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Catie's First Day

Hi, I'm Catie and I'm newly employed at Harvest Gold Gallery! In my free time I enjoy being outside, reading and making art. Even though I'm new to Harvest Gold Gallery, I've found so many art pieces interesting, but my top three favorites are:

"Spring Beauty" by Carol Novotne 

This painting really caught my attention because of the landscape and style; so ethereal. 

"Emerald Pool" by Diane Scott

I've been to Emerald Pool several times; this painting really captures the beauty of this location unlike any photo I've seen. Looking at this piece transports you to Emerald Pool. 

"Sunset Daises" by Varvara Harmon

Daises are one of my favorite flowers, so this painting immediately caught my eye. The way she adds so much life into her paintings truly makes them breath-taking, especially this painting. 



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