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New Jewelry: Just in time for Christmas

Angels We Have Heard on High!

We are getting ready for the holidays here at Harvest Gold, despite the year we have all had we deserve some Christmas cheer! This 14k yellow gold pendant is perfect for the occasion. A beautiful gift for that special person in your life. Give the Gallery a call if you are interested in this beauty at 207-925-6502.

Artist of the Month: Carol Novotne

A native from Montana, Carol Novotne has been a fine artist for over thirty years. Her post impressionistic art has a strong, recognizable style with thick, rich creamy brush strokes. Her work is collected by some of the most prestigious collectors around the world, and her art is in many art galleries as well. She is a fine artist focusing on plain air painting, and her paintings are created and inspired from the vast beauty of nature.

Come see her new collection at Harvest Gold.

Celebrate the Holiday Season at Winter Wares Fair at The Philbrook Place

We're not ready to go inside just yet! Peruse local vendor of handmade crafts & wares to kick off the holiday shopping season. Remember to support local EVERYTHING for the holidays and all year round! Harvest Gold can't wait to see you there.

Date and Time:
Saturday Nov 28, 2020
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST

Philbrook Place
162 Main Street
Bethel, ME

Local Lovell- Severance Lodge Club

Severance Lodge Club
The Severance Lodge Club has its beginnings dating back to the late 1800’s. Founded as Brown’s Camps, a popular hunting and fishing destination, Severance has evolved into a private community of comfortable, well-appointed vacation homes with its own clubhouse and gourmet restaurant, while retaining a sense of its rustic roots by blending in seamlessly amidst one of Maine’s most impressive remaining stands of white pine trees on its sixty acre property.

"In support of regional farmers, fishermen and food purveyors the Severance Lodge Club is proud to present our menu. The Severance Lodge Club prides itself on being selective and using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Our meat, poultry and seafood is all locally and regionally sourced and delivered regularly to guarantee freshness."

Severance Lodge Club has been home to many of our pop-up plein airs, meaning paintings in the gallery feature it's gorgeous view! Support Severance Lodge club by becoming seasonal summer members of their dining room, and come check out the inspired paintings here at Harvest Gold.

Artist Spotlight: Clinton Jones

Clinton Jones is a skilled boat and car mechanic by trade and a metal sculptor, fisherman, and boating enthusiast on the side. He is sometimes known as the Island Mechanic of Chebeague Island. Jones went to school to be a mechanic and also pursued welding, through which he discovered his passion for creating metal sculptures. His pieces often capture Maine wildlife, such as a heron or a trout. Jones sees his metal art as time capsules that will last hundreds of years, each piece telling a story that will last through the ages.

When he's not in his workshop, Jones can often be found working on cars on Chebeague Island. Maine islands that don't have state maintained roads do not require regular car inspections. Island cars are often old "beaters",  held together with a lick and promise, and Clinton Jones is the go-to mechanic on Chebeague, a position that has taken years to cultivate.
To see more of Clinton Jones' work, visit our website or stop by the Gallery!
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Harvest Gold! This morning Lynda captured this beautiful and spooky picture of the Halloween blue moon over Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.

While traditional trick or treating has been put on hold due to Covid, Lovell has improvised! Thanks to the Lovell UCC Board of Christian Education, a drive-up trick or treat event will be taking place from 4-5:30pm this evening. In addition to dispensing candy, the Church is also providing a photo booth for even more Halloween fun.

Several businesses, including Harvest Gold, are participating in this event: Center Lovell Market, Designs by Diana Bags, Kezar Realty, Rosie's, Delta Masonic Lodge, Molloy Energy, Oxford County Sheriff, Micklon Tree, Landscaping and Excavation, Greater Lovell Land Trust, and possibly others. The new Lovell Area Food Pantry is hosting a food drive at the Fire Station and will also be giving out candy!

Bill and Lynda have prepared plenty of bags of goodies and can't wait to see everyone out trick or treating!

Thank you to the Lovell UCC for sponsoring this event and bringing some cheer to the season!


New Art at the Gallery

Our artists have been very busy creating new works of art! Jeanne Ouellette and Sandra Bell both dropped off new pieces this week.

Jeanne is one of our newest artists to the Gallery and we've been so happy to have her! 

"Mason's Cove, Kezar Lake"

"Mount Kearsarge"

Sandra Bell, a long time artist at the gallery, was very busy this summer and attended several of our pop up plein air events. We are now featuring paintings from those events!

"Eastman Hill Stock Farm from the Garden"

"Hemlock Bridge on the Saco"

To see more new works at the Gallery, visit the website or stop in the Gallery and say hello!

Kayaking with Varvara Harmon

Earlier this week Lynda gave one of the Gallery's long-time artists, Varvara Harmon, a kayak tour of the lake. Varvara used this excursion to gain inspiration for future paintings. 

One of her most recent paintings to be shown at the Gallery captures the White Mountains surrounding Kezar Lake, as well two of Maine's famous loons. Lynda and Varvara were lucky enough to see a loon while paddling through the lake waters.

"Kezar Lake Loons"

Lynda and Varvara had a great time exploring the lake amidst the beautiful fall foliage.

We hope you're able to get out and enjoy what's left of the foliage! Maybe you will find some inspiration of your own.



New Work by Rebecca Klementovich!

This week we were lucky to receive new paintings from well-known local artist Rebecca Klementovich! 

One of the first abstract artists to show at Harvest Gold, Klementovich seeks to introduce a new color palette and style of painting to New England that can challenge the hold that traditional schools have on the region. 

"Hot Foliage Cool Mountain Landscape"

Rebecca often paints landscapes that depict the surrounding area. She is also the co-founder of the Femme Fatales of the North, a group of women that support women's art, particularly in the White Mountain region. She says that "the fatales were created to give another voice for women to step and paint with conviction and focus."

"Swingers of Birch Trees"

As an artist, Rebecca says she finds freedom in the New Hampshire state motto, "live free or die". "To some degree it gives me permission to expand my color palette in representing the mountains, to paint beyond green, brown, and blue skies, to go deeper, to see the layers."

"Birch Trees in the Woods"

We hope you stop in to see more of Rebecca's work at Harvest Gold, or you can visit our website here.

New Art at the Gallery!

This has been a different summer, but we're happy to see that our artists have been kept busy! We have several new pieces in the gallery, as well as a new artist, Karen Gola.

Roland Simard creates amazing pieces out of pigmented pulp. His work is more of sculpture rather than a painting. He is one of Bill's favorite artists - stop by to see Roland's work in person and learn more about his process!

A new artist has joined the Gallery. We're happy to welcome Karen Gola!

Karen was born in Pittsburgh, PA, a place where glass making has been a historic tradition. Karen has stated: With degrees in Psychology and Civil Engineering, my work life has ranged from teaching autistic children to managing the construction of interstate bridges.  I am now pursuing my love of working with glass full time.

We're very happy to have Karen as a new artist!

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