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Carol Novotne Now Showing At Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Sept. 6th, 2011

Carol Novotne was the inspiration for us to carry fine art at the gallery.  Visiting her long time friend who summered here in Lovell with her friend Cricket who lived next door.  What a story.  Carol saw the gallery and had to come in.

She and Bill started talking and looking around. "Look at these beautiful walls.  They need some paintings!"

The following spring Carol shipped seven original oil paintings to the gallery.  Beautiful expressionistic local landscapes bursting with color arrived.  One of Kezar Lake from atop Hatch Hill was sold in the first week!

That was 2002.  Now 9 years later the collection has grown.  Carol has won numerous more artistic achievements including Western Woman Artist of the Year. 

Carol make regular trips to New England to collect ideas for future paintings and enjoy what we all love about Lovell and her other favorite Maine stops like Bar Harbor and Portland.



She lives in Helena, Montana with her husband Roger.  We feel fortunate to have Carol's award winning paintings here in beautiful downtown Center Lovell.


Fall on the Saco River in Fryeburg
Hurricane Irene Hits Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Sept. 2nd, 2011


This was the scene shortly after noon on Sunday.  We had lost power about 1/2 an hour earlier when there was a huge sound.  Bill and I rushed to see.  The wires were across route 5 and dangling from the Gallery! Our local favorite Tripp Turner was first to try and cross followed by Freddie Wilson. 

The wind was still howling!  The power crew didn't make them wait very long.  Within 20 minutes they were there to make the situation safe.


Everything looks better with some sunshine on it!  It was still very dangerous as the broken pole was very hard to see in the trees and the pole ahead looked ominous.

We were greeted by  variety of crews to repair the damage.  They were mostly from New Brunswick Canada and very pleasant, we were very happy anytime they stopped by!
Our neighbors will be very happy too!
By the third day we were very appreciative of all the wonderful people that came together to make the storm so much better than it could have been.  A big Thank You to the Lovell Fire Department for the yummy dinners. 
We were sitting in the lake on the dock!!
15th Summer in Center Lovell
Original publish date: Aug. 21st, 2011



Harvest Gold Jewelers Lynda Rasco and Bill Rudd are showing their beautiful jewelry at the Gallery for the 15th season in Center Lovell.


Lynda and Bill started their jewelry company in 1985.  They were living on Knight’s Hill Road with their new baby and Lynda was making jewelry in the basement.  Bill was a chef at that time in Fryeburg at the Oxford House Inn.  After his son was born Bill decided that he would be able to spend more time with his family if he joined the jewelry business with Lynda. 


 He started with the sales.  The first day he brought home a bottle of champagne to celebrate his success. Of course the wine cost more than the profit!


He learned quickly both from Lynda who grew up making jewelry in Lincoln, MA and from his jeweler friends.  Bill attended Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Crafts to learn from Heike Seppa the raising technique he uses to make his flexible gold cuffs. 


 Being a creative person, Bill took his new skills to design and fabricate a gold cuff that won an award for American goldsmithing in 1987.  Together they created a line of wearable gold jewelry that would be sold in some of the finest galleries and jewelry stores in America. 

26 years later, the kids are grown and Lynda and Bill run a beautiful American made fine art and craft gallery in Center Lovell.  The jewelry line has expanded to include sterling silver as seen on Carley, their daughter.   Lynda has been busy stringing tourmaline and other gemstone beads and pearls into lovely.



  They specialize in recycling old gold into new pieces that can be worn and enjoyed for generations to come.   You can bring your old gold to the Gallery and recycle it into something that you can wear everyday.  Remembering the person who maybe worn it as a wedding band or earrings before you and thinking about who may wear it in the future.  


Stop by and see their fine jewelry at the Harvest Gold Gallery on Route 5 in Center Lovell, open daily.  207-925-6502 and always on the web www.harvestgoldgallery.com


Ros Farbush is Now Showing at Harvest Gold

Original publish date: Aug. 13th, 2011

Harvest Gold Gallery is pleased to present a collection of paintings by Boston artist Ros Farbush.


Harvest Gold Gallery is very excited to present a collection of original acrylic cityscapes by Boston artist Ros Farbush now showing through Columbus Day.  Farbush captures the light of everyday scenes with bright exciting colors in an impressionistic style. Her work is lively and fun.


She says, ”Artists see things a lot differently. Because of the creativity in us we see a lot of colors that other people don’t see. I’ve been an artist all my life and I’ve never lost my focus. I like to capture the essence of the moment, a certain color or the energy of a landscape; I want to record the drama of life through my art.”


Ros is a graduate of The School of the Museum of fine Arts in Boston where she also taught drawing and painting for over 30 years. She has inspired many New England artists teaching at the South Shore Art Association, The Duxbury Art Association and The Cape Cod Art association. Ros is a member of the prestigious Copley Society of Art, the oldest art association in America where she holds the title of master painter. The recipient of numerous local and national awards, Ros has held dozens of solo shows and juried group exhibitions during her distinguished career. Recent awards include the Dorothy Palmer Painting Award  (2009) from the South Shore Art Association as well as the Calendar Cove award and the Katherine M Wolff memorial award for floral composition (2010) from the North River Arts Association.

Plein Air Painter, Diane Scott

Original publish date: Aug. 8th, 2011


Harvest Gold Gallery presents Diane Scott, plein air painter from Chatham New Hampshire.

Plein air oil painter, Diane Scott captures the light of the moment in an everyday scene and makes the canvas come alive.  



  She paints landscapes, urban scenes and seascapes. 


  She is not a photo realist.  Most would describe her work as impressionistic.  At their best, her paintings reflect her excitement in the field through expressive brushwork and heightened color. It’s wonderful to see how the corner of Rt. 16 and Rt. 302 in North Conway becomes magical through Diane’s painting.


  “I try to get a good solid base in the field then I let myself paint a painting.  I have some fun with it.  I like to think of it as having a conversation with the painting, letting it take on a life of it’s own.”


At Herts College of Art and Design in St. Albans, Herts, England is where Diane received her BFA.  She moved from Canada to New England to become a full time painter in 1996.  She lived with her husband for many years in Boston. 


 Eventually they bought a cottage in Chatham.  Now they feel fortunate to call the cottage their full time home.


Scott’s subject matter changes depending on what strikes her as beautiful that day.  Sometimes it will be a grand overlook of Cathedral Ledge or a farmyard with lots of machinery. From cluttered back alleys and scenes of daily life, she can bring things together to create a pleasing pattern on the canvas and capture the essence of Western Maine and Carroll County.

Currently on show at Harvest Gold Gallery there are several local scenes.  One of our favorites is from right here in Lovell, "Still Working" is a portrait of Chandler’s Garage on Rt. 5. 

She loves to paint tractors.  “Little Boy, Big Dreams” has a small child gazing at a huge tractor at the Fryeburg Fair.  

Beauty is all around through Diane’s work.  Come and see for yourself.  Harvest Gold Gallery is open daily, on Rt. 5 in Center Lovell. 207-925-6502 and on the web at www.harvestgoldgallery.com 


Andy Curran to Show New Cards and Paintings at Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Aug. 7th, 2011

Andy Curran’s new paintings and cards now showing at Harvest Gold Gallery through Columbus Day.


Andy Curran’s emotional connections with the natural environment throughout New England are captured in his acrylic paintings.  Born and raised in Westbrook Maine he knows Maine and may even be considered a local by some.  He received his bachelors of fine arts degree from University of Southern Maine and currently spends his time creating new pieces in his studio on family land in Westbrook.

As a hiker and explorer Andy imprisons his experiences in nature in his mind until he can express them on canvas.  His impeccable memory of seascapes, mountains and meadows guide his paintings.  When back in the studio he evokes the feelings of his travels and creates moving renditions of nature.

Many of his paintings have been put on 100% recycled greeting cards.  Each card is accompanied by a poem expressly written by Andy to reflect his feelings and impressions about the painting.  His cards are a perfect souvenir of Maine to take on your travels.

Curran’s paintings and cards can be seen at Harvest Gold Gallery on Route 5 in Center Lovell.  The gallery is the proud recipient of “Best Gallery with a View” this year in Best of New England by Yankee Magazine.  Open daily the gallery can be reached at 207-925-6502 and on the web www.harvestgoldgalley.com.

Loon Chick in Middle Bay!

Original publish date: Jul. 16th, 2011


Who knew that the baby loon really does ride on the back of its mother?  I found out the other day, two weeks ago when I met these two in our backyard at Kezar Lake in Center Lovell, Maine. I've had a great time watching them this summer and thought you might like to see these beautiful birds!

Here the daddy loon showed up with dinner!  The two have been fishing and feeding all day everyday now.

He is very protective of his family.  See how he is steering them away from the motor boat. 

I was happy to see he was still alive after the weekend that I just had to take another photo!
Mom and chick doing well.
Pops once again watching out for them.
Dusk at Kezar Lake.
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Eland Brothers Artwork Now Showing At Harvest Gold

Original publish date: Jul. 21st, 2011



Eland brothers, Ric and Bill are showing their individual and collaborative sculptures at Harvest Gold Gallery now through Columbus Day.  The two are artistically gifted each with their own style and particular mediums.   From different careers in life the two have come together in art.


Ric, currently residing in Brownfield, began carving wood 25 years ago. He has become a master of carving wood into imperative wildlife art sculpture.   Through the beauty of natural wood grains he compliments the essence of the subject matter.  The gallery is showing a three special aquatic pieces including a Hammer Head Shark, Sea Turtle, and 3 Tropical fish.   Ric has a very personal understanding of the value of life for all living creatures.  As an artist he feels strongly that his work should reflect the need of mankind to interact with the natural environment and help preserve wild life in all forms.  He is a member of the National Wildlife Federation and the Audubon Society. 


Bill Eland worked in creating stainless steel parts for airplanes as his first career.  He now lives in Harrison Maine and has turned his skills into more artistic creations.  He is exhibiting a collection of “Calder like” mobiles in stainless steel at Harvest Gold Gallery.  His humor shows in the title 1951 a stainless steel mobile inspired by discovery of boomerang flight.  It reminds us of StarTrek!  It’s easy to see the influence of the aeronautics world.


  Together the two brothers have combined their talents and created two unique representational pieces in stainless steel.  One, a supersized dragonfly sits perched on a thin leaf atop a granite block, standing over 3 feet tall.  The second, a bonsi tree with over 300 leaves grows out of granite stone with the roots hugging it for support.  The stone had to be dried for over 2 years so no moisture would disrupt the welding process.  


Amazing creations by Maine artists at the Harvest Gold Gallery can be enjoyed in air-conditioned comfort daily.  Located on Route 5 in Center Lovell the gallery lives up to the award from Yankee Magazines Best Gallery with a view, In and out!  207-925-6505 www.harvestgoldgallery.com.  

Surprise Summer Sale!

Original publish date: Jul. 12, 2011





 We thought a little surprise sale would be a fun treat for this lovely Tuesday!
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You're Invited....

Original publish date: Jun. 29th, 2011


... To Our 9th Annual Artist Reception and Open House at Harvest Gold Gallery on July 8th from 3-6pm.



 RSVP to this event on Facebook

         The new art has arrived and it’s up and ready for summer!  This year, Harvest Gold Gallery is showing the largest collection of original fine art and crafts yet. There are many new works by our favorite artists and new artists have been added to the gallery as well.  It was a great winter for creating!

         Varvara Harmon, of Windham, is showing several of her new works including her amazing “Roses on Silk” original oil painting that has won many international awards.  It is done in the style of the old masters and so real you can feel the softness of the silk and almost smell the roses.  She has some new landscapes of special places like Kezar Lake and even one that combines the four seasons in one forest scene.

         Our local Lovell artist, Tom Merriam, known for his huge murals on the red barn of the Raymond and Casco Historical Society, has been busy with extra large paintings and his extra small, miniature paintings. Don’t be surprised to see some light-hearted bear carvings sprinkled around the gallery. Carving has always been a special passion for Tom. His new children’s books are now out. He has two so far.  Fun Stories and delightful illustrations, combined with the high quality cards that he has developed, make his work available to all. We are fortunate to have such talented people here in our community.

         One of the new artists this year is a young glass artist from Maine, Konrad Hunter.  He twists the light when it streams through his liquid like forms that hang in the window.  Lacey Pots has new peace bowls and chickadee plates in bright fun colors.  Sally Bags you know has lots of new fun styles for summer.  Their laptop bag combines with mix and match cosmetic bags to make a great set.  Bruce May had a great winter of woodturning.  Now with more people wanting to eat from natural wood bowls, he has delivered a beautiful cherry salad bowl and several personal sized bowls.  Wooden sandwich boards by a family business from Blue Hill finish the table.

         Come a see why Harvest Gold Gallery won Yankee Magazine’s Best Gallery with a view.  Have a glass of wine and meet the artists July 8th 3-6pm. Bathe yourself in the beautiful, amazing pieces created by your neighbors. Open daily and always on the web at harvestgoldgallery.com