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Varvara Harmon Featured at Harvest Gold!!

Varvara Harmon is featured in Harvest Gold Gallery as a multi-media artist who specializes in still life paintings. She was born and raised in Volzshk, a "small Russian city" of 100,000 people that is located in the central European portion of Russia. As a young student she studied at Volzshk Art School, graduating with a degree in art studies. 

Varvara immigrated to the United States in 2001 and moved to Windham, Maine. As shown in multiple pieces she uses the Maine landscapes, inland waters, coast, and people to inspire her work. While the majority of these works are done with acrylic, she also creates with oils, watercolors, and pencil.

Varvara has the ability of capturing the light and nature of beautiful New England in nearly all of her latest works. Harvest Gold Gallery is happy to carry such a phenomenal artist. To see more of her work, visit her page on our website or stop by the Gallery!