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New Sculptor at Harvest Gold: Dave Allen of Stone Point Studio

David Allen creates public Art installations for all to enjoy. Over 20 years of creative trade and art experience have contributed to his distinctive  style that combines  naturally occurring medium with various shapes, geometric patterns and forms.  This unique blend of technical skill and artistic vision come together to produce artwork that celebrates the beauty of natural medium in both an artistically creative and visually accurate form. As one observer stated simply, "You have the eye of the Artist and the hands of the Builder".

"Working with Natural medium offers endless opportunities for creation. Wherever I look, I see things that can be used to create something more than what they appear to be on the surface. It is only through the process of working with, and handling any particular medium, that I am able to find its true form. " -D.A.

Plein Air Paint Out featuring Rebecca Klemetovich and Tom Merriam

Those who have attended Harvest Gold’s Plein Air events in the past are familiar with the fun-filled days hosted in the gardens where we invite artists to come and paint the day away with us. The gallery offers a breathtakingly inspirational view of the mountains over Kezar Lake. 

Each session, we are joined by a featured artist. Harvest Gold’s Plein Air event, which is scheduled for July 27th, features Maine-based oil and watercolor artist Tom Merriam and New Hampshire based abstract artist Rebecca Klemetovich. 

Rebecca Klementovich was one of the first abstract artists to show at Harvest Gold Gallery.  Rebecca has been developing a new style and color palette since 2010 after she moved to the mountains of New Hampshire from NYC. Her work is in local museums, galleries, and collections. She has a serious commitment to the Arts. Rebecca’s work unites Abstract painting with Semi Landscapes. She seeks to introduce a new color palette and style of painting to New England that can challenge the hold that traditional schools have on the region. Her bright colors and the motion that can be seen through her strong brush strokes seek to represent the natural rhythm and vibrancy that can be seen in the mountains and trees all around us. 

Thomas Merriam is a self taught artist whose paintings, wood carvings and murals reflect his roots as a Maine native. While growing up in the woodlands of North Berwick and along the shorelines of York Harbor, Merriam developed a keen appreciation for the wonders of nature and wildlife and a heartfelt sense of American history. His work is filled with a Maine mystique and is reminiscent of the natural beauty and venerable traditions of New England. The nostalgic character of New England’s barns grab Merriam’s attention. Similarly, the rugged seascapes and rolling hills of its pastoral settings always capture his heart. Intricate details in his paintings offer a visual experience that tells a story, evokes memories and stirs feelings in the viewer; the sound of wind moving through tall pines or the smell of freshly cut hay.

We are very fortunate to have Rebecca and Tom joining us for our Plein Air session. If you are interested in seeing these artists paint, feel free to join us on July 27th, or any other Saturday in July!

Seeing Double at Harvest Gold!

Lynda had made these adorable little rings for twins Amelia and Eloise Chiarello to be given after they were born. We make baby rings here at Harvest Gold for the babies to wear while their infants and as they grow older can be worn on a necklace by the mother. As the child grows it becomes a milestone of how tiny they once were. This is very sentimental gift for families to pass down through generations. We are so thankful be involved in this very sweet tradition. 

Book Signing with Carol Severance Taylor

“The Story of Severance Lodge” Author Holds Book Signing at Harvest Gold

Portland-born author Carol Severance Taylor is coming to Lovell to present her 2018 book Woodsmoke: The Story of Severance Lodge. Carol’s first full-length book details the history of Lovell’s Severance Lodge from 1930 to 1970. The stories are based on her own memories and on the memoir of Harold E. Severance, her father. 

Severance Lodge is located on the eastern shore of Kezar Lake, and is a popular summer vacation spot, home to the Severance Lodge Club, a private community that dates back to the late 1800s. The club offers an exquisite dining experience as well as a tennis court, nearby golf courses, and of course, the sparkling shores of Kezar Lake for those who enjoy swimming or the occasional boat ride. As Harold Severance wrote: “You’ll play the day away and sleep like a baby.”

For lovers of history, especially the history of our old town, this rich text is filled with fascinating stories of Severance Lodge and the family that made it what it is today. Harvest Gold Gallery, also known as the Old Severance House, is hosting a book signing on July 13th from 10-1. Carol will be signing copies of The Story of Severance Lodge among paintings of Kezar Lake by artists like Shelley Pilsbury and Rebecca Klementovich. We could not think of a more perfect place for this event!

Harvest Gold is open daily, but we would love to see you on July 13th to support this Maine author who has written her family’s story. For more information, contact the gallery at (207) 925-6502, or visit our website at www.harvestgoldgallery.com. We’ll see you there!

Summer Saturday's: Plein Air Paint Outs!

Once again it is summer here at Harvest Gold Gallery, and summer means Plein Air Paint Out's. Join us every Saturday this summer to watch your favorite artists share their craft. Plein Air's usually begin at open around 10am lasting anywhere from 1pm to all afternoon. 

July 6- Sandra Bell

July 13- Carol Taylor Book Signing

July 20- Kristin Dill 

July 27- Rebecca Klemetovich

August 3- Gwen Nagel

August 10- Diane Scott

Rebecca Klementovich Challenges Tradition

If you have been to Harvest Gold before, you've likely seen Rebecca's abstracted landscapes. These paintings are much more abstract than most paintings you'll find here, but are still representational of places you probably recognize. Rebecca hopes that as an artist, she can begin to move in the direction of total abstraction. 

Harvest Gold recently acquired a few new Klementovich paintings. One is an abstracted landscape, and the other is completely abstract. When Rebecca visited us to drop off the paintings, she was excited to experiment with her more abstract pieces to see how they would be received in the gallery. She assured us that she would be back very soon with more abstract paintings. We can't wait to see them! 

The Bronze Creatures of David Smus

Take a walk through Harvest Gold Gallery and you’re bound to encounter several woodland creatures, whether they are made of wood, bronze, or copper; whether they are miniature or life-size. David Smus is one of our artists who specializes in bronze sculpture, and recently we added several more of his pieces to our collection! From miniature bear cubs to a nearly life-size blue heron, David’s sculptures express an obvious love of nature and a clear knowledge of animal anatomy.

So the next time you find yourself at Harvest Gold, keep an eye out for a beaver whittling away at a tree stump, a blue heron with wings unfurling, three little bear cubs playing happily on a log, and a bobcat tiptoeing curiously across some rocks. When you find them, see if you can recognize the sense of spirit that David has so skillfully crafted into each creature.

Shelley Pilsbury's Unmistakable Kezar Lake Paintings

Anyone who has spent time in Lovell, Maine is familiar with Kezar Lake, whether you visit the town beach to cool off every day, or like to take relaxing kayak rides through the water lilies at the north end. At Harvest Gold, you can experience Kezar Lake through Shelley Pilsbury’s oil paintings which are now on display.

In honor of all who enjoy our Kezar Lake, those who live here year-round and those who visit us for the summer, we are proud to present Beached Boats and The Sky Looked Exactly Like This by Shelley Pilsbury. These paintings are both in our front room, so you’ll see them right when you walk in the door. 

See our collection of Shelley's work here, or come in and visit us today!


Nathan Macomber: New Glass Tumblers!

What fun it was to open up a box of Nathan Macomber's glass tumblers! Each tumbler stands at about 5.5" tall, and is made from vibrant, colorful glass that would be sure to add cheer to any kitchen. With each glass that we put on display, we couldn't stop commenting on how gorgeous they are! The tumblers come in a variety of colors, including white and clear. They display so nicely with the rest of our glass!


Nathan Macomber is a Conway-based glass artist. Here he is hard at work showing us his creative process:


These gorgeous glasses will surely be very popular here at the gallery. Come on in today to get yourself a set!

Now Showing: Jean Franz Miller's Full Bloom

Yesterday, Harvest Gold acquired another Jean Franz Miller painting! Like so many of her other paintings, Full Bloom captures the serene and quiet beauty of nature. We thought that the pink leaves would look wonderful hanging in a bedroom. The spring scene is perfectly relaxing and peaceful. 


Jean has used nature as a motif for the many years that she has been an artist. Throughout her college years, she focused on life drawing, oil and watercolor painting, and was largely inspired by landscapes, flowers, and still-life. Several of her paintings are on display at Harvest Gold. View them here or come into the gallery to celebrate this Lovell-based artist!

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