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Spring Style With Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Apr. 17th, 2012

Spring style has always included pearls.  
Big white fresh water pearls with classic gold hoops,
 accented with a suspended pearl makes a classic look, new.


Gold daisies set with pearls in the center Gold daisies set with pearls in the center and a flirty handmade 14k gold chain,


Ready for work or play!
Color for spring with Maine tourmalines set in 14k yellow gold.
Maine tourmaline in bright green and deep red set with diamonds or without, 
cuff in 14k rose gold and yellow gold, 
comfortable custom fit and made to last generations.
   Handmade gold bracelets to stack with textures and grace.
Rose pink cabochon cut Maine tourmaline with classic link bracelet in yellow gold.
Pretty in Maine green tourmaline and interlaced gold hoops.
Stop by and say hello when in lovely downtown Center Lovell, 
overlooking Kezar lake and the white mountains.
Magnolia Blooms in Lovell!

Original publish date: Apr. 12th, 2012

A simple braided band in white gold...
A bridal set...
View from our office today....

With the thrill of spring in the air, and fresh Magnolia blossoms scenting the air at the gallery's window,  we are all looking forward to the upcoming 2012 season which is beginning now. Lynda is busy creating her lovely gold braided wedding bands and Bill has been undaunted in his pursuit of filling the gallery with new pieces. It is like Christmas with many boxes and packages to be opened and put on the walls and shelves as we "oooooo'' and "ahhhhh" over so many fine pieces of art and glassware and numerous "made in Maine" items coming in weekly. We are excited with our new awareness of Pinterest and how much we enjoy seeing the orders come in through Etsy and our website as we are getting global interest in our Maine gallery. Looking forward to seeing you all stop by!

Spring in Center Lovell

Original publish date: Mar. 22nd, 2012

The warm weather has been helping our creative side.  
Nice Celestial white gold earrings inspired by extra time to star gaze in the warm evenings.
Toasting the snow on a warm evening, we think about the seasons changing.  It is easy to understand why the Tree of Life design is loved by so many.
Also loved this season has been our braided bands.  We've made new widths available to accommodate more finger needs.  
This one is our newest wide three strand braid with 14k rose, green and yellow gold.

Thanks to the nice couple who needed something a little different.

Bi-color Maine tourmaline in pink and yellow seems as rare as an 80 degree day  in mid March in Maine!
Rose gold flexible cuff tanning on the rocks, almost to hot to handle!  Is this really mid-March?
Morning view at Harvest Gold Gallery mid March, overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.
Arabica Coffee House Shows a New Harvest Gold Show!

Original publish date: Mar. 11th, 2012


Sisters have teamed together to put on a beautiful art show at Arabica Coffee Shop on Free St. in Portland, Maine.   Both Arabica Coffee Shop and Harvest Gold Gallery are family owed and operated businesses here in Maine.  Photographer Anne Weathers Richie from Freeport is one of the artists represented.

Her photos of nature are refreshing to the eye.The greens are delicious and the florals delicate.



Rain in Maine, a wonderful thing.

A winter road down the trail less taken seems almost black and white.

When in Lovell climbing Sabatus Mountain please stop by Harvest Gold Gallery.  For the best coffee and art on the walls stop by Arabica Coffee Shop.

Many Colors of Maine Tourmaline

Original publish date: Mar. 7th, 2012

Maine tourmaline comes in an incredible range of colors on cuts.  This ring has the bright pink with pretty baby blues to accent.
People often ask why we chose to specialize in Maine tourmaline.  With all the variety and being from Maine it was only natural.
A slice of the crystal in the watermelon colors set in white gold.
When the blue is surrounded by the bright greens it mirrors the many places in Maine where the water meets the trees.
Sky blue in yellow gold can be worn alone or stacked with other bands.
Rubilite tourmaline is so delicious! 
Apple green in cabochon cut with a green gold bezel on yellow band.
Rose gold with green gold accents and a sweet pink cabochon.
By-color pink and yellow sparkler in yellow gold.
Rich yellows, browns and greens combine in this strand to make a perfect combo with the Maine Moose cutout pendant.
Stop by and see our large collection of Maine tourmaline when you are in Center Lovell overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains at Harvest Gold Gallery.
New Terrain Park Manager At Sunday River Ski Resort

Original publish date: Mar. 4th, 2012

Welcome back to the east coast Morgan!
You may notice a few changes to Sunday River's terrain parks: the jump line in Starlight, the whoop-dee-doos in Who-Ville, the smooth layout of Jib Park.  That's all thanks to Morgan Rudd, Sunday River's new Terrain Park Manager.
Morgan grew up just down the road in Lovell, Maine, and learned how to snowboard at age 10 here at Sunday River where he was a natural from the start.  After graduating from Gould Academy, where he competed in snowboarding, he spent four years at Sierra Nevada College studying environmental science and working at Northstar at Tahoe on their terrain parks crew.  That's where he found his niche.
At Northstar, Morgan spent seven years doing all things terrain park, from hand staff (setting up rails by hand) to night shift foreman to building and grooming to snowmaking- a lengthy list of resume builders perfectly suited for any future terrain park manager.  Luckily for us, when Sunday River started looking for a new park manager we were able to snag this Jack-of-all Trades and bring him back east.  Why did he choose Sunday River after being offered several jobs at other resorts around the US?
"I came back because I know the area and it's my home," Morgan says.  "It's My Happy Place."
Morgan certainly brings a fresh perspective to sunday River.  His vision fro Sunday River's future is to bring more progressive builds to the resort's current park scene and to make the parks more family friendly, "but still be fun for the top 10 percent of skiers and riders out there," he states.
For Morgan, it's not just about the features. it's all about the snow quality, which starts with snowmaking .  His past experience as a snowmaker gives him the knowledge to process the snow before building anything in order to make the best product possible.  then it's just maintaining the product with groomers.
"Any day you ride in the park, it will be the best snow out there," he says.  "In parks, we don't have the whole mountain to groom so we get to spend that extra time slowly grooming and putting forward solid quality."
So whether you're hitting Who-Ville for the first time, jibbing your way through Jib Park, or flying through the air in Starlight, be sure to thank Morgan and his Park Crew for all the hard work they put into it.
We love that Morgan will have time in the off season to continue his work in pottery.
Pottery by Morgan Rudd,  painting by Carol Novotne, bronze deer by Michael Tatom all available at Harvest Gold Gallery on route 5 in Center Lovell over looking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Mount Washington.
Harvest Gold' First Engagement!

Original publish date: Feb. 28th, 2012

 Harvest Gold Gallery has had it's first engagement!!  Kate and Brad came in and wanted a local gem handcrafted into her engagement ring.
She wanted it to be special. 
We recycled her diamonds from an old ring and added a Maine Amethyst.
He slipped it on and....
She had a family ring made to fit him so he could have an engagement ring too.
She slipped it on and..
I asked for a pic of their hands, and Kate's little pink socks showed!
So of course, we had to document that.
A toast of Apple juice and a strawberry to celebrate a new adventure!!
Look at Grand-mom's amaryllis and Varvara's painting of roses to add some flowers to a perfect engagement.  Thanks for letting be a part of your special day Kate and Brad!
Love is in the Air!

Original publish date: Feb. 11th, 2012

Love is in the air here at Harvest Gold Gallery.  People are being very creative with their wedding rings.
This pair has two personalities shining through their use of 2 different karats of gold, 2 different colors of gold, and 2 different weights and widths.  
Their unity is in the texture and the element of gold.
 There are some who like the sparkle of a few diamonds.
 What is not to love?!?
Add a couple of sterling bands to the center gold ring and a great new look.
Colors of gold braided in different styles with added side bands compliment the couples unity and individuality.
The mountain ring is a good design to personalize by your choice of gold colors.  
Come in and check out all the new styles of bands here in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine, overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains of western Maine and New Hampshire.  
Jacob Stout Fine Art Glass (And the Winter Sun!)

Original publish date: Jan. 31st, 2012

The winter sun and Jacob's American made hand blown vessels are a wonderful combination.

Using techniques perfected in Venice 500 years ago,  Stout enjoys
applying these skills to modern glass design. All of his work begins 
from the raw ingredients, silica, soda and lime, melted at 2500 degrees 
into a hot, gooey liquid we know as glass. With a steel blowpipe he is 
able to gather the hot glass on the tip and blow a bubble into it. As his
assistant blows into the pipe, Jacob sits at a bench and uses steel hand
tools to manipulate the bubble of glass into a desired shape. A punty 
(solid steel rod) with a small gather of glass on the tip is then stuck on 
the bottom of the vessel, and the piece is cracked off the blowpipe. 
Once transferred, the top of the piece is finished and tapped off into 
an annealing oven to be cooled slowly.



His uses watermelon colors when creating the pair of opposite colored pitchers.  The match of size and color saturation is near perfect. 
Now add his matching bowl.  The variety of textures and color bend the light to dance on the table.
This process of glassblowing is very quick and requires much concentration, practiced technique, and good assistant communication. The study of these techniques inspires his forms and design choices. Smooth curves and transition of lines combine to create the figure of these vessels. Because no molds are used in his work, each piece displays a one-of-a-kind, hand-made appearance.


These are on display at the Harvest Gold Gallery in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine on Kezar Lake overlooking the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Mount Washington.
Cereal Made Interesting

Original publish date: Jan. 29th, 2012

On a recent trip to Florida to do some shopping for Harvest Gold Gallery I had a chance to visit my Dad.  
He likes his cereal every day but wants it to be interesting.
So he has started mixing and matching all sorts of brands to create his own special kind.
Thanks Dad for a fun way to start the day!!