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It's National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day! While we celebrate our beloved pets every day of the year, today we honor our furry friends. Here is some of our favorite animal art at the gallery to commemorate the holiday. Don't forget to hug your pet today!


Gay Freeborn specializes in paintings with animals. While Gay has been focusing mostly on painting recently, her deep love of animals goes far beyond just the canvas and paint. She grew up with many dogs around the house, and worked in a veterinarian’s office for some years.



Thomas Merriam is another one of our frequent animal painters. He does amazing work with painting the minute details of the beautiful animals. Along with painting and carving, Merriam is an accomplished poet, storyteller, and musician. Merriam has published several children’s books that he wrote and illustrated himself.



Spring Showers = Spring Flowers

Harvest Gold is happy to welcome Spring after a long winter. Recently, we have had wonderful warm weather (for Maine temperatures), and with warm weather comes rain for the flowers! Preparing for the Spring/Summer season is always fun for Harvest Gold, as we switch out our paintings, surround the gallery with pastel colors, and get to stock new jewelry in the cases.We can’t wait to make and wear our new colorful jewelry for spring to match the beautiful nature around us. Yay for spring!!!

Product Shown-


New Rebecca Klementovich Paintings!

This week one of our local artists, Rebecca Klementovich, dropped off several new paintings! Rebecca was the first abstract artist to show at Harvest Gold and we are so grateful that we get to work with her. Several of the pieces that she dropped off feature the optical phenomenon known as alpenglow.

"Winter Eclipse and Alpenglow"

Alpenglow occurs before sunrise and after sunset. Indirect sunlight reflects off of airborne precipitation or ice crystals, creating a band of pinkish light.

We see alpenglow here at the gallery all the time!

"Cold Winter Sky and Alpenglow"

"The sky is low with clouds. I am always studying all the pastel colors I see in the snow. The shadows on the snow play tricks on me, as I constantly see new things." - Rebecca Klementovich

"Winter Eclipse"

"This winter we had the most beautiful eclipses. I love how the grey clouds mask the moon. I paint these so that we can enjoy some warm colors in our winter blue landscapes." - Rebecca Klementovich

To see more of Rebecca's colorful and engaging work, visit our website or call and set up a time to visit the Gallery at 207-925-6502.

Harvest Gold : An Early History of Jewelry

Harvest Gold takes pride in our homemade gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry. We recognize it as one of the earliest art forms in the world. Jewelry has different meanings and significance to everyone.  So, enjoy this post about the early days of jewelry- from ancient times to today.

The earliest traces of jewelry found were in what is now called Iran around 3,000 to 400 BC. These pieces consisted of simple items, like stone amulets. Then came the Egyptian tombs, which is where they found mummies from 3000 BC with necklaces, rings, headdresses, earrings, crowns, and pins. The Egyptian jewelry featured many types of gemstones such as amethyst and turquoise.

The Greeks and Romans came next with their jewelry. In the Greek society, jewelry items with gemstones showed wealth and societal importance- sometimes they would wear up to 75 pieces at a time. However, the Romans enjoyed their jewelry for myth and magic purposes of the gemstones.

The crusades are what brings ancient jewelry to modern times. Jewelry in the Middle ages were meant for only royalty to enjoy. Each piece had a different meaning or purpose. As stated on GemSociety:

  1. “Ecclesiastical rings, worn by clergy and laymen as sacred emblems.
  2. Curative rings, meant to cure ailments and diseases.
  3. Rings of romance, the wedding ring on the left second finger because of its closeness to the heart.
  4. Gadget rings, including brass knuckles, compass rings, pipe stuffers.”

After this time period (Ending in the 17th Century), colorful gemstones started to lose their importance in fashion and diamonds began to rise in popularity.

Introducing Felted Soap!

We are carrying a new line of felted soap at Harvest Gold. What is felted soap? It's soap in its own washcloth! Fiber artist Jan Winsor of Four Winds Farm in Gorham, ME has partnered with soap makers to sell this fun product.

Jan became interested in the fiber arts over 20 years ago and has progressed to becoming a full time fiber artist with a farm. She has a small flock of sheep from which she gets the wool to create artworks as well as felted soap.

She uses either hand crafted soap from Medicine Wheel Herbals, or goat's milk soap from Knotty Goat Soapery or Spirtwind Farm and then "felts" them with wool form her own sheep. The soap is wrapped in felt, so it lathers up without needing a washcloth. When the soap is gone, the felt can be used for a scrubbie.

In addition to smelling fabulous, these soaps are made from all natural ingredients and are eco-friendly! Ditch bottled soaps filled with chemicals and try out this product. Not only are you helping the planet, but you're supporting multiple small businesses. Why not give it a try?

Bridal Style Shoot!

 Earlier this month, Harvest Gold Gallery was invited to take part in a bridal style shoot in Ogunquit and sent Liz with a selection of jewelry.

Organized by photographer Katie Trauffer with Renee Strange of Strange Events, a style shoot allows professionals involved with weddings to showcase their services. When Liz arrived, the “bride”, Emily, was in the middle of hair and makeup, done by Jessica Griffin. Katie looked through the jewelry provided by the gallery and selected pearl earrings and a coin pearl necklace. She photographed invitations with some of the jewelry and a variety of objects to go with an overall theme and color scheme while Renee steamed the wedding dress. 

Once the bride was dressed and ready, everyone made their way to the beach. Renee kept a full arsenal of supplies in her car, anything that might be needed during the shoot. When the veil kept blowing away, she was ready with a clip to hold it in place, albeit a bright orange one! The tide was coming in and the sun was setting, but Katie kept the shoot on track, while Renee was there to jump in to help.

Most people only see the photos after a wedding, but this opportunity provided insight to everything that goes into a bridal shoot. Thank you to Katie Trauffer Photography and Strange Events for inviting Harvest Gold to be a part of this fun opportunity, and to Emily for being a great model!

Calling all Bracelet lovers

Is your favorite jewelry to wear arm candy? Harvest Gold has the perfect thing for you! With a few long days in the studio, Bill has created wonderful new bracelets in silver. These new beauties are in all different styles, sizes, and materials. Bill has a natural talent for making bracelets such as these, which are perfect adornment to any outfit.


Lynda and Bill are Making Headlines!

This past month, The Conway Daily Sun has featured Lynda and Bill in their “Fun in the Sun” column. With a story about their visit to the Mount Washington Resort, they included Lynda and Bill’s love for making jewelry together and where it all began. “Rudd made his move and ‘saved’ his roommate by getting to know Rasco. On her way out, he asked her to have dinner with him.”

The story also included Lynda and Bills relationship in regards to making jewelry, such as their different talents and interests and rules to follow while making jewelry. A romantic love story tuned to the beginning of a beautiful and successful business, this Conway Daily Sun feature was a perfect Valentine's gift to Lynda and Bill.

Let's Talk About Tourmaline!

Lynda and Bill have hit another milestone in their careers as jewelers - their 1000th piece of tourmaline jewelry! Maine gemstones have always been a prominent feature in their jewelry, so of course they often use Maine's state gemstone: tourmaline.

Us Mainers are lucky to have such an interesting stone as our state gem. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, including blue, green, red, pink, and yellow. It is mined all over the world, from Asia to South America, but it is not all of gem quality. Some varieties even have magnetic properties.

Tourmaline was first discovered in the U.S. in Maine in 1882. By the early 1900s, Maine and California were the world's top producers of gemstone tourmaline. The Empress of China even wore United State's tourmaline! While it comes in a range of colors, Maine is known for mostly green and pink, especially when it is discovered as a bicolor crystal, famously known as "watermelon tourmaline".

This beautiful gemstone is a mainstay of Harvest Gold's jewelry collection. Celebrate the 1000th piece of tourmaline jewelry by stopping in to see what is currently available! As always, Lynda is happy to help you design a custom piece to suit your taste. Take home a piece of Maine!


The Journey of Henry the Owl!

Henry is a snowy owl sculpture made out of Vermont marble. Joe Gray, an artist living in New Hampshire, has created not one, not two, but three of these lovely owl sculptures. Each owl sold- including Henry at the gallery, the proceeds go to a local food bank. Joe Gray says that Henry is "bringing peace , unity and health to the land." Welcome to Harvest Gold Gallery Henry!

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