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Plein Air With Diane Scott

Today, a sunny July day at the gallery, Diane Scott set up her easel to paint plein air! She painted two different pieces today: a portrait of Catie- one of our workers, and a glass painting study.  

Here is Scott working on her painting of Catie, she states that "Its hard to make a dull painting brighter, but it's really easy to make a bright painting dull", in response to the question, "Why do you say 'If you're smart you always go bright'?" 

Here is the beginnings of the glass study. Diane uses oil pants, saying they allow for so much forgiveness. Please come see Diane Scott's work and other plein air's this season at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Wind Chimes!

Windy days can bring about a symphony of music with these delightful wind chimes. These chimes are made from aluminum-alloy tubing that will never rust and are designed by Larry Roark, who founded Music of the Spheres in 1989. They are tuned to A 440, the standard orchestral pitch and are available in in 8 different musical scales including: pentatonic, Chinese, aquarian, gypsy, Hawaiian, balinese, Japanese, as well as whole tone. 



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The alto chimes  consist of 1 1/2" diameter tubing with an overall length of 50".


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The chimes in the tenor octave are 60" long and are made of 2" tubing. 



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The bass chimes are the largest and consist of 2 1/2" diameter tubes and are 90" tall.  

The different octaves of the various sizes provide the perfect harmony when played together. The sounds blend beautifully in the breeze and these chimes are the perfect addition to create a sense of peace within your garden. Please stop by the gallery and listen to their unique sounds!





Meeting with Randy Rowe!

We at Harvest Gold Gallery met up and interview Randy Rowe, who is the one behind the brand new Strumsticks here at Harvest Gold Gallery. We discussed his process and his own opinions behind the music scene and his Strumsticks, and learned a lot of valuable information. 

"Standard Strumstick" by Randy Rowe

Randy Rowe's Strumsticks are beautiful instruments and decorations, him describing it as "beautiful hanging from a wall." His Strumsticks are great for any novice or expert, with "no right or wrong" on how to play it.

Growing up, Randy's process of making music was not at all focused on perfection, more the sound of the notes played. Randy enjoys playing more slowly, and taking in each note at a time. Randy dislikes sight-reading with written music, describing it as "looking at bugs crawling on paper".

Randy Rowe's musical instruments are fantastic for the eyes and ears, for playing and listening. Come see more at Harvest Gold Gallery.

Outdoor Artwork in the Gardens!

As the summer gardens begin to fully bloom, they can be highlighted with a unique piece of handcrafted artwork from our outdoor gallery. There are many different styles to choose from and you can decide what fits your garden best!

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"Feeding Bird With Fish" provides the perfect pop of blue color in order to contrast with the green background of the gardens. This statue is handcrafted from copper and would be a great addition to any garden bed!

Dragonfly Bench by Cricket Forge Metal Works

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A bench can provide a practical use as well as a gorgeous addition to any garden. "Dragonfly Bench" is created from steel and has many intricate details that harmonize with the details of a garden. 

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As the garden sways within the summer breeze, the wind also powers this beautiful kinetic statue. "Large Green Triple" is a copper statue created by Craig Riches that provides a sense of peace through its calm movement as well as its unique pattern. 

Please feel free to stop by the gallery to check out these pieces and more! 

Shapes in Silver

Recently at the gallery, we've taken pictures of many different pieces of jewelry to share with all of you! 

These chunky hoops are the perfect addition to anyones earring collection, and look great on everyone! These earrings shine so bright in any light. 

Finally, the loop-de-loop earrings are a fantastic way to accentuate any look. The anticlastic design is such a unique way to spice up your accessories! Please click on the photo for more information on these earrings. 

Come see these earrings and more at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Polishing Tarnished Silver

As the silver jewelry sits under the lights of the display cases, it slowly begins to tarnish. This means that polishing is required in order to keep the silver shiny and looking its best. 

Please click on the picture for more information!

The freshly polished silver bracelet is able to shine in the sunlight and looks stunning in contrast to the beautiful green foliage. Polishing silver is a tedious and time consuming task but yields very rewarding results. 

Please click on the picture for more information!

With the rise of summer comes the blooming of many gorgeous flowers. Each flower, like our jewelry, is unique and created with love. This bracelet has the perfect texture and catches the light beautifully. 

Please click on picture for more information!

Stop by the gallery to check out our unique silver collection!

A Glimpse of Summer in Oil

With the official start of summer only a few days away, we would like to showcase some oil paintings that encapsulate the feelings of the warmest season. 

"Purple Vase", by Kristen Kill, captures the warmth of a summer day on the waterfront. Her choice of colors and setting instills the hot air of summertime in anyone who sees it. Please click on the photo for more information on this piece!

The morning dew of a cool summer morning is perfectly captured in artist Varvara Harmon's piece, "Lupines in Sun Rays". This oil paintings brilliant use of lighting on such a delicate terrain perfectly captures the feeling of a quiet, summer moment. Please click on the photo for more information on this piece!

Finally, "Lilies and Blue Sky", by Carol Novotne, exhibits a cooling sight to warm eyes. The hues of green and blue in contrast to the pink flowers creates a beautiful, calming image to behold- the perfect painting to view on a hot, summers day. Please click on the photo for more information of the piece, and come see this work and more at Harvest Gold Gallery!



Showcasing Amy Brnger's Work!

Amy Brnger is a relatively new artist here at Harvest Gold, and we're so excited to showcase her work! Her flower paintings are a sight to behold, and are a beautiful addition to your living space!

"Spring Tulips"

"As long as I have painted I have been influenced by seasons and my emotional state while I work. My approach to a bouquet, a landscape, or an interior will be different depending upon weather, the quality of light, whether I am tired and crabby or energized and happy. All are reflected in the final image. The way I push paint around a panel, feel the paint on my palette knife and brush, is dependent upon my feeling state."

"Roses, Peony, and Petunias"

"I try hard to keep the surprises that make their way onto a panel and stop the painting a few steps before it is finished. Sometimes the image might look awkward and slightly underdone, but if it feels genuine and somehow a reflection of how I see the world in that particular moment, then I want to keep it. When I keep working past that point, the likelihood of scraping the response away is great."

"Staff and Yellow Daises"

Overall, as you can see, Amy Brnger's paintings are a sight to behold. Come see more at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Alanna's favorite paintings

Hey! My name is Alanna and I have just recently started working at Harvest Gold Gallery. I am very excited to be surrounded by all of this beautiful artwork as well as learn more about all of the diverse artists and their varying styles. 

The first artist that caught my eye was Gay Freeborn. Gay has a variety of beautiful paintings throughout the store and the one that specifically stood out to me as my favorites was "Serious Business" due to the attention to detail showcased in the water coming off of the dog and turning into droplets.

          Click on picture for more information

Another picture that I found to be one of my favorites is called "Fox" and was painted by Sandy Crowell. This piece is interesting because of the vibrant colors used for the foxes coat in contrast to the green grass. The dark areas around the outside of the painting also help to draw the attention inward showcasing the beauty of the foxes face. 

                                                              Click on picture for more information

The last painting I chose was painted by Varvara Harmon and is called "Sunset Over Mt. Madison & Adams" and captures a beautiful sunset over the mountains. What stood out to me about this painting is the fog between the mountains in the distance and how it makes them look like they are floating. I also really like how the colors of the trees slowly fade from a dark green into a light blue to match the blue shade of the mountains in the distance.   

                            Click on picture for more information

Jeanne Ouellette Captures Water in Oil Paintings

As the warmth of June begins to seep its way into the air, our desire to slip into cooling water transpires. Jeanne Ouellette, oil landscape painter, depicts water in such a rejuvenating way that you can feel the crisp water by merely looking at her works.

Through use of color and texture, "Woodland Stream" depicts the refreshing sight of a chilling stream surrounded by nature- framed by trees and stones. Click on the pictures to learn more about these works!

"Vernal Pool" is a beautiful portrayal of a seasonal phenomenon- Ouellette captures the reflection and surroundings of a vernal pool, creating a timeless work of a fleeting view. 

Utilizing hues of pink and green against slate of costal stone, "Rugged Coast" exhibits the picture of the serene coastline. This tranquil work is a refreshing sight for anyone that looks upon it. Come see Jeanne Ouellette's work and more at Harvest Gold Gallery! 

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