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Easter Weekend!
We at Harvest Gold would just like to wish everyone a Happy Easter weekend! We hope the Easter Bunny will bring children lots of treats this morning! Have a great weekend and spend the time with family and friends!EarthSky | Why Easter is this Sunday
25th Anniversary of Harvest Gold Gallery!

This year is Lynda and Bill's 25th year of opening Harvest Gold Gallery! 35 years ago, Lynda and Bill opened Harvest Gold Jewelry, but it never became a gallery until 10 years later, showcasing handmade jewelry as well as featured local Maine artists! they found the perfect location nestled in Center Lovell, and have since been appraised for the beautiful view inside and out! 

"Hard to say which is better: the gold jewelry and other fine craftwork inside the gallery or the views outside over Kezar Lake to the mountains." - Yankee Magazine

We here at Harvest Gold Gallery are so happy that we have been able to supply our local customers with the most pristine pieces of fine art possible! Here's to many more years of Harvest Gold Gallery! Thank you!

Calling all Necklace Lovers!

If your favorite kind of jewelry are necklaces, we here at Harvest Gold Gallery have a vast selection! Hand forged from recycled gold, our necklaces work well with or without a pendant.  Harvest Gold has the perfect necklace for you!

Sabattus Necklace

Sabattus Necklace, a beautiful, simple, gold necklace that can pair well with almost any outfit!

Serene: Pearl Necklace

Serene is a coin pearl necklace that shine brightly! These freshwater pearls hand tied with a gold clasp will catch everyone's eye!

  • Go Ski!
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Go Ski!

With February ending, the season of winter is beginning to wrap up. Warm days are more common, severe snowfall happens less, and soon, the snow will begin to recede. Thus, we implore you to get some skiing in this season! There's not much time left, and the experience of going down the mountains of Maine is an absolute must! 

Night Skiing: Sterling Silver Pendant

Night skiing on mountains such as Shawnee Peak is an experience unlike any other!


Rings Rings Rings!

Calling all ring lovers! Today, we're going to showcase some of our designs that are well loved!

Tree of Life: Men's Sterling Silver Ring

Tree of Life is one of our most praised designs! 

"Tree of Life: An ancient symbol of mankind's existence on Earth~growing toward an understanding of peace, balance, and unity in life with hope and love for all."

Intertwined: 14k Narrow Braided Trilogy Band, Sizes 8-11

Our Intertwined design is another one of our best sellers!

"A twist, a braid, intertwined gold- the perfect symbol to represent your union, your love, and your friendship."

First Kiss: 14k Gold Stackable Skinny Beaded Ring, Sizes 4.5-7.5

Our stackable rings are another one of our most appreciated, most likely due to the fact that with them, it's easy to stack more than 1 ring on a finger!

Artist Spotlight: Diane Scott

For today's Artist Spotlight, we're going over Diane Scott. Diane Scott is a local Maine painter who specializes in beautiful oil paintings depicting, primarily, scenes in nature.

"Emerald Pool"

This painting is a great example of Diane Scott's use of color and texture to showcase how the light reflects. If you look closely enough, even with the broad strokes, you can see the waterfall's reflection on the water, showing the line of motion.

"Glitter (Upper Kimball Pond)"

This is another painting that shows Diane Scott's expertise with lighting. This one in particular showcases how light reflects through leaves and trees during Autumn. 

"One Guard in the Gap" 

This is one of Diane Scott's more structured paintings, the top of the tree is painted with beautiful detail, and the mountains rising in the background gives off a sense of height that is hard to put into words.

Artist Quote: 

"My main focus as I mature as an artist has become to find my authentic voice, to embrace it, to protect and defend it, to nurture it, to hold it close to my heart, as I would an imperfect child!"

Ski Season!

With the snowy new season, we at Harvest Gold encourage you to go out and have a fun day skiing! Whether it be at a resort or a local mountain, these snowy storms will provide the perfect area for you to ski!

Night Skiing: Sterling Silver Pendant

"Night Skiing: Sterling Silver Pendant"

This beautiful pendant is perfect for all those ski lovers in your life, especially the ones who enjoy the magical winter nights of Maine.

"First Snow at Tuckerman's Ravine" by Carol Novotne

This painting surely reminds us of the start of winter, when snow began to peek through the mountains and we all got excited to start the ski season!

Come see more wintery pieces at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Featured Artist: Gwen Nagel

Originally from Minnesota, Gwen Nagel painted in oils as a teenager and began studying art at the University of Minnesota. She switched majors, however, eventually earning a Ph.D. in English at Tufts University. Gwen taught writing and American literature in New England (Tufts, Bentley College, Harvard Business School) and at the University of Georgia until 1997, when she devoted herself full time to art.

She has studied pastels with many nationally known artists including Albert Handell, Ann Templeton, Liz Haywood-Sullivan, Robert Carsten, Aline Ordman, and Barbara Jaenicke.

"Misty Islands"

"Smarts Hill Marsh"

Gwen Nagel pains beautiful landscapes, as you can see here, and puts us in the mood to go sightseeing! Come see more at Harvest Gold!

Missing Summer!

With the cold winter season of Maine, we can bet you're missing the warm summer. These paintings here at Harvest Gold will remind you of warm summer times!

"Emerald Pool" by Diane Scott.

This painting will surely bring some summer vibes to your room! Remember jumping off into the emerald green water just to cool off! The watery depiction of Emerald Pool is a delight to look at!

"Warm Front Sunset" by Kristen Dill.

This painting is a small one, with a powerful summer feeling sky that goes on forever.  Beautiful, elegant and fits anywhere.

Happy New Year!

We at Harvest Gold wish everyone a belated Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's already 2022?

Here in Maine, we're having one of the coldest winters in recent years!  Last Wednesday dropped in the negatives, without even breaking into double digits in some places.

We're having a chilly time here in Maine, and we are looking forward to summer, but in no time we'll be missing winter and skiing as well. Enjoy the winter while you can and snuggle up next to a fire. Happy New Year from us to you!

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