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Wishing Everyone a Happy and Peaceful 2012!

Original publish date: Dec. 31st, 2011

2011 was a great year here at Harvest Gold Gallery.
 2011 a great year for jewelry and beautiful American made fine art and crafts.


2011 was a great year for beautiful women wearing Harvest Gold Jewelry.

 The winter season sparkle with Maine pink tourmaline earrings.

 Summer sizzles with sterling silver and lots of warm sun.


Thank you.
 Peace be with you and yours this coming year.
The View in Center Lovell

Original publish date: Dec. 18th, 2011


People ask us all the time, "Do you ever get tired of the view?"  And our answers is always: "Never." Bill's new sterling silver cuff frames Kezar Lake nicely, don't you think?
We thought we would just share a few beautiful moments we have witnessed this season here in Center Lovell on Kezar Lake overlooking the White Mountains of western Maine and New Hampshire.
The Mountain ring in 14k white gold and the White Mountains, could you ask for a better background?
The mountains in this sculpture carved out of a moose antler by artist Sherri Medley, mirror the horizon.
Live edge wooden picture frames and bowls, made in America, and the skyline make a natural combo.
Early morning mist and the pink sky,
Add the full moon and some sparkly white snow,
And a new design is born!
Pastel colors with an early season dusting of the white stuff make you feel the frost in the air.
Bill's new Krinkle cuff in white gold is available in yellow gold and sterling silver too.
We always are checking out the view and will keep you posted on as many beautiful moments as we can.  Thanks for a great year here at Harvest Gold Gallery.
Kezar Lake Memoir Book Signing and Holiday Open House

Original publish date: Dec. 6th, 2011


Harvest Gold Gallery presents the book, Kezar Lake Memoirs edited by Catherine Ingram Stone.

            In the summer of 1889, five young men arrived on the shores of Kezar Lake in Lovell Maine and set up their tents for five weeks.  They climbed the surrounding mountains, caught abundant fish, and thoroughly enjoyed “camp life”.  These men kept extensive records of their early visits to Lovell.  Photographs, including those from their first camping expedition in 1889, still exist.  

            Kezar Lake Memoirs is a collection of those writings, which reflect a defining time in Lovell’s history.  The population and economy had been in decline for many years and tourism was about to become Lovell’s major industry. The five campers witnessed and documented the growth of hotels and boarding houses and changes in the lake’s usage and the area’s wildlife.  They wrote about the long-lasting friendships they developed and the folklore they heard.

            Catherine Ingram Stone is the great-great-niece of Arthur Stone, one of the original campers on Kezar Lake in 1889.  Catherine earned her masters degree in Political Science from NYU and went on to teach there as well.  She has always been a summer resident of Lovell and in 1996 she became fulltime. She has served as President of the Lovell Historical Society since 2003.  Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Lovell Historical Society.

            Over one hundred years later, her family of three grown daughters and her dog Finnegan continue to enjoy Arthur’s property on Rattlesnake Island.  

            Harvest Gold Gallery presents the book Kezar Lake Memoirs edited by Catherine Ingram Stone.  She will be available to personalize and sign your copy during our holiday book signing and Open House December 9th from 3-6pm.  Wine and cheese will be served.  Come and enjoy some holiday cheer and the beautiful artwork in lovely downtown Center Lovell.  Open daily 207-925-6502 and always on the web www.harvestgoldgallery.com 

Peach of a Day in Center Lovell!

Original publish date: Nov. 8th, 2011


What a peach of a day it was in lovely Lovell.  The temps were up in the 60's and the sun was shining.  We took the opportunity to take a few photos of some of our favorite glass pieces.  With everything American made we feel fortunate to have some museum quality pieces up here in downtown Center Lovell.
Orient and Flume is one of the best in America.  They have been blowing beautiful quality pieces for over 20 years in California.


The paper weight collection of Orient and Flume is a great addition to any space.

 We have to put a pair of earrings in because we make jewelry here and there is always a new item!  Today we made a cool pair of Dangle Dot earrings in sterling silver.  So fun when they move and catch the light. 

The acorn vase is one of Orient and Flume's signature pieces.  The layers of colors and detail of the design is in harmony with the formal form of the vase. Truly a collectable.
Exquisitely American made, available right here in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine.
New Custom Jewelry at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Oct. 27th, 2011


 I know most of you want to see the view so here it is.  The top of Eastman Hill, in Center Lovell Maine overlooking Kezar Lake and the White mountains.  Now, here are some recent custom pieces we've made.

This Sterling silver charm bracelet was made to order.  She picked from over 20 different designs of hand cut images to make her bracelet special.

This woman wanted a ring she could wear and wear every where!  She was so happy :)


 This one was so much fun I had to post 2 pictures.  She found the Maine tourmaline in Bethel Maine herself and we made the setting in sterling silver.

The light house design comes from a wonderful story of love and romance.  A couple came to visit the Harvest Gold "factory"v after having collected our jewelry for over 25 years of their marriage.  She always loved light houses we were happy to make a new design.


Friends from my youth with special days to celebrate.

 A wonderful fun piece made of Maine tourmaline and 14k yellow gold for one of our favorite people.

Of course, there has to be a wedding band.  So pretty with a diamond for every child.

This ring is a recycling of a beautiful blue topaz reset into sterling silver with a 14k rose gold accent.


And one last shot of the view atop Eastman Hill.  Thanks for all the fun custom opportunities. 
New Glass at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Oct. 23rd, 2011


Keeping in our tradition of all American made products this wonderful collection of glasses is made in Sandwich, Mass by a husband and wife team. 

"We work together with passion, precision and timing.  The results are not only rewarding but even the most useful items become works of art in our creative studio."  Displayed overlooking the autumn colors of Lovell Maine and Kezar Lake.  
The way the colors blend you can feel the liquidness of the glass.


 Pick you favorite colors to make a set unique to you and your lifestyle.
 Handmade glasses add a special charm to everyday life.  It's fun to ponder the person who made the glass, the person who made the beverage, enjoying their hard labors, sharing with friends.


Stop by the gallery or check out our website to see more!  
Update: The Baby Loon in Middle Bay

Original publish date: Oct. 11th, 2011

With the temperatures in the upper 70s it was a perfect day to get out on Lake Kezar.  Record breaking heat in October was wonderful.
Boat traffic was light on Sunday afternoon and the almost full moon was over the trees on the shore.
The lighting was perfect and the baby looked great!
It was nice to see the parent loon was still playing an active role with the chick.
You can't help but feel fortunate living in Center Lovell watching the mist come in and the loons slice through the water.
Barbara Coburn Is Now Showing at Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Oct. 2nd, 2011


 Award winning watercolor artist, Barbara Coburn has been painting the beautiful New England countryside since her early college days.  She got her Fine Art degree at Anna Maria College.  From there she was very successful in the advertising and marketing world. Her first love, however, has always been painting. Lately she has discovered a new medium.  Studying with some of the great egg tempera artists she has come to love this new to her technique.SAM_8285.jpg

Egg tempera is a painting process that uses egg yolk to bind pigments, the color, into paint.  The artist must manufacture the paints herself by finely grinding the pigment and mixing it with water and egg yolk.  The paint is then applied in a method where the optical laws of egg tempera are obeyed thus the unique surface of egg tempera will be achieved. 

Tempera paint dries rapidly. It is normally applied in thin, semi-opaque or transparent layers. Tempera painting allows for great precision when used with traditional techniques that require the application of numerous small brush strokes.  When the final painting is created then it is sealed with an organic varnish.  This is needed especially if you have a cat around who might want a little lick of that egg!

With the ancient egg tempera technique Barbara creates a luminous glow in her work.  The detail that she can achieve is amazing.   Every blade of tall grass in the field by the old barn is visible.  All the paint peeling off the old boat is there!


Tempera paintings are very long lasting, and examples from the 1st centuries AD still exist. Egg tempera was a primary method of painting until after 1500 when it was superseded by the invention of oil painting.  Andrew Wyeth was one of the most noted egg tempera painters.  His painting, Christina’s World is very well known. 

Barbara's new paintings will be showing at Harvest Gold Gallery through the holidays.  Stop by when you are by Lake Kezar in beautiful downtown Center Lovell.

New Sterling Silver Charms at Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Sept. 28th, 2011

I love it when my customers inspire new designs.  This week we had a horse lover come in. 
It came out so good I made one for my niece's birthday!
Maine is very inspiring too. 
 We have some pretty celestial designs and even an angel.
My sister's coffee shop was a good reason enough for this design but my Grandmother always had a cup of coffee going, just 1/2 a cup.
Two hearts and the moon and star are always favorites.
I love how they look all together!
Tomato Season at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Sept. 16th, 2011


Fearful we would not have enough tomatoes this year, Bill planted no less than 36 plants!   Now we are picking everyday in 7 different varieties.   Even this funny little one that looks like he has a hat!

Our screen porch is table is covered with great colors and delicious flavors.  Many customers have been seen walking out with a sampling!

After giving away free samples we are still left with quite a few.  We have started making sauce.  In three colors this time.



 Come in for a taste of tomatoes!

Who knew making sauce could be so colorful?




Even if it's a bit messy!
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