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New Inventory - Bruce May

We are so excited to have gotten some new inventory from the One-Legged-Woodworker, Bruce May. He gets his nickname from a motorcycle accident that caused him to lose his leg.

Lynda and Bill met Bruce at an art show before his accident and offered him a place to show his work in the gallery. After a long two years of waiting, he showed up minus one leg and with a stack of bowls.

Bruce is the first woodcarver that we ever showed in the gallery. We haven't had his work in a while, so we were so excited when he showed up today with some new pieces.

He works with many types of wood to create bowls that are absolutely stunning. Bruce is also known for keeping the bark on some of his bowls which adds to their uniqueness. It also lets you see the layers in the wood.

Bruce's work is only available in the gallery, so we hope to see you soon!

First Plein Air of the Season!

With the wonderful beginning of summer and the flowers in full bloom, Harvest Gold Gallery had our first plein air paint-out of the season. On June 26th, Rebecca Klementovich showed off her skills by creating a beautiful painting looking out at the views from the gallery. She brought along a great turn out of painters and customers alike!

Plein airs are a fan favorite event held here in Center Lovell, where each weekend this summer we feature a local artist to get inspired by the gorgeous views and paint a one-of-a kind piece of art. All of the paintings/art created during a plein air will be available for sale in the gallery as well! Plein airs are very special to us at HGG, as viewers and participants get a unique experience with the artist, all while enjoying a nice summer day.

Rebecca grew up in New Hampshire, but as a young adult she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, New York. She worked for 20+ years as a fashion art director and textile designer.  During this time she began to love color and what it can convey to the viewer.  This becomes apparent when viewing her art, she strategically places colors in a way that accentuates the view she’s conveying. Eventually she moved back to New Hampshire and is now a resident of Dover. She is the co-founder of Femme Fatales of the North- the goal of which is to show women making art and to share the art they make.

We are so grateful to have been able to host Rebecca at the gallery last weekend. Harvest Gold is excited to get to celebrate a new artist every weekend this summer and have beautiful new work to display in the gallery! If you are interested in attending a plein air session, or perhaps you are an artist wanting to have your own plein air day, message us at harvestgoldjewelry@gmail.com or at (207)-925-6502.

New Works by Jeanne Oulette

Local Maine Artist Jeanne Oulette has brought in some new works to the gallery for Spring and Summer. Jeanne is focused on interpreting the landscape of Maine in oil paint. She takes particular inspiration from the mountains, rivers and seacoast. Take a look at some of these new pieces, and come check out more of her work here at Harvest Gold Gallery.

"Cold River"

"Clouds Over Pleasant Point"

"Out of the Woods"

"Sunset Casco Bay"


It's National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day! While we celebrate our beloved pets every day of the year, today we honor our furry friends. Here is some of our favorite animal art at the gallery to commemorate the holiday. Don't forget to hug your pet today!


Gay Freeborn specializes in paintings with animals. While Gay has been focusing mostly on painting recently, her deep love of animals goes far beyond just the canvas and paint. She grew up with many dogs around the house, and worked in a veterinarian’s office for some years.



Thomas Merriam is another one of our frequent animal painters. He does amazing work with painting the minute details of the beautiful animals. Along with painting and carving, Merriam is an accomplished poet, storyteller, and musician. Merriam has published several children’s books that he wrote and illustrated himself.



Spring Showers = Spring Flowers

Harvest Gold is happy to welcome Spring after a long winter. Recently, we have had wonderful warm weather (for Maine temperatures), and with warm weather comes rain for the flowers! Preparing for the Spring/Summer season is always fun for Harvest Gold, as we switch out our paintings, surround the gallery with pastel colors, and get to stock new jewelry in the cases.We can’t wait to make and wear our new colorful jewelry for spring to match the beautiful nature around us. Yay for spring!!!

Product Shown-


Harvest Gold : An Early History of Jewelry

Harvest Gold takes pride in our homemade gold, silver, and gemstone jewelry. We recognize it as one of the earliest art forms in the world. Jewelry has different meanings and significance to everyone.  So, enjoy this post about the early days of jewelry- from ancient times to today.

The earliest traces of jewelry found were in what is now called Iran around 3,000 to 400 BC. These pieces consisted of simple items, like stone amulets. Then came the Egyptian tombs, which is where they found mummies from 3000 BC with necklaces, rings, headdresses, earrings, crowns, and pins. The Egyptian jewelry featured many types of gemstones such as amethyst and turquoise.

The Greeks and Romans came next with their jewelry. In the Greek society, jewelry items with gemstones showed wealth and societal importance- sometimes they would wear up to 75 pieces at a time. However, the Romans enjoyed their jewelry for myth and magic purposes of the gemstones.

The crusades are what brings ancient jewelry to modern times. Jewelry in the Middle ages were meant for only royalty to enjoy. Each piece had a different meaning or purpose. As stated on GemSociety:

  1. “Ecclesiastical rings, worn by clergy and laymen as sacred emblems.
  2. Curative rings, meant to cure ailments and diseases.
  3. Rings of romance, the wedding ring on the left second finger because of its closeness to the heart.
  4. Gadget rings, including brass knuckles, compass rings, pipe stuffers.”

After this time period (Ending in the 17th Century), colorful gemstones started to lose their importance in fashion and diamonds began to rise in popularity.

Calling all Bracelet lovers

Is your favorite jewelry to wear arm candy? Harvest Gold has the perfect thing for you! With a few long days in the studio, Bill has created wonderful new bracelets in silver. These new beauties are in all different styles, sizes, and materials. Bill has a natural talent for making bracelets such as these, which are perfect adornment to any outfit.


Lynda and Bill are Making Headlines!

This past month, The Conway Daily Sun has featured Lynda and Bill in their “Fun in the Sun” column. With a story about their visit to the Mount Washington Resort, they included Lynda and Bill’s love for making jewelry together and where it all began. “Rudd made his move and ‘saved’ his roommate by getting to know Rasco. On her way out, he asked her to have dinner with him.”

The story also included Lynda and Bills relationship in regards to making jewelry, such as their different talents and interests and rules to follow while making jewelry. A romantic love story tuned to the beginning of a beautiful and successful business, this Conway Daily Sun feature was a perfect Valentine's gift to Lynda and Bill.

The Journey of Henry the Owl!

Henry is a snowy owl sculpture made out of Vermont marble. Joe Gray, an artist living in New Hampshire, has created not one, not two, but three of these lovely owl sculptures. Each owl sold- including Henry at the gallery, the proceeds go to a local food bank. Joe Gray says that Henry is "bringing peace , unity and health to the land." Welcome to Harvest Gold Gallery Henry!

Valentine's Day Preparations!

Valentines day is one of Harvest Gold's favorite holidays. Originally being created to honor the death of St. Valentine, Valentines day turned into a day of love in the middle ages. February 14th was believed to be the beginning of birds' mating season. Poems were written then about it, therefore solidifying the purpose of Valentines day to be full of romance and love. At Harvest Gold, we love to celebrate this lovely day with our favorite things- handmade jewelry. Here are some gift ideas for your special someone on February 14th.

Queen of Hearts: Heart Shaped Cut-Out Ring Size 4.5-7.5


Open Heart: Sterling Silver Earrings


My Valentine: Sterling Silver Heart Pendant



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