Our Story

Hi, I’m Lynda. And I’m Bill! And we’re the founders of Harvest Gold Gallery and Jewelry Company. 

We founded Harvest Gold Jewelry in 1985 (here we are circa 1987).

25 years ago we opened Harvest Gold Gallery to showcase our jewelry line as well as the works of other American artists who share our passion for high-quality, handmade fine art and crafts.

Today, Harvest Gold Gallery is home to the works of over 200 amazing artists. 

Drawn to the natural beauty of New England, we found the perfect location nestled deep in the woods of Western Maine, in a town called Center Lovell. Yankee Magazine awarded us  Best Gallery With a View several years back and commented, "Hard to say which is better: the gold jewelry and other fine craftwork inside the gallery or the views outside over Kezar Lake to the mountains." And just this past year, Yankee Magazine has awarded us Best Gallery in Maine, hands down!

Working from our artist’s studio downstairs, we use traditional goldsmith techniques and each piece is uniquely crafted by hand. Our Harvest Gold jewelry line features completely original designs, all natural metals and ethically sourced gemstones, many of which are local to the New England area.

A lot of people ask us, where did the name Harvest Gold Gallery come from?

Well, at the time, we were huge fans of Neil Young’s Album, Harvest, and we knew we wanted to specialize in making gold jewelry. Just like that, ‘Harvest Gold Jewelry’ was born.

Here's a video to get to know us: