Doug Houle

        Douglas Houle lives in Augusta, Maine and has been traveling northern New England for the last 25 years. Born in Manchester, Connecticut in 1974, he attended Plymouth State College and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting in 1998. His focus has always been painting New England's buildings and landscapes, creating dramatic images of these ordinary buildings using light and color. After attending college, Douglas spent two years in Vermont participating in local art shows and exploring the Champlain Valley. In 2000 he relocated for a short time to Manchester, New Hampshire, before ultimately moving to Augusta, Maine, where he has resided since with his wife and three children. In the last several years Douglas has worked hard to establish his artwork in and around the Maine art scene.

    "Through my painting I have chosen to highlight the architecture of small town New England. I am drawn to the charm and nostalgia around old homes and barns, store fronts, and light houses. Whether the places are frequently visited or passed by, they surround a town’s people, giving recognition to the historical relevance they have in our communities. I like to create a mood in my paintings that will remind you of a time gone by, and light and color are crucial for these pieces. Working primarily in oils, I leave the under layer of my painting showing through the planes and edges, which helps to develop a level of interest to the surrounding work. Objects absorb and reflect all sorts of color and how that is manipulated impacts the mood. The light that each color creates is there to invite you. I want you to live in every one of these rooms, within each window, and behind every possible door."

-Douglas Houle