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  • A Custom Engagement Ring: Made from Heirloom Jewelry!
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A Custom Engagement Ring: Made from Heirloom Jewelry!

Original publish date: Sep. 7th, 2010

We LOVE making custom jewelry, it gives us an opportunity to work closely with our customers to help translate their love and their story into an heirloom they will cherish!
Here is the story of Bethany and Wade's engagement ring (pictured above). Bethany and Wade are engaged and they came to us with the hope of repurposing a few pieces of family jewelry into one ring.  Bethany is a big fan of etsy and sells her own work on the site. Thus it was only natural for her to search for a ring on Etsy. And through her search Bethany found us!
Bethany wanted a non-traditional ring that would be both comfortable to wear on a daily basis and yet would be classic, lasting a life time.   Bethany also wanted one ring with the look of two bands. In addition, she wanted different textures, various widths, and a combination of different golds- all wrapped into one beautiful ring.  To start, Bethany had her father's yellow gold wedding band which was very sentimental, especially because of its engraving. In addition, Bethany also had a sapphire from her mother that both her mother and grandmother had worn in its original setting, a high traditional tiffany mounting. As with most family jewelry, over the years the stone had received a few "love taps" and therefore the stone's chips needed to be concealed. 
Keeping all these factors in mind, we began brainstorming. We worked all these ideas and materials into one ring with 2 textures, two colors of gold, two widths, engraved with the parents sentiment and a bezel setting for the sapphire to hide the "love" taps!  Bethany now has a ring that incorporates something from her father, her mother and grandmother- what a great foundation to have as one begins their own marriage, to be so blessed. Now Bethany can wear this custom ring for a life time and pass it on to the next generation. 


Bethany sent us these fantastic photos! Here is Bethany modeling her ring.
Above: the preservation of the engraving from her Father's wedding band.
Bethany was a treat to work with and we are so thrilled she is so happy with her ring!
Bethany left us fabulous feedback on our Etsy Shop:
I can't express how much I enjoyed working with Lynda to design our engagement ring. I originally found her through etsy, because I was looking for a jewelry designer who would recycle my parents old wedding/engagement rings. Not only did she spend endless time helping us design the ring, she gave us ideas we wouldn't have thought of--such as saving the inscription on my Dad's ring. The ring came out just as I imagined. And it fits perfectly!! I highly recommend contacting Lynda if you have an interesting idea or you want to recycle/reuse an older piece of jewelry. We were able to create our entire ring from these family pieces. Though my Dad won't be able to attend my wedding--I now have something that will represent him. Thanks again Lynda--for giving these materials a new life.
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