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Jacob Stout Fine Art Glass (And the Winter Sun!)

Original publish date: Jan. 31st, 2012

The winter sun and Jacob's American made hand blown vessels are a wonderful combination.

Using techniques perfected in Venice 500 years ago,  Stout enjoys
applying these skills to modern glass design. All of his work begins 
from the raw ingredients, silica, soda and lime, melted at 2500 degrees 
into a hot, gooey liquid we know as glass. With a steel blowpipe he is 
able to gather the hot glass on the tip and blow a bubble into it. As his
assistant blows into the pipe, Jacob sits at a bench and uses steel hand
tools to manipulate the bubble of glass into a desired shape. A punty 
(solid steel rod) with a small gather of glass on the tip is then stuck on 
the bottom of the vessel, and the piece is cracked off the blowpipe. 
Once transferred, the top of the piece is finished and tapped off into 
an annealing oven to be cooled slowly.



His uses watermelon colors when creating the pair of opposite colored pitchers.  The match of size and color saturation is near perfect. 
Now add his matching bowl.  The variety of textures and color bend the light to dance on the table.
This process of glassblowing is very quick and requires much concentration, practiced technique, and good assistant communication. The study of these techniques inspires his forms and design choices. Smooth curves and transition of lines combine to create the figure of these vessels. Because no molds are used in his work, each piece displays a one-of-a-kind, hand-made appearance.


These are on display at the Harvest Gold Gallery in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine on Kezar Lake overlooking the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Mount Washington.
Museum-Quality Hot Glass Artists are Now Showing at Harvest Gold

Original publish date: Jan. 12th, 2012

 Stephen Lundberg was one of the first hot glass artists we began to collect.  This was years before we ever thought we'd have a Gallery.  Of course, his work looks lovely in the natural light with so many layers of color and clear the vase becomes truly 3-dimensional.

 Charles Lotton.  Yes, that's right the Charles Lotton was one of our first hot glass artists.  We had such good taste!  His work paved the way for the American hot glass artists of today.  Shattering the myth that the Europeans were the best glass artists.  Now we carry the next generation in Charles' family.  Several of his family members have become involved in the business: Scott Bayless perfume bottles are beautiful, and Jim Heer has the perfect Calla lily vase and perfume bottle.



 Orient and Flume's artists use amazing detail in their work.  Each is signed and numbered, highly collectable.  This company is based out of Southern California and has been producing fine quality work for over 20 years.



Watch for more on our Hot Glass Masters.  We have only just begun!


Peach of a Day in Center Lovell!

Original publish date: Nov. 8th, 2011


What a peach of a day it was in lovely Lovell.  The temps were up in the 60's and the sun was shining.  We took the opportunity to take a few photos of some of our favorite glass pieces.  With everything American made we feel fortunate to have some museum quality pieces up here in downtown Center Lovell.
Orient and Flume is one of the best in America.  They have been blowing beautiful quality pieces for over 20 years in California.


The paper weight collection of Orient and Flume is a great addition to any space.

 We have to put a pair of earrings in because we make jewelry here and there is always a new item!  Today we made a cool pair of Dangle Dot earrings in sterling silver.  So fun when they move and catch the light. 

The acorn vase is one of Orient and Flume's signature pieces.  The layers of colors and detail of the design is in harmony with the formal form of the vase. Truly a collectable.
Exquisitely American made, available right here in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine.
New Glass at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Oct. 23rd, 2011


Keeping in our tradition of all American made products this wonderful collection of glasses is made in Sandwich, Mass by a husband and wife team. 

"We work together with passion, precision and timing.  The results are not only rewarding but even the most useful items become works of art in our creative studio."  Displayed overlooking the autumn colors of Lovell Maine and Kezar Lake.  
The way the colors blend you can feel the liquidness of the glass.


 Pick you favorite colors to make a set unique to you and your lifestyle.
 Handmade glasses add a special charm to everyday life.  It's fun to ponder the person who made the glass, the person who made the beverage, enjoying their hard labors, sharing with friends.


Stop by the gallery or check out our website to see more!  
Holiday Shopping with Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Nov. 8th, 2010

There are only 6 weeks until Christmas and 4 until Hanukkah, so we wanted to help you out by sharing some of our top picks for this year's gift giving!



Want something unique and one of a kind...? We happily work with our customers in creating custom pieces. Check out our past custom work on our website.
Fall Home Decor

Original publish date: Oct. 15th, 2010

We currently have a lovely selection of rich seasonal inspired pieces in our gallery and online in our etsy gallery shop! Each piece is truly unique and would make a great fall wedding gift, or shop early for the Holidays!
Above: is our Orange Ruffled glass bowl by Nathan Macomber


And one of our new favorites- a large glass spider sculpture, great for indoor and outdoor decorating (also by Nathan Macomber)!


These lovely Cow Bowls are handmade in Maine by Lacey Pots, and are sure to brighten up any kitchen! Collect the whole set!
A fantastic polymer clay bowl decorated with cats and flowers; puuuurfect for fall!(couldn't resist!)
And as always- our lovely line of hand painted clocks by Pascale Judet. This one is called "Apple Dance", and we think it would make a lovely fall wedding gift!
For more great Aritsan gift for your and your family- check out our Second etsy Shop: Gallery By Harvest Gold.
New Fall Products Here at Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Sep. 16th, 2010

We have some new colorful items in our 2nd Etsy shop: GallerybyHarvestgold.
Above: Collect all 4 cow bowls! Each are hand thrown in Portland, Maine by LaceyPots, and are $38 each. A funky modern country alternative to brighten up any kitchen decor!
We also have this fun set of 3 Peace Sign bowls, $38 each.
And an extensive collection of small 4" vases in a variety of colors and patterns, for $27 each, making them the perfect gift!
And if you need something spooky- we are selling two glass spider sculptures by Nathan Macomber! $495 each.
We have many other autumn inspired pieces in our shop! Gifts that are sure to please for a birthday, teacher appreciation, housewarming, or wedding present!  Click here to begin shopping!
Conway, NH Artist Nathan Macomber Featured at Harvest Gold

Original publish date: Jul. 17th, 2010

   Harvest Gold Gallery is so excited to bring you the work of Nathan Macomber, a new and up coming artist from the White Mountains of Conway, New Hampshire. Nathan Macomber first blew glass at Massachusetts College of Art in 1995. He was hooked from his first bubble. In 1999 he received his B.A. in glass from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona. He has also studied at the Corning Musuem of Glass in New York, the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine. 
        Nathan has also served as an instructor for the Corning Museum of Glass, the Snow Farm craft school in Massachusetts and he teaches private classes at his studio in Conway, New Hampshire. 
         Nathan spent the first seven years of his career in glass working in Prescott, Arizona where he developed his style and body of work. In the spring of 2002, he moved to his family's old farm in the White Mountains of Conway New Hampshire where he used to come as a young boy to see his grandma and other relatives. There, he has set up his own private studio where he can be found almost every day blowing glass, teaching, or maintaining the hundred year old farm, which has been in his family since 1949. In 2003 he juried into the League of New Hampshire Craftsman with his blown glasswork and in 2005 he juried in his metal work, which he often combines with his glass. Nathan has been serving on the League’s glass jury since 2006. 
       Harvest Gold Gallery features a large collection of Macomber’s work including colorful glass paperweights, glass tumblers, large glass bowls, glass window sun catchers, indoor sculptures that combine large glass discs with artful metal bases, and outdoor sculptures towering five and a half feet tall which resemble his smaller indoor sculpture designs. In addition the gallery also exhibits two of Macomber’s famous metal spiders whose bodies are made of hand blown glass and stretch twenty-eight inches in diameter. These sculptures are a perfect adornment to any home and are sure to catch the attention of any guest. All of Macomber’s work is exquisitely handcrafted embodying bold colors and beautiful details. 

Nathan uses hand blown glass and iron for his sculptures.
New Glassware!

Original publish date: Mar. 20th, 2010

We are so excited to bring you a new line of glassware by young up and coming artist Nathan Macomber. Available in our gallery and on our website. Macomber is a local artist from just across the border in New Hampshire. His glass work is colorful and so affordable making it the perfect addition to your home for spring!