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Kayaking with Varvara Harmon

Earlier this week Lynda gave one of the Gallery's long-time artists, Varvara Harmon, a kayak tour of the lake. Varvara used this excursion to gain inspiration for future paintings. 

One of her most recent paintings to be shown at the Gallery captures the White Mountains surrounding Kezar Lake, as well two of Maine's famous loons. Lynda and Varvara were lucky enough to see a loon while paddling through the lake waters.

"Kezar Lake Loons"

Lynda and Varvara had a great time exploring the lake amidst the beautiful fall foliage.

We hope you're able to get out and enjoy what's left of the foliage! Maybe you will find some inspiration of your own.



New Work by Rebecca Klementovich!

This week we were lucky to receive new paintings from well-known local artist Rebecca Klementovich! 

One of the first abstract artists to show at Harvest Gold, Klementovich seeks to introduce a new color palette and style of painting to New England that can challenge the hold that traditional schools have on the region. 

"Hot Foliage Cool Mountain Landscape"

Rebecca often paints landscapes that depict the surrounding area. She is also the co-founder of the Femme Fatales of the North, a group of women that support women's art, particularly in the White Mountain region. She says that "the fatales were created to give another voice for women to step and paint with conviction and focus."

"Swingers of Birch Trees"

As an artist, Rebecca says she finds freedom in the New Hampshire state motto, "live free or die". "To some degree it gives me permission to expand my color palette in representing the mountains, to paint beyond green, brown, and blue skies, to go deeper, to see the layers."

"Birch Trees in the Woods"

We hope you stop in to see more of Rebecca's work at Harvest Gold, or you can visit our website here.

Custom Jewelry Creations!

Lynda and Bill's specialty is turning old gold or silver into something made personally for you. Here at Harvest Gold, you can bring in your old silver and gold and have it recycled into anything you like! We also do appraisals and buy gold and silver. If you have an old silver dining set laying around, bring it in and treat yourself to something beautiful!

Some examples of our custom or recycled work: 

Artist Spotlight: Gay Freeborn

Originally from Palo Alto, California, Gay made her way to Maine almost forty years ago. Inspired by her artistically inclined family to pursue a creatively driven career, Gay attended Moore College of Art, in Philadelphia to study sculpture and design, and entered the work force as a landscape and interior designer.

Gay’s experience as a technical designer shows itself in the carefully considered color schemes of each of her paintings. Her ability to create a subtle and cohesive marriage between soft and vibrant hues in a single painting amplifies the emotions of her subject to the viewer. Her love and respect for all animals and their sentient, emotional characteristics overwhelms her subject matter. “You have to have your heart in whatever you are doing,” Gay said, “be it painting or a desk job, you have to feel it. That’s what brings the subject to life and keeps it from being just a copy of a photograph."

Animals of all sorts are sculpted in paint: pigs, ducks, chickens, horses, and especially dogs. Gay is deeply interested in capturing the relationship between the owner and the animal, in accurately representing the physical and emotional likeness of the creatures, and in bringing forth the unique personality of each creature. She begins her creative process by taking hundreds of photos of her subjects. From these photos she might find a color that works better in one than another, or a body part that works with another photograph, like adding a tail when one wasn’t wagging when the shutter clicked. The paintings become a compilation of ideas which tell the story of the animal. She can pull from them the moment in time when the light was perfect and when she and the animal fell into a rhythm together.

“I then convey the motion, shape, and love for the animal with loosely applied sweeping brushstrokes or a pallet knife,” Gay told us. “Using glazing mediums, wax, chalk dust, and thick layers of oil paint I sculpt the subjects on the canvas: I bring them to life in an unconventional form.” While Gay does switch between different styles of painting to attempt to avoid falling into a creative rut, Gay says that painting loosely with large brushstrokes and bright colors is her favorite style. “To paint is a constant process of learning. The paint often tells me what to put on the canvas and I try not to disturb an unexpected brushstroke once it is applied. I keep in mind the movement and shape of the animals more than the realistic image the photograph shows me. This helps to stay loose and less realistic: which is what I strive for.”

While Gay has been focusing mostly on painting recently, her deep love of animals goes far beyond just the canvas and paint. She grew up with many dogs around the house, and worked in a veterinarian’s office for some years. She also is a breeder of Labrador Retrievers, and a frequent participant in dog shows all around New England. With a fair knowledge of anatomy under her belt, Gay can focus on capturing those details which really bring her paintings to life: the sparkle in a pet’s eye or a dog’s body language that her audience can immediately recognize if they too are pet owners.

Pop Up Plein Air

Earlier this week, the Severance Lodge Club kindly hosted a pop up plein air event. Although it was very windy, several artists braved the breeze (and the cold!) in order to take part in this occasion.

Severance Lodge is located on a private road, so this was a unique opportunity for the artists to paint a perspective of the lake that is not normally available to them.

Thank you to our artists and to Severance Lodge for allowing us to have this special pop up plein air!

New Work from Shelley Pilsbury!

We recently received some fun new paintings by Shelley Pilsbury.

"Play Ball"

After graduating from Syracuse University, Shelley entered the corporate world. Once she retired from that career, she returned to painting with oil.

"Watching You"

Shelley has said about her art: "I like the challenge of interpreting a scene and light to a rendering that speaks to the viewer. It may recall a pleasant memory, be appealing to the eye, or stimulate the senses, invoking a sensory experience to be enjoyed every day."

"Cowboy Boots"

To see more of Shelley's work, stop by the Gallery! If you are concerned about other visitors in the Gallery, please call 207-925-6502 to set up an appointment to visit. We look forward to seeing you!


New Robin Taylor-Chiarello Book!

Robin Taylor Chiarello, internationally recognized children's author, has a new book at the gallery called Ella Sue and the Burlap Sack. Ella Sue is the true story of perserverace, faith, family, and prayer. Robin Chiarello says "I am so happy to bring the story of Ella Sue to children everywhere. It has wonderful values of another time in our nation, when families ate together, worked together, and prayed together. Knowing Ella Sue has been a blessing to me!"

Ella Sue Hartgrove was born in Shelby, North Carolina. She "enjoys recounting stories of her youth and family." Ella Sue loves to visit the Shelby area as an adult and see her relatives and friends, as well as worshipping at her old church. She believes that faith, family, and prayer are the most important factors to a good life.

Ella Sue is illustrated by Steven Lester, a successful artist for more than 4 decades. This is his second collaboration with Robin, his first being award winning, Limbo book. He says "My hope is to illustrate the delightfully true story of Ella Sue, preserving it for future generations and diverse cultures."

Robin Taylor Chiarello has been given a Gold Medal from Mom's Choice Award for her book, Limbo. Her other books have received numerous awards worldwide as well. 

Ella Sue and the Burlap Bag: Chiarello, Robin Taylor, Davidson ...

New Clinton Jones Pieces!

Clint Jones, a skilled boat and car mechanic by trade and a metal sculptor, fisherman, and boating enthusiast on the side. He can be found on Chebeague Island, working on “island cars”, cars rarely going very far or very fast.

Jones sees his metal art as time capsules that will last hundreds of years, each piece telling a story.  Jones likes the strength of metal and enjoys working with a medium with such longevity. He feels people have taken notice to the durability of his pieces.

Summer Plein Air Paintouts

Its been a busy summer here at Harvest Gold! Despite the hard times, we have been lucky to have some amazing plein air Saturday's. We try to feature an artist every Saturday during the summer months. So far, we have had Tom Merriam, Sandra Bell, Kristin Dill. This upcoming Saturday, August 15 we have painter Sandy Crowell! 

In the last couple weeks we have moved beyond the garden area and have started doing pop-up plein airs around the town of Lovell. From the sandy beach of Lake Kezar, to the breathtaking view from the Harriman barn, and most recently a private property of an eastern shore landowner! The amazing artists make it a treat for all. Keep an eye out for our next pop-up plein air, usually taking place on Wednesdays.

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