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Saying Goodbye...to paintings!

Several paintings have sold recently. While we're always happy when paintings leave the gallery for their forever homes, we do miss seeing them every day. We're taking the chance to say a final goodbye!

"Dancing Forest" by Sandra Bell

"Runt of the Litter" by Diane Scott

"Dancing Bears" by Thomas Merriam

"Tall Greens" by Jean Swan Gordon

Although we'll miss these works, there are still paintings in the gallery by all of the above artists. To see more work by Sandra Bell, Diane Scott, Thomas Merriam, and Jean Swan Gordon, visit our website or stop by the gallery. We hope the new owners enjoy their paintings!


Custom Jewelry

Bill and Lynda are always busy making custom jewelry. Customers often come in with jewelry they no longer wear and, with the help of Bill and Lynda, they are able reimagine it into a new piece. People frequently use inherited items, such as wedding bands, to create their own piece that still has the same sentimental value as before, but in a style more suited to the customer's personal taste. As always, Bill and Lynda are happy to help you design your own unique jewelry, whether it is a ring, necklace, pendant, earrings, or a bracelet.

This reimagined piece includes a diamond from the owner's grandmother.

Lynda worked with the customer to create the design of this one of a kind, asymmetrical ring.

This camel pendant was commissioned by a customer as a gift for his wife. She was the editor of a book series called "Sun God's Heir", in which the main character is a camel.

This gold overlap bracelet was designed as a gift for a recent medical school graduate; it contains gems from both her maternal and paternal grandmothers.

As you can see, Bill and Lynda are able to create a variety of designs depending on what the customer is looking for. Their goal is always to provide customers with a piece of jewelry that will bring smiles to faces and be worn for many years to come. Come on in to see more of their custom work!


Our Story

            Christmas is always a particularly special time for Lynda Rasco and Bill Rudd, the owners of Harvest Gold Gallery in Center Lovell. It was over 20 years ago on Christmas Eve’s eve that jewelers Bill and Lynda moved their wholesale jewelry business from Fryeburg to Center Lovell in order to open their own gallery. They finished all of their orders for the holidays, packed up their two young children, dismantled their goldsmith shop, and made the move! While many other people were cozying up around a Christmas tree, Bill and Lynda were setting up shop in the 18th century building, formerly the office of Severance Real Estate.

            Lynda began making jewelry at the age of 12 at the DeCordova Museum School and continued on to the Massachusetts College of Art and Portland School of Art. She went on to receive her gemological certificate from the Gemological Institute of America. Bill started his career in the culinary arts, but began goldsmithing in Lynda’s studio. He studied under Heikki Seppa, a master goldsmith from Finland, and perfected his craft. Bill has created unique designs and a line of flexible gold and silver bracelets that are made to stand the test of time while being comfortable to wear. In addition to her other jewelry making skills, Lynda works with gems, such as famed Maine tourmaline and amethyst. Using recycled gold, they make custom jewelry pieces, engagement rings, and wedding bands.

            When Bill and Lynda made the move to Center Lovell back in 1996, they wanted to be able to showcase their jewelry, but also include other fine arts and crafts in the gallery. Having already been in the craft industry for ten years put them in touch with many artists that worked in a variety of mediums. Thus, Harvest Gold Gallery began. From the beginning, Bill and Lynda were dedicated showing fine arts and crafts that were made in America, something they continue to this day. The gallery has grown to seven rooms showcasing over 200 artists. From oil paintings, to stunning hand-blown glass, to wooden toys and puzzles, there is something for everyone. The setting of Harvest Gold itself is inspiring. Yankee Magazine awarded Harvest Gold with “Best Gallery with a View” and included the comment that “it’s hard to say which is better: the gold jewelry and the other fine craftwork inside the gallery or the views outside over Kezar Lake to the White Mountains.”

            Harvest Gold Gallery is open daily and located at 1082 Main Street in Center Lovell. It’s a wonderful time of year to stop in to explore the many treasures within the gallery and view the snowy White Mountains. Bill and Lynda are always happy to talk with customers about their jewelry and the other fine arts and crafts in the gallery. For further information, the gallery can be reached at 207-925-6502 or visit the website at harvestgoldgallery.com.


Holiday Open House

The holiday season is here and we at Harvest Gold kicked it off with our annual Holiday Open House! There were cookies, snacks, and drinks, but we also had the pleasure of hosting a painting demonstration by local artist Diane Scott. At the open house, Diane brought both a photo and a study of the scene she was working on. She typically begins a piece plein air before moving inside to complete it. This is the point in the process that we were lucky enough to witness.

While she worked, Diane explained her methods and provided insight into her process, answering any questions guests asked. Over the course of the afternoon, viewers watched a painting take form in front of their eyes.


As Diane was busy painting, guests enjoyed some of Bill's delicious hors d'oeuvres and cookies. Many people were present; some guests had never been into the gallery and some were frequent visitors. A couple artists featured in the gallery even stopped by! 

A good time was had by all and we thank everyone who joined us for our holiday open house. Happy Holidays!


Vacation Abroad!

Our newest employee, Liz, recently returned from a trip to the UK! She saw lots of art and history and visited museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. This Dale Chihuly chandelier hangs in the entrance to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

When not in museums, she saw other famous sites in London, such as Buckingham Palace.

Liz also spent time in Wales, where she went to graduate school, visiting friends. In Caerleon, she spent a day learning about the Roman military fortress that was there. The fortress included barracks, a bath house, and an amphitheater that would have held gladiatorial games.

She had an amazing trip but she's glad to be home in time for the holidays. We're glad she had such a good time and happy to have her back!



Happy Thanksgiving!

November in Center Lovell is a quiet time of year; it's a time for stacking firewood, cleaning up yards and gardens, hunting, and getting prepared for the long winter.

Sandra Bell's "Kezar November"

November also means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This holiday means many different things depending on who you talk to. It may mean watching football and the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade, or coming together with family and friends for a traditional turkey dinner, or participating at a community supper. 

Image result for ThanksgivingHow ever we choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, it's a day for everyone to pause and reflect on what they are grateful for. No matter what is going on in life, it's important to take time to be thankful for what we do have, even if it is just the air in our lungs. We at Harvest Gold thank you all for your ongoing support of our gallery. Bill and Lynda hope everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday, whatever way you choose to spend the day!

Happenings at Harvest Gold

The holiday season is about to kick off, which means there's quite a bit going on at Harvest Gold!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 30th, Harvest Gold is hosting its Annual Holiday Open House with an art demonstration by local artist Diane Scott!  She will begin at 1pm.  We invite you stop in the Gallery to enjoy hors d'oeuvres and beverages while taking a look at our jewelry and the other arts and crafts on display. We hope to give you some gift inspiration for the holidays! We look forward to seeing you!

We have three upcoming shows. The first is the Local Craft & Wares Fair at the Bethel Inn Resort on November 29th from 9-4. This is a great opportunity to avoid the Black Friday crowds and purchase unique, handcrafted gifts. With over 30 vendors and horse wagon rides, it will be a very fun day! For more information, click here.

Harvest Gold will also be participating in the Christmas Prelude at the Consolidated School in Kennebunkport on December 7th. This is a popular holiday event in a beautiful location - we hope to see you there! For more information, click here.

Image result for christmas prelude kennebunkport

And finally, on December 8th, Harvest Gold will take part in the Stone Mountain Arts Center's Finest Kind Artisan Craft Show. Not only will you have the chance to peruse beautiful, one of a kind crafts, but there will also be food, mimosas, and live music! For more information, visit the Stone Mountain Arts Center page, here.

We hope to see you at any (or all!) of these events! Happy holidays!

New Additions to the Gallery

Earlier in the fall, we received a substantial collection of Jean Swan Gordon paintings. Jean produced her works by outlining the subject matter, typically bouquets of flowers from her own garden, in ink and then adding several layers of watercolors. This method creates vibrant, eye-catching works of art, the impact of which can truly be appreciated in person. 

The paintings, generously provided by the family of the artist, consist of various combinations of flowers in different vases, whether a simple glass bowl or a china pot. See if you can spot a vase that has been used twice!

In addition to the Jean Swan Gordon pieces, we have a few new sculptures by Michael Tatom. Michael casts his animal sculptures in bronze before finishing them with a beautiful patina that gives the animals a unique coloring. His sculptures impart not only the shape of the subject, but also a sense of the movement and fluidity of the animal. We now have sculptures of a mother bear and cub as well as a fox.

Bronze Polar Bear Mom by Michael Tatom

We encourage you to come by and view these spectacular works of art in person!

Somewhere Over (or Under?) the Rainbow

There is still some lingering foliage here in Lovell despite the harsh winds and rain we've experienced in the last few days. This morning, we were lucky enough to witness a gorgeous rainbow stretching across the mountains.

A neighbor was kind enough to send us a picture from her house across the street. The gallery appears to be nestled under the arc of the rainbow.

The rainbow was viewed from all different angles before it faded away. 

This sight is not unfamiliar to us at Harvest Gold; Mary Ellen Serina painted a similar scene, "View From Harvest Gold Gallery". The time of year may be different, but the rainbow is in nearly in the same spot. For more information on the painting, click the image below or stop in the gallery to view it in person.

Rainbows have always been common in art and folklore. In Norse mythology, the rainbow represented the journey from life to death. In Greek myths, it acted as a pathway for the goddess Iris to travel between the earth and the heavens. Most popular, though, is the legend that there is a pot of leprechaun gold at the end of the rainbow. If you happen to find it, let us know!


Fall at Harvest Gold

Although the rush of summer ended quite some time ago, it has been a busy fall at Harvest Gold. We have enjoyed some spectacular views of the foliage from the Gallery. Our view was recently featured in Down East! We appreciate being featured and saw lots of new visitors because of it. 

No fall season would be complete without a visit to the Fryeburg Fair! As always, it was a great time filled with fair food and lots of animals.

Aside from enjoying the beautiful fall weather and scenery, Bill and Lynda have displayed their jewelry at several arts and crafts shows this fall. Shows are a great way to meet new customers.

The next show that Harvest Gold will be participating in is the Christmas Prelude at the Consolidated School in Kennebunkport on December 7th. It will be a perfect opportunity to do some holiday shopping in a beautiful location! For more information on the Christmas Prelude, visit the event homepage. We hope to see you there!

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