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New Clocks from Pascale Judet

Original publish date: Jun. 24th, 2011

New Clocks by Pascale Judet!


 Harvest Gold Gallery presents a new series of paintings by French artist, Pascale Judet for the 2011 collection.


 Born in 1946, Pascale fell comfortably in love with art in the early 1970s. In her Vashon Island home, Pascale employs her natural ability to capture the constant motion of the true beauty of Mother Nature.



        A graduate from Sorbonne in 1968 Pascale received a degree in philosophy, only to uncover by the early 1970’s her passion for creative mediums. Her future work in bookkeeping and painted mixed media brought her the opportunity to display her works in several galleries around the U.S. including Seattle, Boston and Portland Maine.


            Dabbling in all sorts of media, Pascale found painting to be a perfect fit for her new line of scenic clocks. Simplified and distinctive, Pascale’s clocks are revered for their surrealist style of painting and intricate care of her subjects that range from rocky landscapes, to snowy fields. Each clock presents a mini stage of dreamscape. Best of all you’ll never get lost in the view; her mini painted sculptures also include a one-inch clock to help us keep track of our precious time.

            Harvest Gold Gallery invites you to come expereince what American craft has to offer.  Voted “Best Gallery with a View” by Yankee Magazine this summer.  There is beauty in and out. Route 5 Center Lovell, Maine. Open Daily.  For further information call  207-925-6502. or visit our website @ www.harvestgoldgallery.com and check us out on facebook.



Peace, Poppies, and Chickadees -- New in Our Shop!

Original publish date: Jun. 15th, 2011

We are so excited to have more of this fun Maine-made pottery back in our gallery! After all summer is the time of year for outdoor entertaining. This pottery will look great stacked high with a fresh salad, corn on the cob, your favorite side dish and they will be the bell of the ball at your neighborhood potluck! They make great gifts for new home owners, happy newlyweds, and of course- just because.
If you are in Center Lovell, Maine do stop by and say hello!  Enjoy our view of the lake and take a peek at these great new pieces.  If you live far away, have no fear all of this pottery is available in our Gallery Etsy Shop!
Above: Peace bowls. Sold individually, but they look lovely as a set!


Maine's state bird, the Chickadee! Sold Individually, would make a lovely wedding gift for a Maine couple!


Flower bowls, sold individually. 
Happy Summer!!!
Delicately Pink and Oh-So Elegant... The Pink Lady Slipper has Arrived in Full Bloom!

Original publish date: Jun. 7th, 2011

We took a little hike up our neighboring mountain, Sabatus, here in Center Lovell this week. What a lovely surprise we had just before reaching the summit: we were greeted by pink lady slippers that lined the pathway and sprouted up deep in the woods! A member of the orchid family, the pink lady slipper is a rare sight and is listed as an endangered species in many northern states.

The lady slipper has been an inspiration to artists for centuries with it's beautiful delicate shape and continues to be one of New England's unique motifs.

Silver Lady Slipper Pendant
Lady Slippers, Original Oil By: Andy Curran
One of our favorite painters and Maine local, Andy Curran, depicts our forest scene perfectly in one of his paintings that we currently have on exhibit in the gallery.
How does the lady slipper inspire you? 
14k Gold Lady Slipper Earrings

New to our Gallery this Week!

Original publish date: May 26th, 2011

I can't believe it is almost June!
With the winter we had this year it sometimes felt like we would never see summer. And now that it is so close it's hard to believe where the time went!?  We love all of the seasons here in Center Lovell Maine, but there is something invigorating about the summer! Bill's garden produces a bounty of yummy vegetables that he seamlessly whips up into tasty meals! Summer is the time of year when we ready our gallery walls with new artwork from around the country and then we through a little gallery opening to share with the community. Summer is also a time for us to reunite and catch up with our friends who summer at Lake Kezar. We also work with our brides and grooms on custom wedding jewelry, and help husbands pick out the perfect anniversary present. ahhh summer.
We have a lot going on this year, so I wanted to take a minute and share one of the many new things to our shop- this lovely Peace Bowl set arrived this week! Can't you imagine eating a large heaping of fresh salad or pasta out of these bowls!? yum.  
If you are in Maine this summer, stop by and say Hi!  or keep in touch with us by following our blog and becoming a fan on facebook!
Take Me Out to the Ball Game.... and Say I Do!

Original publish date: May 25th, 2011

This past week one of our customers took his girlfriend to a Red Sox's game at Fenway park and proposed to her on the big screen! He gave her a custom made Harvest Gold Jewelry ring and she said yes! Baseball, weddings, and engagements really spell out summer to us, so why not combine them!?



And here is the ring!! It looks lovely on her beautiful hand, and the back drop isn't too bad either! Congratulations!!
Voted "Best Maine Gallery With a View!"

Original publish date: May 6th, 2011


Yankee Magazine recently voted our Gallery in Center Lovell Maine, the best gallery with a view! We certainly love our view and it's great to know others do too! The view looks lovely during all of our New England seasons. The mountains have inspired us as jewelers as seen in our mountain range rings and we even had a couple get married in our beautiful setting!  If you fancy getting out for a lovely drive through the back roads of Maine, come visit us, soak in the view, check out the artwork in our Gallery and look at our always evolving custom jewelry! A big thank you to Yankee Magazine!

Thoughts On Trees
Original publish date: May 2nd, 2011

While working on Tree of Life jewelry, there is time to reflect on the many natures of trees.


There are so many ways trees are part of lives.  They touch us every day.

Carley took this one, at sunrise, of Lake Tahoe during her photo class there.  She was happy to be where Morgan lives for a bit.

Sunrise on Easter Sunday at Amelia Island in Florida visiting my parents.  
The back yard with the tree my grand mother gave Bill and I on our 10th wedding anniversary 20 years ago!!

 Winter time sunny morning good for working on trees.  These are all ready to become jewelry!  

So amazing to think of all the trees I've "chopped" from the gold and sterling sheet.  Transforming the gold into a "forest" of Tree of Life jewelry.

Many people remember those they have lost by the tree symbol.  I put extra love into the pieces in remembrance of others. 

This beautiful poem by Bill helps put in words the feelings that trees inspire.
We are grateful every winter for the gift of warmth from the trees.

In conclusion.... just gotta love those trees!
Harvest Gold Spring Fashion in Florida!

Original publish date: Apr. 17th, 2011


Spring fashion begins with Pearl and more pearls.  The luster brings out the natural lightness in your face to that sparkle in your eyes.

Always nice to have helping hands as my Grandmother always said.

Gold drop flowers with pearl centers good to  go with multiple strands of fresh water pearls. 
Sprinkle some light gold chains and matching earrings to go dress up or hang at the pool side party. 
Fun gold cuffs.



One of favorite photos of the day.
Spring is Coming (Finally!) to Center Lovell!

Original publish date: Mar. 18th, 2011

 Spring is coming.  We know because the amaryllis are blooming, the deer are out, and the sun is ever higher in the sky!


This is one of my favorite vases ever.  We met Doug Merritt over 20 years ago and fell instantly in love with his graceful crystal hand blown glass vases.  This one works perfectly for the amaryllis that got too heavy for itself.



The deer we noticed out back just hanging around enjoying the snow squall.
So smile, spring is on the way:)
(Don't you love Ernest Porcelli's glass plate?!?!)
Amaryllis Season at Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Mar. 10th, 2011

Grandmother Latimer from "2240" in Coral Gables, Florida, gave us 3 Amaryllis bulbs from her yard nearly 30 years ago. 

Since then, Bill has been caring for them and at this time of year we get an amazing display of brilliant color just in time for the end of winter blues. 
Grandmother Latimer lived in Miami for over 50 years.  She was an entrepreneur even back then: selling Mountain Valley Water with her husband. 
They had a victory garden with large grass hoppers. The neighbor's avocado tree had the biggest fruit I've ever seen. The only source for the hot water was the solar system on the roof.   
The flowers bloom again in the summer so make sure to look for them when you stop by.
(Don't mind Bill. :) )