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Kate's Harvest Gold Finds

As a new employee to Harvest Gold Gallery I have found it especially fun to look at all the beautiful artwork throughout the store. Today I decided to share my favorite pieces with you!! 


Sandra Josephine Bell 

When I first saw this painting, I instantly was drawn to it. Every time I looked at it I saw new details that kept me inspired. Sandra is a local artist from right here in Lovell, Maine. She captures the beauty of the surrounding areas on her camera and then paints any aspect that she is drawn to. Nearly every painting I have seen has been so different that it shows her multi-technique paintings.  

Thomas Merriam

Thomas Merriam has more than 40 featured paintings throughout the gallery. This one painting in particular caught my eyes with the fish creating a circle with their bodies. As a child my grandmother used to tell me how the symbols of yin and yang would bring unity to the world of nature and material and how the world can only work if the two sides were equal. This painting brought back so many memories of how the world needs to keep a flow of life and prosperity to survive. 

This beautiful gold bracelet was handcrafted by the owners of Harvest Gold Jewelry, Bill and Lynda Rasco Rudd. I found the simplistic style absolutely breath taking. It is by far one of my favorite gold bracelets shown in the gallery!!

Michael Alfano "Liquid Sunshine"

From the first day that I walked into the gallery I couldn't help but stare at this new piece by Michael Alfano. When I first looked at it I saw a woman crying the tears of yellow and I wondered why its face was so sad but the name was Liquid Sunshine. I have since changed my perception and believe that the face is not sad or stoic but instead taking a moment to close its eyes and allow the sun to overcome its face.  


It has been my favorite part of the day to come and see the beautiful artwork displayed at Harvest Gold Gallery!! 

Nel Bernard's Stained Glass

Harvest Gold Gallery welcomes a new artist, Nel Bernard. He makes beautiful stained glass pieces. Here is a small description of him and his work:

Nel was first exposed to stained glass as a craft at Lewiston’s Craftschool in 1974 as a student of Thom Labrie, and later with Michel Ellen Luisi, until assuming the position of instructor at Craftschool in 1978 through 1980. In that same year, he opened his first studio, Magnum Opus Studio Gallery at the head of Lisbon Street, Lewiston in partnership with renovators and photographers. The valuable experience gained at Magnum Opus enabled Mr. Bernard to open and operate Maine Art Glass Studio in Lewiston continuously from 1982 through March 2010. Through the years, Nel continued to learn new techniques and styles by associating with hundreds of local artists, reading, studying and experimenting and attending workshops at the Corning Studios in New York, the Portland School of Art and college courses through the University of Maine.

Nel Bernard continues to experiment and innovate to learn and share new techniques and approaches with his associates and students. A risk taker and a cancer survivor, Nel challenges himself and others to push the envelope and try new ways of expressing one’s self through art. His greatest ambition is to help create and participate in an active and healthy art and social community, in touch with the ideas of the new creative economy.

Here is his work at the gallery! 


Come see his work at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Varvara Harmon Featured at Harvest Gold!!

Varvara Harmon is featured in Harvest Gold Gallery as a multi-media artist who specializes in still life paintings. She was born and raised in Volzshk, a "small Russian city" of 100,000 people that is located in the central European portion of Russia. As a young student she studied at Volzshk Art School, graduating with a degree in art studies. 

Varvara immigrated to the United States in 2001 and moved to Windham, Maine. As shown in multiple pieces she uses the Maine landscapes, inland waters, coast, and people to inspire her work. While the majority of these works are done with acrylic, she also creates with oils, watercolors, and pencil.

Varvara has the ability of capturing the light and nature of beautiful New England in nearly all of her latest works. Harvest Gold Gallery is happy to carry such a phenomenal artist. To see more of her work, visit her page on our website or stop by the Gallery!