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Stories of a Country Jeweler: Custom Morganite Ring

A woman brought in a beautiful morganite gem to Lynda wanting to make her inherited stone something she could wear forever. Her father had bought the jewel for her Grandmother overseas. Always admiring its sparkle, she was thrilled when she inherited it. Setting out for Harvest Gold Gallery, she brought it into Lynda and Bill to brainstorm a perfect way to wear this stone for her grandmother and make it unique in her own way. They came up with a beautiful morganite rose gold ring! One of the employees favorite custom rings!  The woman was so happy when she came in and saw her new ring, it was definitely a moment to remember here at Harvest Gold. Keep in mind, if you ever have any old gems, gold or silver bring it into Harvest Gold. Bill and Lynda will work with you to make sure you have  the custom piece of your dreams!