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Hoops Weeks: Clip Ons and Hoop Alternatives

Hoop Alternatives and Clip Ons: And don’t think we forgot about all of you who maybe are looking for an alternative to the traditional hoop! Lynda and Bill both love making chains, and so in turn like to make earrings with similar circular designs. Shown below are a variety of circle earrings that make fantastic alternatives to the basic hoop! Plus, we can add a little extra spunk and pizzazz to a piece -- and make it unique to you -- by customizing the color of 14k gold, the hammered texture, or even by adding pearls or gemstones!


And if you don’t have piercings but still want a classic piece of jewelry to wear, look no further than our synclastic clip on earrings! This pair using the strength of opposing curves to keep the earring tight -- but not painfully so! -- on your ear. The earrings have been rigorously tested for comfortability and the ability to stay on throughout the day. These earrings can be made in a variety of sizes and styles, so contact us to learn more about the possibilities that could await you!  

Hoops Month: Loop-d-Loops

Loop-d-Loop Hoops: A fun twist on a classic style, Loop-d-Loop Hoops can be made in both the synclastic and anticlastic styles.  


These quirky hoops add a bit of pizzazz to any outfit! Available in both sterling silver and 14k gold, these earrings can be made in a variety of sizes to best suit your style! If you are looking for a gift that a jewelry lover may not already have, look no further than these fascinating earrings. Made of one piece of metal that has been twisted into form, these earrings will be a talking point on every outing!

Hoops Month: Wire Forged

Wire Hoops: Refined and minimalistic, these are everyday hoops at their simplest. Hand forged, these wires often feature wider and thinner edges, to add a bit of intrigue to the profile of the hoop.


These earrings make great gifts for both young and old, as they look fun and laid back. That is not to say thought that they cannot be dressed up: add a string of pearls around your neck and swoop your hair up, and voila! A simple but beautiful glamorous look.

Hoops Month: Anticlastic

Anticlastic hoops: My personal favorite style of hoops, Harvest Gold’s Anticlastic hoops are polished smooth, and reflect the light with a brilliant shine. These hoops are elegant and make a stunning gift to any fashion forward person! Coming in styles ranging from classic rounds to ovals, waves, and loop-d-loops, there is an anticlastic hoop to suit everyone’s style.


Our anticlastic hoops can be made with a variety of posts to best suit your needs. The two main styles of posts that we build are basic straight posts, and self-locking posts. Where the synclastic self-locking posts are straight posts that lock into holes in the back tab of the hoop, anticlastic self-locking posts loop directly over the hoop. The curved walls built by the anticlastic style of hammering allow the equally curved post to nestle into the back of the hoop, and guarantees a comfortable and easy wear!

Hoops Month: Synclastic

This month on the Harvest Gold Blog is Hoops Month! Hoop earrings are a classic piece of jewelry that will never go out of style, and are a staple in any jewelry lover’s box! Here at Harvest Gold we carry a multitude of hand-forged styles of hoops, ranging from classic synclastic gold hoops to loop-d-loop hoops and even thin, elegant wire hoops. Stay tuned for the rest of September as each week we showcase a different style of hoops! Happy hoop hunting!

Synclastic Hoops: Bill’s hand-hammered synclastic hoops are a favorite amongst customers for their classic shape. Light reflects off the planes left by the hammer, and so they glisten and glow no matter how you wear them! These hoops can be easily dressed up or down and so can transition from daytime casual to evening wear in a snap!


Plus, most of the synclastic hoops have posts that hook back into themselves, and so you will have no backing to fiddle with and the hoop will look like one smooth continuous loop around your ear. And finally, an added plus built into many of the designs is a small tab at the top of the hoop. This tab is where the post is soldered to, and can be customized to suit your ears! Do you have unevenly placed piercings? Or has one piercing hole been stretched? By slight adjustments on where the post is placed on the back of the tab, we can make these earrings sit evenly on your ears. And further, if you dislike the way most hoop earrings sit against your face, we can adjust the angle of the post so that the hoop sits as you like it.

50th Anniversary Fun!

Recently here at Harvest Gold, we've had many couples -- including dear friends of ours Hal and Carol Severance-Taylor -- celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries! How lucky for us to have so many wonderful couples surrounding us, customers and friends. Did you know that the traditional 50th anniversary gift is gold? If someone you know is celebrating 50 years of love stop by Harvest Gold and find the perfect gold jewelry for your loved ones.


The ever-perfect Tree of Life design represents the long years of dedication to each other, and the accumulated growth of wisdom and love that has been created out of such a relationship. One of our oldest designs, this cutout pattern is near and dear to our hearts, and we hope soon yours as well!

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings,   14k Yellow Gold Tree of Life Ring

Another favorite here at the gallery is the White Mountain Interlace Cuff. This bracelet is made of two pieces of interwoven gold, and represents two lives that have been intertwined together in happiness and love. The design was inspired by the interplay between mountains reaching up to the sky and the clouds stretching down to blanket the peaks, this bracelet can be made in any color of gold you would like, and in sterling silver. 

14k Yellow Gold White Mountain Cuffs, shown in both the wide and narrow widths
A second gorgeous bracelet option is the pair of our Together Forever cuffs. These beautiful wire cuffs look stunning when worn individually, but when paired together they wrap around each other to form an infinity symbol! These dainty bracelets are reminiscent of the streams of life, and the constant flow of time. No matter what though, as the days go by, you know you will always have each other! 
The two cuffs entangled, creating a loop of infinite love! 
We hope that your years to come are filled with love and joy. Love from Lovell!


Summer Love is in the Air!

Summer Love Is in the Air at Harvest Gold Gallery! 

     Harvest Gold is excited to share that over the past week, Lynda and Bill celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary! And, like any doting parent, we are over the moon to announce that both of the Harvest Gold kids, Carley and Morgan, have become engaged! Carley met her fiancée Jake in Europe, while both were on study abroad programs at Stetson University. They fell in love while riding the trains, and sharing music together!  Carley and Jake have spent they last few months working as freelance photographers and journalists. They have travelled all over the world together, from L.A to Switzerland to Southeast Asia, and are returning home to Lovell this summer. Morgan met Alison while working here in Maine: at the Saco River, to be exact! Over the years they have moved back and forth between Maine and California (Lake Tahoe), and have built a happy life together, with a much-loved dog named Scout. While neither of the happy couples has yet to set a date, we know they will be over the moon to be together no matter what the future may bring. 

From left to right: Lynda and Bill, Morgan and Alison, Jake and Carley

Lynda built both Carley’s and Alison’s engagement rings, working with their beaus to produce custom rings from heirloom gemstones and gold. We would love to work with you in a similar process to create custom jewelry to help you build your perfect wedding!

What is the process of building a custom ring?

    If you have never customized jewelry before, the process can seem daunting. With so many options as to gemstones, metals, shapes, sizes, and price, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. However, we are here to make the process joyful and stress-free for you! Sit down with Lynda either in shop or through a video call, and we can talk you through the entire process. From initial remarks about your desired look, we will answer all your questions and guide you through the process of building your ring so that it is beautiful and long lasting, all while sticking to your budget.

We can recycle your old family jewelry into something new and beautiful, just for you!

Here are some of our suggestions for a beautiful wedding, no matter the time of year!

     Personalized weddings bands made from heirloom or recycled gold, or with local stones to represent the deep, earthly bond between you and your loved one. From rings that surround your finger in a band of never-ending mountains, to braided rings that symbolize your deep ties and connections to your other, the perfect ring for you can be found here at Harvest Gold! 

    Light and airy bridal jewelry, such as these stunning intertwined 14k gold White Mountain bracelets, to compliment the bride’s smile and to reflect the joy of the occasion. These bracelets can be easily dressed up or down to suit any style of celebration!

    Or perhaps a set of two wave bracelets, that when worn together, make calming curves of infinity around your wrist? Representing your never ending love and devotion, these cuffs will become a family heirloom that you can pass down and love for decades to come. 

     A hand hammered 14k gold linked necklace for the mother of the bride! On this special day, mom deserves to be recognized for her undying love and support of the happy couple. 

     These sterling silver charm necklaces make the perfect gifts for bridesmaids! We love the two pine trees on this charm representing the soon-to-be-married couple. This pendant will be a sweet and everlasting reminder of this wonderful occasion!

 "Ming's Summer Bouquet," by Jean Swan Gordon

    And come to us for all your wedding gift needs! From beautiful handblown glass, paintings of every medium, to rustic wooden sculpture, the perfect heartfelt gift can be found within our walls or gardens. 


 Whatever your wedding style, we hope that we at Harvest Gold can help you make your wedding sparkle just a little bit more!

                                                                             —Lynda and Bill



Intertwined and Braided Wedding Rings!

Original publish date: May 7th, 2012

This season has been very exciting with all the new intertwined and braided possibilities we have been making!
 The narrow three strand braid for the bride.
People have great ideas.  They have been choosing all one color and variations.
Some have inspired us to make a wider version of our favorite three strand intertwined ring :)
This in both his and hers :)
 Some have wanted to add side bands in color to accent the center weave in these Celtic bands.
The side rings look nice on the traditional braid too!
The traditional braid in our favorite colors, yellow, rose and green golds.
Stop in when you are in beautiful downtown Center Lovell overlooking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains.
New Early Summer Jewelry from Lynda!

Original publish date: Apr. 18th, 2012

Lynda's New Wedding Bands





Our  Daffodils in Full Bloom



Perfect Mother's Day Gift!


With such gorgeous weather here in Maine, we all are feeling  the excitement of Summer and warmer, longer days! A quiet, but productive afternoon at the gallery, has Lynda getting ready to ship three new wedding bands that she just made in the shop this week for an on line order. These lovely braided wedding bands look stunning with the magnolia blossoms that have been blooming in our garden and are now starting to drop petals and the daffodils have our attention as there are out here in full glory. Bill and Lynda have designed and  created over 25 of their own wedding bands and they will make bands and engagement rings unique to you on special order. With Mother's Day less than a month away, be sure to check out our 14 kt. gold flower earrings with a Maine aquamarine center stone, as well as a variety of  other perfect "Mom" gifts. With June brides and weddings, come showers and we have delightful shower and wedding gifts at the gallery by fine artists all around Maine, New England, and the United States. We look forward to what the season brings!!

Spring Style With Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Apr. 17th, 2012

Spring style has always included pearls.  
Big white fresh water pearls with classic gold hoops,
 accented with a suspended pearl makes a classic look, new.


Gold daisies set with pearls in the center Gold daisies set with pearls in the center and a flirty handmade 14k gold chain,


Ready for work or play!
Color for spring with Maine tourmalines set in 14k yellow gold.
Maine tourmaline in bright green and deep red set with diamonds or without, 
cuff in 14k rose gold and yellow gold, 
comfortable custom fit and made to last generations.
   Handmade gold bracelets to stack with textures and grace.
Rose pink cabochon cut Maine tourmaline with classic link bracelet in yellow gold.
Pretty in Maine green tourmaline and interlaced gold hoops.
Stop by and say hello when in lovely downtown Center Lovell, 
overlooking Kezar lake and the white mountains.
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