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Museum-Quality Hot Glass Artists are Now Showing at Harvest Gold

Original publish date: Jan. 12th, 2012

 Stephen Lundberg was one of the first hot glass artists we began to collect.  This was years before we ever thought we'd have a Gallery.  Of course, his work looks lovely in the natural light with so many layers of color and clear the vase becomes truly 3-dimensional.

 Charles Lotton.  Yes, that's right the Charles Lotton was one of our first hot glass artists.  We had such good taste!  His work paved the way for the American hot glass artists of today.  Shattering the myth that the Europeans were the best glass artists.  Now we carry the next generation in Charles' family.  Several of his family members have become involved in the business: Scott Bayless perfume bottles are beautiful, and Jim Heer has the perfect Calla lily vase and perfume bottle.



 Orient and Flume's artists use amazing detail in their work.  Each is signed and numbered, highly collectable.  This company is based out of Southern California and has been producing fine quality work for over 20 years.



Watch for more on our Hot Glass Masters.  We have only just begun!


Peach of a Day in Center Lovell!

Original publish date: Nov. 8th, 2011


What a peach of a day it was in lovely Lovell.  The temps were up in the 60's and the sun was shining.  We took the opportunity to take a few photos of some of our favorite glass pieces.  With everything American made we feel fortunate to have some museum quality pieces up here in downtown Center Lovell.
Orient and Flume is one of the best in America.  They have been blowing beautiful quality pieces for over 20 years in California.


The paper weight collection of Orient and Flume is a great addition to any space.

 We have to put a pair of earrings in because we make jewelry here and there is always a new item!  Today we made a cool pair of Dangle Dot earrings in sterling silver.  So fun when they move and catch the light. 

The acorn vase is one of Orient and Flume's signature pieces.  The layers of colors and detail of the design is in harmony with the formal form of the vase. Truly a collectable.
Exquisitely American made, available right here in beautiful downtown Center Lovell, Maine.