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Andy Curran to Show New Cards and Paintings at Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Aug. 7th, 2011

Andy Curran’s new paintings and cards now showing at Harvest Gold Gallery through Columbus Day.


Andy Curran’s emotional connections with the natural environment throughout New England are captured in his acrylic paintings.  Born and raised in Westbrook Maine he knows Maine and may even be considered a local by some.  He received his bachelors of fine arts degree from University of Southern Maine and currently spends his time creating new pieces in his studio on family land in Westbrook.

As a hiker and explorer Andy imprisons his experiences in nature in his mind until he can express them on canvas.  His impeccable memory of seascapes, mountains and meadows guide his paintings.  When back in the studio he evokes the feelings of his travels and creates moving renditions of nature.

Many of his paintings have been put on 100% recycled greeting cards.  Each card is accompanied by a poem expressly written by Andy to reflect his feelings and impressions about the painting.  His cards are a perfect souvenir of Maine to take on your travels.

Curran’s paintings and cards can be seen at Harvest Gold Gallery on Route 5 in Center Lovell.  The gallery is the proud recipient of “Best Gallery with a View” this year in Best of New England by Yankee Magazine.  Open daily the gallery can be reached at 207-925-6502 and on the web www.harvestgoldgalley.com.

Delicately Pink and Oh-So Elegant... The Pink Lady Slipper has Arrived in Full Bloom!

Original publish date: Jun. 7th, 2011

We took a little hike up our neighboring mountain, Sabatus, here in Center Lovell this week. What a lovely surprise we had just before reaching the summit: we were greeted by pink lady slippers that lined the pathway and sprouted up deep in the woods! A member of the orchid family, the pink lady slipper is a rare sight and is listed as an endangered species in many northern states.

The lady slipper has been an inspiration to artists for centuries with it's beautiful delicate shape and continues to be one of New England's unique motifs.

Silver Lady Slipper Pendant
Lady Slippers, Original Oil By: Andy Curran
One of our favorite painters and Maine local, Andy Curran, depicts our forest scene perfectly in one of his paintings that we currently have on exhibit in the gallery.
How does the lady slipper inspire you? 
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