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  • Hurricane Irene Hits Harvest Gold!
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Hurricane Irene Hits Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: Sept. 2nd, 2011


This was the scene shortly after noon on Sunday.  We had lost power about 1/2 an hour earlier when there was a huge sound.  Bill and I rushed to see.  The wires were across route 5 and dangling from the Gallery! Our local favorite Tripp Turner was first to try and cross followed by Freddie Wilson. 

The wind was still howling!  The power crew didn't make them wait very long.  Within 20 minutes they were there to make the situation safe.


Everything looks better with some sunshine on it!  It was still very dangerous as the broken pole was very hard to see in the trees and the pole ahead looked ominous.

We were greeted by  variety of crews to repair the damage.  They were mostly from New Brunswick Canada and very pleasant, we were very happy anytime they stopped by!
Our neighbors will be very happy too!
By the third day we were very appreciative of all the wonderful people that came together to make the storm so much better than it could have been.  A big Thank You to the Lovell Fire Department for the yummy dinners. 
We were sitting in the lake on the dock!!
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    Harvest Gold Gallery
  • 2011Life Updates

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