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Magnolia Blooms in Lovell!

Original publish date: Apr. 12th, 2012

A simple braided band in white gold...
A bridal set...
View from our office today....

With the thrill of spring in the air, and fresh Magnolia blossoms scenting the air at the gallery's window,  we are all looking forward to the upcoming 2012 season which is beginning now. Lynda is busy creating her lovely gold braided wedding bands and Bill has been undaunted in his pursuit of filling the gallery with new pieces. It is like Christmas with many boxes and packages to be opened and put on the walls and shelves as we "oooooo'' and "ahhhhh" over so many fine pieces of art and glassware and numerous "made in Maine" items coming in weekly. We are excited with our new awareness of Pinterest and how much we enjoy seeing the orders come in through Etsy and our website as we are getting global interest in our Maine gallery. Looking forward to seeing you all stop by!

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