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The Process of Underpainting Explained!

With all of this snow on the ground its hard to imagine that soon we will be hosting our Plain Air events. We definitely are missing getting together to celebrate art. Going through our files I found some notes that we took during one of these events last summer and thought that it would be fun to share how much we learned about underpainting.  

An underpainting is a preparatory sketch or simple painting that serves as a base over which the artist than layers their final work. The underpainting often is used in oil and acrylic paintings to do a loose mock up of the layout of the piece, and will mark major light and dark points. The coloration and extent of the underpainting varies from artist to artist, as each has their own preferences on how much the underpainting affects or shows through to the final piece.

To someone like myself who has no technical or academic background in painting, it might seem like common sense to do an underpainting in black and white, or perhaps green if you were doing a landscape. A color that would blend into the overpainting I thought, or rather, a color that wouldn’t clash with the overpainting.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that many artists of landscapes use a bright orange to do their underpaintings! Using the color burnt umber can look muddy when layers are placed on top, whereas using yellow ochre stays a clear golden honey color. 

The finished product comes out with vivid bright colors 

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First photo

“Underpainting: Why You Need to Do It.” Jerry's Artarama Online Art Blog, 4 Apr. 2016, www.jerrysartarama.com/blog/underpainting-why-you-need-to-do-it/.

The Girls Scouts are Coming!

Our wonderful Girl Scout troop stopped by to get inspiration as they work on their painting badge. They loved seeing local spots that they could recognize like Sandra Bells painting  "Timber Island, Summer Evening" which depicts the local deep dock that they swim out too during the summer time. They also enjoyed "Sunny Breaks" by Gay Freeborn because it reminded them of our gallery very own golden dog, Captain. They stopped to talk about so many pieces I could type away all day. 

They also learned about the variety of painting styles we have in the gallery. They learned about egg tempera, plein air, water colors, oils, impressionistic versus realistic, pigment pulp, and felting. They had to do a second loop through the gallery to see what they might have missed the first time around. 

After they left they went back to their normal meeting spot to work on their very own creations. It will be exciting to see what they come up with! Who knows maybe one day they will be hanging up among our many talented artist. 

Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter with their families and friends! Hopefully the Easter bunny brought smiles to the children this morning as some of us woke up to get ready for church. Huge shout out to Lovell UCC for a lovely service as always. 


3" x 2.5" original bronze casting by Michael Tatom  available for purchase here!

Pearls by Ashanah!

Ashanah Here!

Pearl jewelry has always held a special place in my heart because the first piece of real jewelry my mother bought me as a young teen was a pearl ring while we were on vacation in Florida. Which is why my favorite display case in the gallery is the pearl case.  It has a variety of styles ranging from classic strands to creative funky earrings.


So to celebrate our wonderful pearl collection here are 3 fun facts about pearls

1) Pearls are the only gemstone to be produced by a living creature. They are formed inside of mollusks such as oysters and mussels. They happen when an irritant such as a small stone or a tiny bit of sand gets inside the shell. A lustrous substance, called nacre, is secreted around the object to protect the soft internal body of the mollusk. It continues to coat the irritant for a least six months to form a full pearl. Finding a pearl in nature is a rare as one in ten thousand oysters

2) Any June babies reading this? Cause, this next fact is for you. Pearls are the official gemstone of June.


3) Pearls are used to symbolize fertility, loyalty, and friendship.

Wanna see more of our wonderful pearl pieces come on down to the gallery or click HERE to be linked to our pearl Pinterest page!

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Spring Showers Brings Flowers

Despite winters best efforts to stick around this year, spring has finally arrived here in Lovell. It is refreshing to see the flowers begin to bloom outside. The change in weather definitely has our spirits up and we are hard at work in the jewelry studio prepping for summer time. Spring flowers are also an inspiration to many of our painters. Here are a few samples of the art you can find in the gallery or on our website.  



New Bracelet Lookbook!

Hi everyone,

Recently, we have been hard at work on Harvest Gold's new bracelet look book! This look book showcases all of our favorite gold bracelets. Here are some of my favorite pictures from it. 

The look book will be out soon!

Shake it Like a Salt Shaker!
Looking to spice up your dining room table?
Harvest Gold has you covered. We have a great selection of salt shakers in our store. Lucky duck, and Glass Act work hard to keep our shelves full of these sweet treasures. 
Here is one of our most popular designs:
My personal favorite are the black and white sheep. Which set do you like? Take a peek at our website and let us know!
To go to our website page for Salt and Pepper shakers, click here.
New Rings!!

New Rings!

Lynda has been busy working in the shop to create more beautiful designs for our customers. Here is a sneak peak of a few of the stunning rings she has ready in the store and online:

Here are the links to the rings above: "Blueberry Patch" (top left), "Champagne" (top right), "Midnight Blue" (bottom left), and "Sea Glass" (bottom right)

There are plenty more on our website and even more being made in the workshop so keep an eye out for new beautiful treasures! 

St. Patricks Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

We hope you all have lots of fun celebrating. Stop in the store or visit our website to find the perfect St. Patricks Day gift. Below is a sample of our collection on green and blue Maine Tourmaline jewelry including; rings, bracelets, necklaces and more!  

Top picture: rings from left to right: "Green Apple", "Baby Blue",  "Emerald Pool, "Frenchman's", and "Kezar Lake"
 Bottom left ring "Moose Pond"
Bottom right bracelet "Green Maine Tourmaline Bracelet"
(* We are currently sold out of "Green Apple" and "Baby Blue")

Lacey Pots Stunning Bowls!

Have you been inside the gallery lately?

We have filled it right up with your favorite artist, and it is easy to get lost looking at all of the amazing products on display. Today I caught myself daydreaming about eating ice cream out Lacey Pot’s peace sign bowls. They are just so fun and colorful. We have had creations from Lacey Pots in the gallery for quite some time but she always keeps us on our toes by providing us with new colors and designs. Recently she has taken to making neat pots to store your knitting project in.  To see more of her work check out the the Harvest Gold Website we have a small sampling listed, but to get the full effect of all her hard work you really need to just stop by and say hi! 



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