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Museum-Quality Hot Glass Artists are Now Showing at Harvest Gold

Original publish date: Jan. 12th, 2012

 Stephen Lundberg was one of the first hot glass artists we began to collect.  This was years before we ever thought we'd have a Gallery.  Of course, his work looks lovely in the natural light with so many layers of color and clear the vase becomes truly 3-dimensional.

 Charles Lotton.  Yes, that's right the Charles Lotton was one of our first hot glass artists.  We had such good taste!  His work paved the way for the American hot glass artists of today.  Shattering the myth that the Europeans were the best glass artists.  Now we carry the next generation in Charles' family.  Several of his family members have become involved in the business: Scott Bayless perfume bottles are beautiful, and Jim Heer has the perfect Calla lily vase and perfume bottle.



 Orient and Flume's artists use amazing detail in their work.  Each is signed and numbered, highly collectable.  This company is based out of Southern California and has been producing fine quality work for over 20 years.



Watch for more on our Hot Glass Masters.  We have only just begun!


Some Favorite New Custom Pieces

Original publish date: Jan. 6th, 2012

This was a great season for custom pieces.  These Tree of Life rings are made in white gold with the sapphire gems from the girls' Great-grandmother's ring which was broken beyond repair, made by their mother for Christmas.  Such a cool way to remember our ancestors. 

These sapphire earrings were custom designed for comfortable everyday wear that looks amazing. 

This heavy sterling silver Tree of Life dog tag style pendant with heavy cable chain was perfect for the young man turning 18 on his high school graduation day.  Congrats Chase :) 
The crinkle cuff has been Bill's new idea.  So far he has been very successful with this new narrow version in yellow gold with the matching earrings.



And of course there has to be one picture of Kezar Lake in Center Lovell Maine overlooking the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  So pretty.