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Stories of a Country Jeweler: Custom Morganite Ring

A woman brought in a beautiful morganite gem to Lynda wanting to make her inherited stone something she could wear forever. Her father had bought the jewel for her Grandmother overseas. Always admiring its sparkle, she was thrilled when she inherited it. Setting out for Harvest Gold Gallery, she brought it into Lynda and Bill to brainstorm a perfect way to wear this stone for her grandmother and make it unique in her own way. They came up with a beautiful morganite rose gold ring! One of the employees favorite custom rings!  The woman was so happy when she came in and saw her new ring, it was definitely a moment to remember here at Harvest Gold. Keep in mind, if you ever have any old gems, gold or silver bring it into Harvest Gold. Bill and Lynda will work with you to make sure you have  the custom piece of your dreams!

Stories of a Country Jeweler: Grandma's Stories, Remembered Always

A young man came into the Gallery the other month, with some family rings in one hand and his sweetheart holding on to the other. His family was from Maine, but he had moved away seeking work and new opportunities. He and his fiance were always fond of and nostalgic for their childhoods here in New England, and so decided to return here to create their wedding rings. These rings would forevermore, no matter where across the world they travelled, remind them of their homes and families in the trees and mountains.

The couple brought in a few old family rings, that they wanted to reuse to create their own bands. While we sat and chatted about size, design, and the like, the man cheerfully recounted to me the stories of each ring that he had brought.

“This one,” pointing to the first, “was my great-grandmother’s. And this, my great aunt’s.” He smiled and seemed nostalgic as he turned the rings in his hands. The girl grinned too, happy that the man could relive the memories of his youth when looking at his beloved family heirlooms.

“This one though, this one is extra-special. This ring belonged to my grandmother, and she and her beau bought it in Switzerland on a whim when they went on vacation. Isn’t it stunning?”  And the ring was gorgeous. Comprised of eight sapphires and ten diamonds, the ring was a beauty, forged in the old style.

The couple wanted to reuse these rings to create new, modern rings that would suit them and their style and lifestyle, all while holding close a keepsake that contained joyous memories. And my oh my, did they turn out to be stunners!

Out of the family rings we were able to reuse the gold to create new bands for the couple, and out of the collection of old stones we were able to create three stunning rings. For the woman, two yellow gold bands with five diamonds each. And for the fellow, one bulkier yellow gold band set with the stunning cabochon sapphires.

When they returned to the shop, this time with the young man’s mother as well, we couldn’t help but feel excited and a little bit nervous about whether or not they would like the new rings. Their reaction was so much better than expected! Smiles all around, and even some tears from mom, and we knew that we had done well.

These rings that are so dear to such a young couple, and symbolize their eternal love and commitment for each other, are made even more special knowing the history behind the gold and stones. Cradled in the gold and comfortingly circling their fingers are memories both old and new, that will be passed down from generation to generation: as are the stories of how the rings came to be.

Grandma’s diamonds reimagined: beloved stories remembered.


Summer Love is in the Air!

Summer Love Is in the Air at Harvest Gold Gallery! 

     Harvest Gold is excited to share that over the past week, Lynda and Bill celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary! And, like any doting parent, we are over the moon to announce that both of the Harvest Gold kids, Carley and Morgan, have become engaged! Carley met her fiancée Jake in Europe, while both were on study abroad programs at Stetson University. They fell in love while riding the trains, and sharing music together!  Carley and Jake have spent they last few months working as freelance photographers and journalists. They have travelled all over the world together, from L.A to Switzerland to Southeast Asia, and are returning home to Lovell this summer. Morgan met Alison while working here in Maine: at the Saco River, to be exact! Over the years they have moved back and forth between Maine and California (Lake Tahoe), and have built a happy life together, with a much-loved dog named Scout. While neither of the happy couples has yet to set a date, we know they will be over the moon to be together no matter what the future may bring. 

From left to right: Lynda and Bill, Morgan and Alison, Jake and Carley

Lynda built both Carley’s and Alison’s engagement rings, working with their beaus to produce custom rings from heirloom gemstones and gold. We would love to work with you in a similar process to create custom jewelry to help you build your perfect wedding!

What is the process of building a custom ring?

    If you have never customized jewelry before, the process can seem daunting. With so many options as to gemstones, metals, shapes, sizes, and price, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. However, we are here to make the process joyful and stress-free for you! Sit down with Lynda either in shop or through a video call, and we can talk you through the entire process. From initial remarks about your desired look, we will answer all your questions and guide you through the process of building your ring so that it is beautiful and long lasting, all while sticking to your budget.

We can recycle your old family jewelry into something new and beautiful, just for you!

Here are some of our suggestions for a beautiful wedding, no matter the time of year!

     Personalized weddings bands made from heirloom or recycled gold, or with local stones to represent the deep, earthly bond between you and your loved one. From rings that surround your finger in a band of never-ending mountains, to braided rings that symbolize your deep ties and connections to your other, the perfect ring for you can be found here at Harvest Gold! 

    Light and airy bridal jewelry, such as these stunning intertwined 14k gold White Mountain bracelets, to compliment the bride’s smile and to reflect the joy of the occasion. These bracelets can be easily dressed up or down to suit any style of celebration!

    Or perhaps a set of two wave bracelets, that when worn together, make calming curves of infinity around your wrist? Representing your never ending love and devotion, these cuffs will become a family heirloom that you can pass down and love for decades to come. 

     A hand hammered 14k gold linked necklace for the mother of the bride! On this special day, mom deserves to be recognized for her undying love and support of the happy couple. 

     These sterling silver charm necklaces make the perfect gifts for bridesmaids! We love the two pine trees on this charm representing the soon-to-be-married couple. This pendant will be a sweet and everlasting reminder of this wonderful occasion!

 "Ming's Summer Bouquet," by Jean Swan Gordon

    And come to us for all your wedding gift needs! From beautiful handblown glass, paintings of every medium, to rustic wooden sculpture, the perfect heartfelt gift can be found within our walls or gardens. 


 Whatever your wedding style, we hope that we at Harvest Gold can help you make your wedding sparkle just a little bit more!

                                                                             —Lynda and Bill



Some Favorite New Custom Pieces

Original publish date: Jan. 6th, 2012

This was a great season for custom pieces.  These Tree of Life rings are made in white gold with the sapphire gems from the girls' Great-grandmother's ring which was broken beyond repair, made by their mother for Christmas.  Such a cool way to remember our ancestors. 

These sapphire earrings were custom designed for comfortable everyday wear that looks amazing. 

This heavy sterling silver Tree of Life dog tag style pendant with heavy cable chain was perfect for the young man turning 18 on his high school graduation day.  Congrats Chase :) 
The crinkle cuff has been Bill's new idea.  So far he has been very successful with this new narrow version in yellow gold with the matching earrings.



And of course there has to be one picture of Kezar Lake in Center Lovell Maine overlooking the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  So pretty.
New Custom Jewelry at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Original publish date: Oct. 27th, 2011


 I know most of you want to see the view so here it is.  The top of Eastman Hill, in Center Lovell Maine overlooking Kezar Lake and the White mountains.  Now, here are some recent custom pieces we've made.

This Sterling silver charm bracelet was made to order.  She picked from over 20 different designs of hand cut images to make her bracelet special.

This woman wanted a ring she could wear and wear every where!  She was so happy :)


 This one was so much fun I had to post 2 pictures.  She found the Maine tourmaline in Bethel Maine herself and we made the setting in sterling silver.

The light house design comes from a wonderful story of love and romance.  A couple came to visit the Harvest Gold "factory"v after having collected our jewelry for over 25 years of their marriage.  She always loved light houses we were happy to make a new design.


Friends from my youth with special days to celebrate.

 A wonderful fun piece made of Maine tourmaline and 14k yellow gold for one of our favorite people.

Of course, there has to be a wedding band.  So pretty with a diamond for every child.

This ring is a recycling of a beautiful blue topaz reset into sterling silver with a 14k rose gold accent.


And one last shot of the view atop Eastman Hill.  Thanks for all the fun custom opportunities. 
Take Me Out to the Ball Game.... and Say I Do!

Original publish date: May 25th, 2011

This past week one of our customers took his girlfriend to a Red Sox's game at Fenway park and proposed to her on the big screen! He gave her a custom made Harvest Gold Jewelry ring and she said yes! Baseball, weddings, and engagements really spell out summer to us, so why not combine them!?



And here is the ring!! It looks lovely on her beautiful hand, and the back drop isn't too bad either! Congratulations!!
For Your Valentine!

Original publish date: Jan. 12th, 2011

We have a lot of festive jewelry in our Etsy shop perfect for your Valentine!
And as always we LOVE making custom pieces! Feel free to contact us to start a dialogue about a one of a kind piece for your sweet heart.
A Custom Engagement Ring: Made from Heirloom Jewelry!

Original publish date: Sep. 7th, 2010

We LOVE making custom jewelry, it gives us an opportunity to work closely with our customers to help translate their love and their story into an heirloom they will cherish!
Here is the story of Bethany and Wade's engagement ring (pictured above). Bethany and Wade are engaged and they came to us with the hope of repurposing a few pieces of family jewelry into one ring.  Bethany is a big fan of etsy and sells her own work on the site. Thus it was only natural for her to search for a ring on Etsy. And through her search Bethany found us!
Bethany wanted a non-traditional ring that would be both comfortable to wear on a daily basis and yet would be classic, lasting a life time.   Bethany also wanted one ring with the look of two bands. In addition, she wanted different textures, various widths, and a combination of different golds- all wrapped into one beautiful ring.  To start, Bethany had her father's yellow gold wedding band which was very sentimental, especially because of its engraving. In addition, Bethany also had a sapphire from her mother that both her mother and grandmother had worn in its original setting, a high traditional tiffany mounting. As with most family jewelry, over the years the stone had received a few "love taps" and therefore the stone's chips needed to be concealed. 
Keeping all these factors in mind, we began brainstorming. We worked all these ideas and materials into one ring with 2 textures, two colors of gold, two widths, engraved with the parents sentiment and a bezel setting for the sapphire to hide the "love" taps!  Bethany now has a ring that incorporates something from her father, her mother and grandmother- what a great foundation to have as one begins their own marriage, to be so blessed. Now Bethany can wear this custom ring for a life time and pass it on to the next generation. 


Bethany sent us these fantastic photos! Here is Bethany modeling her ring.
Above: the preservation of the engraving from her Father's wedding band.
Bethany was a treat to work with and we are so thrilled she is so happy with her ring!
Bethany left us fabulous feedback on our Etsy Shop:
I can't express how much I enjoyed working with Lynda to design our engagement ring. I originally found her through etsy, because I was looking for a jewelry designer who would recycle my parents old wedding/engagement rings. Not only did she spend endless time helping us design the ring, she gave us ideas we wouldn't have thought of--such as saving the inscription on my Dad's ring. The ring came out just as I imagined. And it fits perfectly!! I highly recommend contacting Lynda if you have an interesting idea or you want to recycle/reuse an older piece of jewelry. We were able to create our entire ring from these family pieces. Though my Dad won't be able to attend my wedding--I now have something that will represent him. Thanks again Lynda--for giving these materials a new life.
Graduation Rings

Original publish date: Mar 31st, 2010

Hey everyone! The two kids just graduated college and Bill and I thought it would be a great idea to make them Harvest Gold Jewelry custom class rings. Check them out!

We engraved the inside with their school name, their name and the year.


Congratulations to Morgan and Aurora! They both graduated from Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe. Morgan received his degree in Environmental Science and Ecology. Aurora, his girlfriend, received her degree in Fine Arts. 

And a big congratulations to my daughter, Carley. Check out her ring.
Carley received her degree in Communication Studies from Stetson University in Deland, FL. 

Bill and I couldn't be more proud. What a great start to our busy summer!
The Happy Couple: A Custom 5-Diamond Engagement Ring!

Original publish date: May 2nd, 2010

We had the pleasure of making a lovely diamond engagement ring for a friend of ours! The to-be-groom was so sweet and wanted the ring and the entire proposal to be a surprise. He told us he wanted a 5 diamond ring and mentioned the style of the cut. We found the diamonds and I went to work setting them in white gold. Constructing the setting was a welcome challenge and with Bill's architectural thought process and my artistic approach we came up with the perfect descending arrangement. Once completed then came the biggest challenge- keeping it all a secret!! Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long since he proposed this weekend!
Then on Sunday the couple stopped by to share the happy news and to show us the ring on the bride-to-be's finger!

This is our favorite part of being jewelers: seeing the happy faces and making something that represents a couple's love and commitment to each other. Congratulations to our friends!

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