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Clinton Jones: Nature Inspired Sculptures

Harvest Gold is delighted to announce that Clint Jones’ sculptures are now showing at the gallery. Anyone familiar with Maine will recognize the inspiration taken for Clint Jones’ sculptures, using nature scenes and Maine waterfront to design beautiful sculptures. Clint Jones intertwines work & hobby with his intricate metal sculptures that we are excited to showcase on the walls of Harvest Gold Gallery.

A Maine native, Clint Jones grew up on the water in Cumberland. After school, Clint trained as a marine mechanic and also gained skills as a welder which he puts to use while creating his sculptures. He currently commutes from Casco to Chebeague Island and works as an island car mechanic, diagnosing problems in cars and fixing them with delicate skill. 

While Clint Jones is a skilled boat and car mechanic by trade, fisherman, and boating enthusiast on the side, his real talent comes from his artistic side. Clint Jones creates metal sculptures through a process of creating paper patterns, tracing it onto a single sheet of metal, cutting and welding the metal, and making sure the sculpture can structurally support itself. His paper patterns keep his sculptures alive for as long as he wants, as he can reuse the design again and again.

Unlike “island cars'', which have a short lifetime span, Jones sees his metal art as time capsules that will last hundreds of years, each piece telling a story. Jones likes the strength of metal and enjoys working with a medium with such longevity. He feels people have taken notice of the durability of his pieces.

We invite you to come admire the nature and animal-inspired sculptures by the talented Clint Jones that now grace the walls of the gallery. Visit Harvest Gold Gallery today! For more information about Clint’s work, check out his artist page on our website: https://harvestgoldgallery.com/collections/clint-jones/sculpture


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