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Carol Novotne Now Showing At Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Sept. 6th, 2011

Carol Novotne was the inspiration for us to carry fine art at the gallery.  Visiting her long time friend who summered here in Lovell with her friend Cricket who lived next door.  What a story.  Carol saw the gallery and had to come in.

She and Bill started talking and looking around. "Look at these beautiful walls.  They need some paintings!"

The following spring Carol shipped seven original oil paintings to the gallery.  Beautiful expressionistic local landscapes bursting with color arrived.  One of Kezar Lake from atop Hatch Hill was sold in the first week!

That was 2002.  Now 9 years later the collection has grown.  Carol has won numerous more artistic achievements including Western Woman Artist of the Year. 

Carol make regular trips to New England to collect ideas for future paintings and enjoy what we all love about Lovell and her other favorite Maine stops like Bar Harbor and Portland.



She lives in Helena, Montana with her husband Roger.  We feel fortunate to have Carol's award winning paintings here in beautiful downtown Center Lovell.


Fall on the Saco River in Fryeburg
  • Harvest Gold Gallery
  • 2011Carol Novotne

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