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Scenes of Winter

Winter is finally here and we hope that you're enjoying the snow by getting outdoors! There's lots to see and do, from alpine and cross country skiing, to snow shoeing, skating, and hiking. Wildlife is still around despite the cold, so keep your eyes peeled!  We have several works of art in the gallery that depict both humans and wildlife getting out in the snow, though us humans have the benefit of being able to go indoors when it gets too cold!

"Winter Cardinal" by Thomas Merriam

"One Last Run" by Diane Scott

"Big Moose in the Snow" by Carol Novotne

"Shepard's Farm at Dusk" by Gwen Nagel


"Girl in a Red Dress" by Thomas Merriam

We hope everyone is making the most of the winter season! Stop in to see our entire collection of wintry scenes!

Maine Gemstones at Harvest Gold Part 2

Another Maine gemstone available at Harvest Gold is amethyst. Amethyst has been mined right here in Oxford County! We have a selection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings all featuring beautiful Maine amethyst.

The purple comes in varying shades, from a dark, deep purple like the amethyst in the King Iris necklace.

The Purple Ray earrings feature light, pale amethyst, demonstrating some of the variation that can be found.

Purple Ray: Maine Amethyst Earrings with 14k Yellow Gold Posts

The Imperial ring is set with a stunning square brilliant cut amethyst and also features four diamonds.

Owning a piece of our local amethyst is like having your own piece of Maine. We hope you stop in the gallery to see some of our beautiful amethyst jewelry! 


Maine Gemstones at Harvest Gold Part 1

Here at Harvest Gold we take pride in our beautiful local Maine gemstones. Maine is famous for tourmaline, as well as amethyst.

Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors, from black to yellow, to the more well known pinks and greens. The variation in tourmaline colors can be seen in the hand-strung Lady Slipper Necklace.

We have a variety of colors on display at Harvest Gold, and we are always happy to help you find the exact color you would like for a custom piece. We have several pieces of the stunning watermelon tourmaline, such as the Fresh Slice pendant, that features both pink and green.

Blue hues can be seen in the Kezar Lake white gold ring.


The Daisy ring is an example of yellow tourmaline.

Daisy: Maine Yellow Tourmaline 14k Solid Gold Ring

Explore our website to see more of our exquisite Maine tourmaline, or visit the gallery to see the gems in person!

Happy First Day of Winter!

There may not be much snow on the ground, but winter is here! We thought this might be a nice opportunity to showcase some of the winter-themed works that we have in the gallery.

"Peaceful Snowfall" by Varvara Harmon

"Race in the Field" by Thomas Merriam

"First Snow at Tuckerman's Ravine" by Carol Novotne 

"Snow Walk on Kezar Lake" by Rebecca Klementovich

"Snowshoe Hare" by Thomas Merriam

We hope these paintings help get you into the winter spirit! Think snow!

New Piece by Michael Hopko

We have a new arrival at Harvest Gold! Today we received a stunning glass sculpture of a large mouth bass, handblown by Michael Hopko.

Hopko, based in Northern California, has been working with glass since 1990. As an avid outdoorsman, he has a strong connection to nature. Inspired by the level of freedom that glassblowing gives him, Hopko creates "unique natural beauties", whether a Saltwater Mahi Mahi or Blue Fin Tuna, or sea turtles and octopus. 

In addition to the new small mouth bass, we also have a rainbow trout blown by Hopko. Both possess an array of color that is wonderfully displayed under light.

Glass Blown Rainbow Trout By Michael Hopko

To learn more about Michael Hopko, and to see more of his exquisite work, stop in and watch for updates. We hope you come to see the fish and all of the other beautiful works on display in the gallery.

Saying Goodbye...to paintings!

Several paintings have sold recently. While we're always happy when paintings leave the gallery for their forever homes, we do miss seeing them every day. We're taking the chance to say a final goodbye!

"Dancing Forest" by Sandra Bell

"Runt of the Litter" by Diane Scott

"Dancing Bears" by Thomas Merriam

"Tall Greens" by Jean Swan Gordon

Although we'll miss these works, there are still paintings in the gallery by all of the above artists. To see more work by Sandra Bell, Diane Scott, Thomas Merriam, and Jean Swan Gordon, visit our website or stop by the gallery. We hope the new owners enjoy their paintings!


Custom Jewelry

Bill and Lynda are always busy making custom jewelry. Customers often come in with jewelry they no longer wear and, with the help of Bill and Lynda, they are able reimagine it into a new piece. People frequently use inherited items, such as wedding bands, to create their own piece that still has the same sentimental value as before, but in a style more suited to the customer's personal taste. As always, Bill and Lynda are happy to help you design your own unique jewelry, whether it is a ring, necklace, pendant, earrings, or a bracelet.

This reimagined piece includes a diamond from the owner's grandmother.

Lynda worked with the customer to create the design of this one of a kind, asymmetrical ring.

This camel pendant was commissioned by a customer as a gift for his wife. She was the editor of a book series called "Sun God's Heir", in which the main character is a camel.

This gold overlap bracelet was designed as a gift for a recent medical school graduate; it contains gems from both her maternal and paternal grandmothers.

As you can see, Bill and Lynda are able to create a variety of designs depending on what the customer is looking for. Their goal is always to provide customers with a piece of jewelry that will bring smiles to faces and be worn for many years to come. Come on in to see more of their custom work!


Our Story

            Christmas is always a particularly special time for Lynda Rasco and Bill Rudd, the owners of Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell. It was over 20 years ago on Christmas Eve’s eve that jewelers Bill and Lynda moved their wholesale jewelry business from Fryeburg to Center Lovell in order to open their own gallery. They finished all of their orders for the holidays, packed up their two young children, dismantled their goldsmith shop, and made the move! While many other people were cozying up around a Christmas tree, Bill and Lynda were setting up shop in the 18th century building, formerly the office of Severance Real Estate.

            Lynda began making jewelry at the age of 12 at the DeCordova Museum School and continued on to the Massachusetts College of Art and Portland School of Art. She went on to receive her gemological certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. Bill started his career in the culinary arts, but began goldsmithing in Lynda’s studio. He studied under Heikki Seppa, a master goldsmith from Finland, and perfected his craft. Bill has created unique designs and a line of flexible gold and silver bracelets that are made to stand the test of time while being comfortable to wear. In addition to her other jewelry making skills, Lynda works with gems, such as famed Maine tourmaline and amethyst. Using recycled gold, they make custom jewelry pieces, engagement rings, and wedding bands.

            When Bill and Lynda made the move to Center Lovell back in 1996, they wanted to be able to showcase their jewelry, but also include other fine arts and crafts in the gallery. Having already been in the craft industry for ten years put them in touch with many artists that worked in a variety of mediums. Thus, Harvest Gold Gallery began. From the beginning, Bill and Lynda were dedicated showing fine arts and crafts that were made in America, something they continue to this day. The gallery has grown to seven rooms showcasing over 200 artists. From oil paintings, to stunning hand-blown glass, to wooden toys and puzzles, there is something for everyone. The setting of Harvest Gold itself is inspiring. Yankee Magazine awarded Harvest Gold with “Best Gallery with a View” and included the comment that “it’s hard to say which is better: the gold jewelry and the other fine craftwork inside the gallery or the views outside over Kezar Lake to the White Mountains.”

            Harvest Gold Gallery is open daily and located at 1082 Main Street in Center Lovell. It’s a wonderful time of year to stop in to explore the many treasures within the gallery and view the snowy White Mountains. Bill and Lynda are always happy to talk with customers about their jewelry and the other fine arts and crafts in the gallery. For further information, the gallery can be reached at 207-925-6502 or visit the website at harvestgoldgallery.com.


Holiday Open House

The holiday season is here and we at Harvest Gold kicked it off with our annual Holiday Open House! There were cookies, snacks, and drinks, but we also had the pleasure of hosting a painting demonstration by local artist Diane Scott. At the open house, Diane brought both a photo and a study of the scene she was working on. She typically begins a piece plein air before moving inside to complete it. This is the point in the process that we were lucky enough to witness.

While she worked, Diane explained her methods and provided insight into her process, answering any questions guests asked. Over the course of the afternoon, viewers watched a painting take form in front of their eyes.


As Diane was busy painting, guests enjoyed some of Bill's delicious hors d'oeuvres and cookies. Many people were present; some guests had never been into the gallery and some were frequent visitors. A couple artists featured in the gallery even stopped by! 

A good time was had by all and we thank everyone who joined us for our holiday open house. Happy Holidays!


Vacation Abroad!

Our newest employee, Liz, recently returned from a trip to the UK! She saw lots of art and history and visited museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. This Dale Chihuly chandelier hangs in the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

When not in museums, she saw other famous sites in London, such as Buckingham Palace.

Liz also spent time in Wales, where she went to graduate school, visiting friends. In Caerleon, she spent a day learning about the Roman military fortress that was there. The fortress included barracks, a bath house, and an amphitheater that would have held gladiatorial games.

She had an amazing trip but she's glad to be home in time for the holidays. We're glad she had such a good time and happy to have her back!



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