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Cut-Out Jewelry

One of our most ionic jewelry pieces is easily the cut-out collection; the look is simple yet eye catching and intricate. Lynda skillfully hand cuts each individual design out of the metal to create the beautiful cut-out. The Tree of Life is historically the most popular however Lynda has made a wide array of custom cut-outs like states, names and animals! All of the Harvest Gold Jewelry cut-outs can be made in either 14k yellow, white and rose gold or silver as a pendant for either a necklace or charm bracelet, earrings and rings. 


Cut-out jewelry is perfect because it can be worn daily and causally however it can also be dressed up into a more formal fashion. This is the type of jewelry you don't have to plan your outfit around because it goes with everything. If you would like to get yourself or a loved one, a piece of cut-out jewelry stop by the gallery to see our selection or to design a custom piece. Our cut-out designs are also on our online store if you can't make it into the gallery. 

Jean Swan Gordon

Harvest Gold Gallery is honored to announce that we have recently received more Jean Swan Gordon painting. She was born in 1922 and lived her early years in Old Lyme, CT where are only 14 years old she was studying under a local artist due to her talent. At first she only drew pen and pencil line drawings, many of them are figures of people. It wasn't until her later years that she started painting flowers, however they became an incredible success- both for Jean and anyone to behold them. Sadly Jean passed away in 2013- yet her spirit lives on in every flower in her paintings.

"As with people, no two are the same. They can move around like people, and there’s something challenging about that. That’s why I try to convey in my work the vigor, energy, and variety of flowers at various stages of growth and development.
 Jean Swan Gordon


Lenny Novak is the creator of these beautiful, unique dreamcatcher sculptures. He has been creating them since the early 90's after he first saw an Obijway Dreamcatcher made by Gail Carlson. After seeing hers, he attempted to duplicate the web and eventually developed his own style. 

Please Click on the Image to Learn More!

He has been continuously improving his technique and has been featured in many different contemporary exhibits such as: the Great Plains Museum in Lincoln, the Abbe Museum, the Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner and many others as well as being a featured artist of various galleries and colleges. 

Please Click on the Link to Learn More!

Lenny is the only person in the world that makes these dreamcatchers and is continuously evolving his techniques as he continues to make more of them. 

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Feel Free to Stop by the gallery to see some of Lenny's work :)

Sunny Plein Air And A Brief Visit From An Owl!

Yesterday, July 16th, was Doug Houle's plein air! It was a warm, sunny day, and he chose to paint the image of the fence outside the gallery with some flowers. 

Here is the painting at its stopping point, Doug wanted to use a bright base color, such as this red, to give the finished painting brightness from within. He also commented on the fact that using a bright base color is useful when you have limited time to complete painting, such as yesterday during the plein air!

Here is Doug next to his painting! It was wonderful having him paint out at the gallery on such a beautiful day! Please click on the images to learn more about Doug and his work- and stop by the gallery to see his paintings! 

On the same day, the gallery said hello to "Hoot"! A sculpture of an owl that is making a brief visit, as it is already sold. 

Here is the owl being transported to its temporary home! We are so grateful for the help moving it in- as it is 6 feet tall. 

Here is the owl sculpture outside the gallery! Although this sculpture is already sold, Harvest Gold has many more to see, outside, and inside! Please click on the images to learn more about the other sculptures we have for sale, or come visit us to see them in person!


Anchor Bend Glassworks

A necessity for every kitchen paired with a beautiful work of art. These glasses are all handcrafted and provide a gorgeous addition to a set of kitchen supplies. 

 Cane-fetti Glass Tumbler by Anchor Bend

 "Cane-Fetti" glasses by Anchor Bend Glassworks out of Newport, RI are stunning pieces of artwork that are sure to brighten up your kitchen. The bright colors turn ordinary glass into a work of art and are a good way to bring a pop of color into your kitchen.  

Cobalt Wave Glass Tumbler by Anchor Bend

 The waves within these "Cobalt Wave" glasses are made to reflect the waves of the ocean and are beautifully colored with blue and white. 

Please feel free to stop in the gallery to see these works and more!


Kristen Dill

One of our talented artists featured within the gallery is painter, Kristen Dill. Kristen is a very talented artist and paints in both watercolor as well as oils. She makes use of beautiful, vibrant colors in order to make her paintings stand out in any room. Each one of her paintings is unique and will help bring a splash of color into your home. 

                                                                               "Afternoon Rain"

 Please Click on the Image to Learn More!    


                                      "Cerulean Sky"

Please Click on the Image to Learn More!


                          "Blueberries and Birches"     Please Click on the Image to Learn More!

Plein Air With Diane Scott

Today, a sunny July day at the gallery, Diane Scott set up her easel to paint plein air! She painted two different pieces today: a portrait of Catie- one of our workers, and a glass painting study.  

Here is Scott working on her painting of Catie, she states that "Its hard to make a dull painting brighter, but it's really easy to make a bright painting dull", in response to the question, "Why do you say 'If you're smart you always go bright'?" 

Here is the beginnings of the glass study. Diane uses oil pants, saying they allow for so much forgiveness. Please come see Diane Scott's work and other plein air's this season at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Wind Chimes!

Windy days can bring about a symphony of music with these delightful Music of the Spheres wind chimes. These chimes are made from aluminum-alloy tubing that will never rust and are designed by Larry Roark, who founded Music of the Spheres in 1989. They are tuned to A 440, the standard orchestral pitch and are available in in 8 different musical scales including: pentatonic, Chinese, aquarian, gypsy, Hawaiian, balinese, Japanese, as well as whole tone. 



                            Please Click on the Picture to Learn More!

The alto chimes  consist of 1 1/2" diameter tubing with an overall length of 50".


                                 Please Click on the Picture to Learn More!

The chimes in the tenor octave are 60" long and are made of 2" tubing. 



                                Please Click on the Picture to Learn More!

The bass chimes are the largest and consist of 2 1/2" diameter tubes and are 90" tall.  

The different octaves of the various sizes provide the perfect harmony when played together. The sounds blend beautifully in the breeze and these chimes are the perfect addition to create a sense of peace within your garden. Please stop by the gallery and listen to their unique sounds!





Meeting with Randy Rowe!

We at Harvest Gold Gallery met up and interview Randy Rowe, who is the one behind the brand new Strumsticks here at Harvest Gold Gallery. We discussed his process and his own opinions behind the music scene and his Strumsticks, and learned a lot of valuable information. 

"Standard Strumstick" by Randy Rowe

Randy Rowe's Strumsticks are beautiful instruments and decorations, him describing it as "beautiful hanging from a wall." His Strumsticks are great for any novice or expert, with "no right or wrong" on how to play it.

Growing up, Randy's process of making music was not at all focused on perfection, more the sound of the notes played. Randy enjoys playing more slowly, and taking in each note at a time. Randy dislikes sight-reading with written music, describing it as "looking at bugs crawling on paper".

Randy Rowe's musical instruments are fantastic for the eyes and ears, for playing and listening. Come see more at Harvest Gold Gallery.

Outdoor Artwork in the Gardens!

As the summer gardens begin to fully bloom, they can be highlighted with a unique piece of handcrafted artwork from our outdoor gallery. There are many different styles to choose from and you can decide what fits your garden best!

                       Please Click on the Picture to Learn More!

"Feeding Bird With Fish" provides the perfect pop of blue color in order to contrast with the green background of the gardens. This statue is handcrafted from copper and would be a great addition to any garden bed!

Dragonfly Bench by Cricket Forge Metal Works

  Please Click on the Picture to Learn More!

A bench can provide a practical use as well as a gorgeous addition to any garden. "Dragonfly Bench" is created from steel and has many intricate details that harmonize with the details of a garden. 

                         Please Click on the Picture to Learn More!

As the garden sways within the summer breeze, the wind also powers this beautiful kinetic statue. "Large Green Triple" is a copper statue created by Craig Riches that provides a sense of peace through its calm movement as well as its unique pattern. 

Please feel free to stop by the gallery to check out these pieces and more! 

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