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Michael Tatum Showing at Harvest Gold

Original publish date: May 8th, 2012


Harvest Gold Gallery is happy to present the wonderful work of Michael Tatom.  His captures the spirit of the animals.  The quick look from the grey fox.

Michael Tatom has been a sculptor for more than twenty years. He was born in Los Alamos, NM where he was surrounded by a family of artists and designers. 

In 1994 Michael started sculpting his series of bronze animals, each with their own magical shape and movement. Using simple and graceful lines he has become a successful sculptor.  The quiet fawn resting in the wood.  The lurking cougar stalking.

Michael Tatom quotes: "The main focus of my work is to translate into bronze the essence of the animal, to capture some movement or instinct and present it in a simple, stylized form. 
The last and one of my favorite parts of the process is the patina. There are so many variables when working with patina. The different colors and textures have a dramatic effect on the feel of the finished sculpture."


 Stop by when passing through beautiful Center Lovell, Maine, overlooking Kezar Lake and see them all.  New ones are expected soon!  
New Terrain Park Manager At Sunday River Ski Resort

Original publish date: Mar. 4th, 2012

Welcome back to the east coast Morgan!
You may notice a few changes to Sunday River's terrain parks: the jump line in Starlight, the whoop-dee-doos in Who-Ville, the smooth layout of Jib Park.  That's all thanks to Morgan Rudd, Sunday River's new Terrain Park Manager.
Morgan grew up just down the road in Lovell, Maine, and learned how to snowboard at age 10 here at Sunday River where he was a natural from the start.  After graduating from Gould Academy, where he competed in snowboarding, he spent four years at Sierra Nevada College studying environmental science and working at Northstar at Tahoe on their terrain parks crew.  That's where he found his niche.
At Northstar, Morgan spent seven years doing all things terrain park, from hand staff (setting up rails by hand) to night shift foreman to building and grooming to snowmaking- a lengthy list of resume builders perfectly suited for any future terrain park manager.  Luckily for us, when Sunday River started looking for a new park manager we were able to snag this Jack-of-all Trades and bring him back east.  Why did he choose Sunday River after being offered several jobs at other resorts around the US?
"I came back because I know the area and it's my home," Morgan says.  "It's My Happy Place."
Morgan certainly brings a fresh perspective to sunday River.  His vision fro Sunday River's future is to bring more progressive builds to the resort's current park scene and to make the parks more family friendly, "but still be fun for the top 10 percent of skiers and riders out there," he states.
For Morgan, it's not just about the features. it's all about the snow quality, which starts with snowmaking .  His past experience as a snowmaker gives him the knowledge to process the snow before building anything in order to make the best product possible.  then it's just maintaining the product with groomers.
"Any day you ride in the park, it will be the best snow out there," he says.  "In parks, we don't have the whole mountain to groom so we get to spend that extra time slowly grooming and putting forward solid quality."
So whether you're hitting Who-Ville for the first time, jibbing your way through Jib Park, or flying through the air in Starlight, be sure to thank Morgan and his Park Crew for all the hard work they put into it.
We love that Morgan will have time in the off season to continue his work in pottery.
Pottery by Morgan Rudd,  painting by Carol Novotne, bronze deer by Michael Tatom all available at Harvest Gold Gallery on route 5 in Center Lovell over looking Kezar Lake and the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Mount Washington.