

"Clouds Over Pleasant Point"

"Out of the Woods"

"Sunset Casco Bay"


My First Day!

Hi! I'm Charlie Anderson, a new person working at Harvest Gold Gallery. I'm a high school student, and this is officially my first job. I love to ski, read, and of course, I love art! It's my first day, and I'm very interested by all of the art showcased, specifically the paintings! 3 pieces in particular stuck out to me, which are: 

"Loon on Rough Waters" by William Janelle. It's very intricate, and anything with animals is a little biased


"Lupines in Sun Rays" by Varvara Harmon. I like the detail, and the sun rays are very realistic and pretty.

"Heartbeat" by Gay Freeborn. As I've said, animals for me are very biased when it comes to art. It's a very realistic and cute deer.