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New Inventory - Bruce May

We are so excited to have gotten some new inventory from the One-Legged-Woodworker, Bruce May. He gets his nickname from a motorcycle accident that caused him to lose his leg.

Lynda and Bill met Bruce at an art show before his accident and offered him a place to show his work in the gallery. After a long two years of waiting, he showed up minus one leg and with a stack of bowls.

Bruce is the first woodcarver that we ever showed in the gallery. We haven't had his work in a while, so we were so excited when he showed up today with some new pieces.

He works with many types of wood to create bowls that are absolutely stunning. Bruce is also known for keeping the bark on some of his bowls which adds to their uniqueness. It also lets you see the layers in the wood.

Bruce's work is only available in the gallery, so we hope to see you soon!

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