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New Additions to the Gallery

Earlier in the fall, we received a substantial collection of Jean Swan Gordon paintings. Jean produced her works by outlining the subject matter, typically bouquets of flowers from her own garden, in ink and then adding several layers of watercolors. This method creates vibrant, eye-catching works of art, the impact of which can truly be appreciated in person. 

The paintings, generously provided by the family of the artist, consist of various combinations of flowers in different vases, whether a simple glass bowl or a china pot. See if you can spot a vase that has been used twice!

In addition to the Jean Swan Gordon pieces, we have a few new sculptures by Michael Tatom. Michael casts his animal sculptures in bronze before finishing them with a beautiful patina that gives the animals a unique coloring. His sculptures impart not only the shape of the subject, but also a sense of the movement and fluidity of the animal. We now have sculptures of a mother bear and cub as well as a fox.

Bronze Polar Bear Mom by Michael Tatom

We encourage you to come by and view these spectacular works of art in person!

Somewhere Over (or Under?) the Rainbow

There is still some lingering foliage here in Lovell despite the harsh winds and rain we've experienced in the last few days. This morning, we were lucky enough to witness a gorgeous rainbow stretching across the mountains.

A neighbor was kind enough to send us a picture from her house across the street. The gallery appears to be nestled under the arc of the rainbow.

The rainbow was viewed from all different angles before it faded away. 

This sight is not unfamiliar to us at Harvest Gold; Mary Ellen Serina painted a similar scene, "View From Harvest Gold Gallery". The time of year may be different, but the rainbow is in nearly in the same spot. For more information on the painting, click the image below or stop in the gallery to view it in person.

Rainbows have always been common in art and folklore. In Norse mythology, the rainbow represented the journey from life to death. In Greek myths, it acted as a pathway for the goddess Iris to travel between the earth and the heavens. Most popular, though, is the legend that there is a pot of leprechaun gold at the end of the rainbow. If you happen to find it, let us know!


Fall at Harvest Gold

Although the rush of summer ended quite some time ago, it has been a busy fall at Harvest Gold. We have enjoyed some spectacular views of the foliage from the Gallery. Our view was recently featured in Down East! We appreciate being featured and saw lots of new visitors because of it. 

No fall season would be complete without a visit to the Fryeburg Fair! As always, it was a great time filled with fair food and lots of animals.

Aside from enjoying the beautiful fall weather and scenery, Bill and Lynda have displayed their jewelry at several arts and crafts shows this fall. Shows are a great way to meet new customers.

The next show that Harvest Gold will be participating in is the Christmas Prelude at the Consolidated School in Kennebunkport on December 7th. It will be a perfect opportunity to do some holiday shopping in a beautiful location! For more information on the Christmas Prelude, visit the event homepage. We hope to see you there!

Take a peek at some of Harvest Gold's custom jewelry!

Have an old bracelet from your grandmother that's not quite your style? Looking to have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring made just for you? In addition to their catalogue of jewelry, Bill and Lynda also craft custom pieces. Whether it's an entirely new piece, something old made anew, or a combination of the two, Bill and Lynda work with clients to create entirely unique items suited to the individual. Take a look at some of their recent custom work:

This custom engagement ring contains the bride's grandmother's diamond. It has been carefully reset to suit the taste of the bride, who is getting married this week.

The clasp of this tennis bracelet was broken and never was easy to work, so she never wore it. She brought it in to Harvest Gold to find a solution and here is the end product. It has been set on a Channel Gold Bracelet for easy, comfortable wear. The Channel Gold Bracelet also reflects the gems, adding some extra shine.

This pendant was crafted from the owner's first engagement ring. Now, she can enjoy it in a new form.

Here is a very detailed custom engagement ring. Bill and Lynda work with customers to make sure that each piece fits their wants, needs, and personal style.

When their mother died, three sisters each got a portion of her diamond bracelet. One sister came to Harvest Gold to find a way to wear her third of the bracelet. She ultimately chose to have it set in an Overlap Channel Gold Bracelet so she can happily wear it for the rest of her life, (shown in open position).

The custom carved aquamarine gemstone set in this ring was a gift to the owner. It has been set in rose gold with fleur-de-lis detailing.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to re-imagine family jewelry and stones, as well as unique options to create an entirely new piece of jewelry. Bill and Lynda are happy to help guide you through the process of designing your piece, providing suggestions based on their own expertise. Come in to look through albums of other custom pieces or bring in some jewelry you may like to transform into something new! Bill and Lynda are always happy to help!

New Works at Harvest Gold

Summer is truly coming to a close with the first day of fall looming ahead. The nights are chilly and, if you look around, leaves are starting to change. Although the excitement of the summer is winding down, Harvest Gold is not! We have several new pieces from artists Kristen Dill and Varvara Harmon.


Varvara Harmon, originally from Russia, immigrated to the United States and now resides in Windham, Maine. Whilst working as a geologist in Russia, Varvara saw many spectacular natural sights and ultimately returned to an earlier passion: painting landscapes.

She has since become a highly praised and awarded artist, and is a member of the International Guild of Realism. Having moved to Maine, much of her recent work is inspired by the natural beauty found in New England. Her talent is obvious when you stand in front of her paintings; you truly feel like you're experiencing soft sunlight or crisp autumn air in the mountains.

Kristen Dill, another popular artist at the Gallery, has supplied us with several pieces that she completed over the summer. Through her artwork, Kristen seeks to "capture the ephemeral quality of nature and make it a shared visual experience."


Kristen spends her summer on Moose Pond, with a screen porch serving as her studio. Her new pieces primarily feature flowers. They are bright, vibrant, and immediately catch the eye of the viewer. Although no painting is alike, each manages to evoke a sense of a sunny summer day, whether it is with bees buzzing around or fresh strawberries in the foreground.

We hope you come in to view these stunning new works. Stop by to peruse the gallery, admire the view, or just have a chat!

William Janelle at Harvest Gold

On August 24, William "Bill" Janelle joined us at Harvest Gold for a carving demonstration. It was a beautiful summer day in Lovell, with blue skies and a light breeze. Bill set up his station in the parking lot of the Gallery, with views of Kezar in the background, and went straight to work. Taking inspiration from his surroundings, Bill started by working on a current piece, an old man's face sculpted from wood. Today he focused on refining the man's beard. Bill's artistry is immediately evident; when looking at the piece, particularly the beard and hair, it's possible to gain a sense of relaxed movement within the work. After making progress with this piece, Bill moved on to a marble sculpture, further demonstrating his skill. His attention to detail creates distinct texture and depth within his pieces. Despite being carved from stone, you can almost feel the day's breeze when looking at the sculpture. 

Although focused on his work, Bill happily offered information to those watching the demonstration. He answered questions and allowed guests to get up close while he carved, which provided a unique opportunity for many who do not get to experience this art form on a regular basis.

While Bill was working, a customer stopped by specifically to speak with him about a wooden loon sculpture he purchased several years ago. The customer inquired about preserving the color painted on the wood. Bill shared his knowledge of preserving pieces such as this and different ways of treating the wood, such as linseed oil. Bill explained that his wood sculptures, painted or otherwise, will change in color over the years, depending on whether it is treated and what is used to do so. This adds another dimension to his art - it may not look the same in 10, 20, or 30 years.

After seeing Bill at work, those who saw him may think differently when they look at one of his pieces. We are very grateful that Bill shared his artistic skills with us and all who came to watch and learn.


Plein Air Paintings

As you know, almost every weekend this summer we have had Plein Air paint-outs. Many talented artists created beautiful art inspired by the setting here at Harvest Gold Gallery! It was a unique and inspiring thing to watch! Now that the Summer is nearly over and unfortunately the plein airs have ended, we have received many of the paintings to our gallery that are now for sale. Come check out our new paintings inspired by our scenery in Lovell. Here are some of them created by Sandy Crowell and Sandra Bell.


Welcome to Our New Employee, Liz

Say hello to our newest employee, Liz Kerr. Liz grew up in Lovell and returned after college and graduate school. She has recently moved to Bridgton, but remains active in the Lovell community.

After graduating from Fryeburg Academy, Liz went to college at Lesley University, studying European history and art history. She worked at the Museum of Fine Arts and the Paul Revere House while living in Massachusetts. Liz had already spent a lot of time in the U.K. visiting her godmother and decided to pursue her graduate degree there. She attended Cardiff University in Wales, attaining a degree in British Medieval Studies. 

Liz returned home to Lovell after her studies in Wales. She has spent time traveling back and forth to the U.K. over the last few years but has settled down and begun to find her niche in the community. Liz started volunteering at the Lovell Historical Society and is now a board member. She currently works at the Lodge at Pleasant Point and loves being able to look out at Kezar whenever she's at work. Liz enjoys being outside, particularly if she's with her yellow lab, Winnie. She also enjoys spending time with her half Maine coon/half Siamese cat, Jack. In addition to her pets and the outdoors, Liz likes to travel, visit museums, and read any history book she can get her hands on. As a lover of art, she is very excited to join us at Harvest Gold.

Happy 90th Birthday!

Happy 90th Birthday to Diane!

Today was Kristen Dill's Mother, Diane's, Birthday! For her birthday celebration, she went to lunch at the Pleasant Point Lodge and got a beautiful pink Maine Tourmaline ring. To go along with her pretty pink ring, Bill picked her a bouquet of flowers that she loved so much! Happy Birthday to Diane! Best Birthday wishes from Harvest Gold.


William Janelle Wood Carving Demo!

This Saturday August 24, beginning at 10 am please join us at the gallery for a wood carving demonstration by our own William Janelle. Janelle, a self-taught sculptor, grew up in Saco, Maine and has been carving for over 37 years. A subtractive sculptor, he takes away from a single block using hand tools, a style which often leaves tool marks behind as a unique fingerprint. Janelle prefers to work with apple, cherry, butternut, and walnut, but also works in marble, soapstone, alabaster, pumpkin, ice, and snow.

Janelle's style is a fusion of realism and neo-classicalism, which enables the viewer to recognize the subject matter, but also allows the artist the freedom of self-expression. His work is meant to impart the motion of the subject matter, whether it is a bobcat ready to leap or an owl poised for flight.

William Janelle has won over 100 ribbons for his work and has been featured on several news segments, such as Steve Minich's WMTW segment, "Made in Maine". We are very excited to host his wood carving demonstration. It is a unique opportunity to witness an exceptional artist at work.



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