Varvara Harmon

Varvara Harmon was born and raised in Volzshk, a "small Russian city" of 100,000 people that is located in the central European portion of Russia. She began painting in her childhood and was a student at the Volzshk Art School, where she graduated with a Diploma in Art Studies.

Varvara immigrated to the United States in 2001 and moved to Windham, Maine. New England, especially Maine, is a place whose lands, inland waters, coast and people have inspired many of her recent paintings. While the majority of these works are done with acrylic, she also creates with oils, watercolors and pencil.

2002 was Varvara's first summer as an exhibiting artist in America. She presented her work at nine art shows from Bethel, Maine to Sudbury, Massachusetts and won a judge's award at the Fryeburg, Maine Art Festival. During the 2003 season, Varvara's works were present at ten events in Maine, and she took the "Best in Show" award at the Winthrop, Maine Sidewalk Art Show.