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New Work from Rebecca Klementovich!

Yesterday, local artist Rebecca Klementovich stopped by the gallery and dropped off some wonderful new paintings. Rebecca grew up in New Hampshire, but as a young adult she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, New York.  Eventually she moved back to New Hampshire and is now a resident of Dover. She is the co-founder of Femme Fatales of the North- the goal of which is to show women making art and to share the art they make.

Despite the overwhelming amount of traditional art in the Mount Washington Valley area, Rebecca is an abstract artist, she has the unique ability to catch the energy that nature radiates. Rebecca's main focuses are on color and horizons- or lack thereof; getting rid of a defined horizon is one of the many ways a landscape can become abstract. Due to the abstract nature of her art, it’s Rebecca’s goal to ground the viewer- ground as in show them the landscape without directly showing it to them. Not only does she want to show them the landscape, she wants them to feel the emotions the landscape would make them feel as if they were looking at it. Replicating the feeling of the natural world is hard enough for an artist, but doing it as an abstract piece of art is even harder.

Her new painting, called "Diana's Bath & Summertime" features a abstract-landscape view of a major waterfall in North Conway, NH, which Rebecca describes as being "highly photogenic, and this plunge is structured in such a way as to allow you to stand below its falling waters."

Another new painting that is now apart of the gallery is called "Blanket of Forests". Rebecca Klementovich describes this piece in an artist statement, "I wanted to present this collection of artworks to spark your imagination. What else might dwell in the heart of the forest? Is their language soft like moss and fluid like a tiny underground stream? Here are some carefully painted artworks around the idea of Forest Creature. The Birch trees are poking through the forest. In the distance are the tall Pines trees watching over the forest and its animals."

Come check out Rebecca Klementovich's glorious new paintings at Harvest Gold Gallery, or see them on her artist page here: https://harvestgoldgallery.com/collections/rebecca-klementovich


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