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New Joseph Gray Stone Sculptures in the Garden!

We have recently started carrying Joesph Gray sculpture, he has brought in to beautiful rock pieces to the gallery. 

His specialties include large outdoor sculpture, abstract and realism, stone fountains, garden sculpture, interior artwork, memorials for loved-ones and beautiful hand-carved keystones. His work often reflects his love for the natural world including animals and wildlife, as well as his passion and connection to Native American art and sculpture. He is equally comfortable working with a client’s existing ideas or designs, or helping to create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece to be passed down to generations. His passion for sculpture is evident in his attention-to-detail and deep-rooted belief that sculpture can evolve into a form that often unexpectedly “tells its own story” when completed. His work has been featured and referenced in numerous interior design books and magazines, as well as other local and national publications.

You can find his new sculptures on our website here:


or at our store location Harvest Gold Gallery!

 Check out our Youtube video interviewing Joe and getting the inside scoop on his new pieces.



All About Gemstones: Heliodor

From the Greek meaning “gift from the sun,” the Heliodor is a gorgeous honey yellow gemstone that embodies the light, warmth, and energy of the sunshine.

The Heliodor is in the Beryl family of minerals, along with Emeralds, Aquamarines, Morganites, and various colored beryls. Pure beryl is colorless, with the color variations in the family being caused by differing trace levels of metals in the earth when and where the crystal was formed. For instance, the honey gold color of Heliodor comes from an excessive amount of iron that replaces the aluminum found in most beryls.

With a hardness of 7.5-8, Heliodor is one of the most durable gemstones available. It is also one of the largest, with a sturdy hexagonal structure that can allow the beryl to grow to several meters in width.

While members of the beryl family can be found around the world, Heliodor in particular is found granite deposits in the warm climates of Brazil, Madagascar, and Namibia, as well as the cooler regions of the Ukraine, and New England. Some of the largest beryls have been found in New England, with an 18 ton stone mined in the Bumpus Quarry in Maine. 

Fun fact! Did you know that when the first eyeglasses were made in Italy in the 13th century, the lenses were made from slices of beryl because glass at the time could not be made clear enough to see through well?

Heliodor will radiate the light and life of the sunshine into your life. It will illuminate your mind so you become centered, and it will fill you with sunny warmth and loving energies so that you will shine bright. Heliodor will also help you become more physically active and energized, and to maintain a reserve of energy even on your hardest days.


Heliodor also will help impart unto you a sunnier outlook and will boost self-esteem with a can-do attitude. With this new attitude will come trust in oneself, and belief in your strengths and capabilities. Stop by Harvest Gold to check out our fantastic brand-new heliodor ring handmade by Lynda!


Lovell Old Home Days 2018

A big weekend is coming up for Lovell: Lovell Old Home Days! This weekend of fun and festivities is an annual tradition for the town and is a time for year-rounders and summer folk alike to celebrate all things Lovell! Lovell Old Home Days is taking place this year from Friday, July 20th through Sunday, July 22.

Kicking off the weekend is Harvest Gold Gallery’s own event, our 17th Annual Artist Reception and Open House! Occurring Friday the 20th, from 3:00 to 6:00pm, Harvest Gold is proud to kick off the weekend with an evening of fine art and good friends! Join us as we celebrate local artists, and get together for fine art, good cheer, and delicious hors-d’oeuvres provided by Severance Lodge Club! The Gallery is also celebrating turning 21, so this event is doubling as a birthday party for us.

Happening Saturday is the town parade, beginning at 9:00am and winding down Main Street to the sports fields, and the 5k race which leads runners through some of the most beautiful areas in town. Cheer them on if you see them go by! And remember that several roads through town will be closed for several hours because of the parade and race, and so be sure to use the detours posted.

Also Saturday is the fun fair at the Lovell Rec. sports fields. Fun for the whole family, the fair is home to several booths for local attractions like the Charlotte Hobbs Memorial Library, live music, a tent with delicious lunch foods, and games and races for the kids!

Concluding the weekend on Sunday is the Lovell Historical Society’s Summer Fair! From 10:00 to 3:00 head on over to the Lovell Historical Society to see booths set up by many of your favorite local craftsmen and businesses. Beginning at 11:00 the LHS is hosting an auction of gifts and items unique to Lovell, including a beautifully handcrafted sterling silver cuff bracelet donated by Harvest Gold! The bracelet is a 1” Perfectly Puddled Wave cuff, and Bill will custom size it for the winner.

Have a great time at Lovell Old Home Days this year! Love from Lovell!

Stories of a Country Jeweler: Custom Morganite Ring

A woman brought in a beautiful morganite gem to Lynda wanting to make her inherited stone something she could wear forever. Her father had bought the jewel for her Grandmother overseas. Always admiring its sparkle, she was thrilled when she inherited it. Setting out for Harvest Gold Gallery, she brought it into Lynda and Bill to brainstorm a perfect way to wear this stone for her grandmother and make it unique in her own way. They came up with a beautiful morganite rose gold ring! One of the employees favorite custom rings!  The woman was so happy when she came in and saw her new ring, it was definitely a moment to remember here at Harvest Gold. Keep in mind, if you ever have any old gems, gold or silver bring it into Harvest Gold. Bill and Lynda will work with you to make sure you have  the custom piece of your dreams!

Summer Fun; Bethel Art Fair!

Come visit the Harvest Gold Gallery booth at the Bethel Art Fair, July 7th 2018 in downtown Bethel on the green. 

50+ artists and artisans come together on Bethel's town common to show their wares and celebrate a vibrant arts scene in Western Maine. Food, entertainment, gallery open houses, and fireworks round out the schedule

Harvest Gold will be showcasing many new things at the gallery such as; "Pen-Y-Bren Lavender Spray", "Zen Puzzles" of many different designs and many more.

Details are as follows;

Who? Presented By: Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce

When? July 7, 2018

Where? Bethel Town Common, 12 Broad Street, Bethel, ME 04217

What Time? 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

We hope to see you all there!

Zen Puzzle Foolishness

In the process of writing the spotlight on Zen Puzzles, two shifts of employees did the same silly thing. We thought it would be so cool to share a time lapse video of us putting together one of these magnificent puzzles!

On Saturday Ari and Ashannah pulled one out and begin to work! It was tough though, seemingly overly so. And so, they bundled that puzzle away and pulled out a different one, hoping the new image would refresh their minds and they could build it with ease. Twas not the case! After a while, Bill and Captain came over and began to help too. At one point, the kindly UPS man also took a moment to place a piece or two. After many hours, they did get the movie they were hoping for!

On Sunday, however, after being regaled with the story of how hard the other two found the puzzles, Lilly and Adriana had a go at the same puzzle thinking with hubris that they could built it in half the time. Twas not the case! Imagine Lynda's surprise when several hours later she came home to the shop only to find her shop girls puzzling again! After a good scolding, Lynda sat down and was able to finish the puzzle in record time. 

The moral of the story here is that these Zen Puzzles are wicked fun, and are surprisingly and delightfully difficult! Try one for yourself here at Harvest Gold. 


Watch Ashannah, Bill, and Captain put one together!  


Creator Spotlight: Zen Puzzles

We love puzzles here at Harvest Gold! Here's an excerpt to learn about our newest editions called "Zen Puzzles." 

"We handcraft our heirloom-quality, eco-friendly, wooden jigsaw puzzles one at a time from start to finish in the foothills of Western Massachusetts. With each new puzzle we create, we strive to give you the most memorable, unique, jigsaw puzzling experience possible along with an enjoyable opportunity to slow down amidst a fast-paced world. Enrich your life with the challenge and charm of our wonderful whimsical pieces, the beautiful imagery of our puzzles, and the devious trickery we design into most of our puzzles, such as false borders and false corners! Enjoy tranquil solitude or togetherness with family and friends as you discover the nuances of each new puzzle you choose for your collection! As both a profit and a mission driven company, we use eco-friendly materials, collaborate with non-profits, and donate a portion of our profits to social and ecological causes.

These puzzles differ from the usual puzzle: these puzzles include whimsical pieces (or “Whimsies” in England), are one of the major features that differentiate the premium, wooden jigsaw puzzle from the die-cut, cardboard puzzle. They were included in wooden puzzles cut in throughout the 20th century.  For instance, the clown fish is immune to the poison of the anemone in which it lives; so in determining the figural pieces for our Chocolate Clownfish Zen, we based our research for the figural pieces on that fact, and, after some rather specific and lengthy research, we decided the figural pieces for the puzzle would all be fish that were also immune to the poison of the anemone."  

And we are excited to conclude this blog post by announcing that Harvest Gold will be partnering with Zen Puzzles to make a unique Kezar Lake puzzle with whimsies pertinent to the local area! Stay tuned by checking in often with our blog and website to see the finished puzzle!

Artist Spotlight: David Smus

Lucky for us here at Harvest Gold, we had sculptor David Smus in the gallery this past weekend and got to chat with him about his technique!

Growing up in rural Maine, David's life-long love of art and the outdoors has merged with his expert knowledge of animal anatomy and life history. His fascination with preserving nature's beauty in an artistic format was fostered during his early years as a licensed taxidermist. Earning a degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Maine, he later surrendered to his heart and chose art as his true vocation. Beginning as a self-taught wood carver, he has long since worked with many well-known sculptors. Lost-wax bronze is now his primary medium of choice.

Creating limited editions and commissioned works, David has participated in prestigious juried shows such as the Salmagundi Club in NYC and the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC. His work was used to dedicate the Charles Hathaway Nicholson Park in Boston and has been on exhibit at the Wendell Gilley Museum in Southwest Harbor. He has lectured at the Portland Museum of Art and has won numerous 1st Place and Best of Show awards in competitions, including the Maine Outdoor Art Show.

David communicates with the viewer using exquisite form, composition and anatomy as a language that captures the bond between animal and man. Noted for evoking a sense that the spirit of the subject is residing in the medium, his bronzes have been collected by individuals and businesses far and wide. Raising funds with sculpture for a variety of causes, from charitable institutions to conservation organizations, is a rewarding aspect of being an artist for David. "It's a way to give back and come full-circle in my original commitment to help wildlife and the environment with my life."



Stories of a Country Jeweler: My Son Made That!

You never know who is going to come through the bright purple door of the gallery, and today we had someone special walk in!

Lynda and I were sitting at the front desk, stringing necklaces and chatting when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. We looked at each other in surprise, because usually from our vantage point at the desk we can see customers as they walk through the gardens up to the front door.

We stood up, and were just catching the lights when an older fellow burst through the front door.

“Hello! My goodness,” he said, “I just can’t believe this is happening.” With a big smile he started to twist his head side to side clearly searching for something.

“Aha! Oh gosh, right there! I want to see that vase right there!” A bit flustered, we headed over to the white gold case and pulled out the blue and green vase the man was so excited for.

“My apologies,” the man said, “I was so excited to see this that I completely forgot my manners! My name is Tony Egan, and my son made this vase nearly 20 years ago! Ya know, I am staying just down the road at Quisisana. This is my first year staying here, but I had cousins who came up every summer so this year I decided to join them. And look,” he pulled out one of our rack cards, “look! Imagine my surprise to see one of my son’s blown vases pinned up on the board at the resort! Can you believe it? I had no clue that he was showing any work anywhere up here!”

We love hearing this type of story at the gallery, it is always interesting to hear what our artists have been up to since we saw them last. Tony’s son, Michael Egan, is a glassblower out of Vermont. His work was some of the first to be shown here at the Gallery, and we had that particular vase Tony was now holding for at least 18 years! The vase is a favorite of the staff here at the Gallery, and is often on prominent display in one of the front rooms.

“I knew it was Michael’s,” Tony said, “I just knew it! I recognized the blues and greens of the rods, and of course the unique bubble shape! Heck,” Tony rubbed his neck sheepishly,  “I think even twenty years on we still have some scraps from this project lying around the workshop back home. Gosh, you can just never imagine where you work will end up!”

Tony Egan

Tony Egan, posing with his son Michael's handblown vase

And that is so true! We love hearing tales of where our jewelry and art goes with you: to new jobs, to new homes, to new families. So we encourage you to share your stories with us by emailing us at harvestgoldjewelry@gmail.com, or by chatting with us when you next stop in! Hope to see you soon!

Stories of a Country Jeweler: Grandma's Stories, Remembered Always

A young man came into the Gallery the other month, with some family rings in one hand and his sweetheart holding on to the other. His family was from Maine, but he had moved away seeking work and new opportunities. He and his fiance were always fond of and nostalgic for their childhoods here in New England, and so decided to return here to create their wedding rings. These rings would forevermore, no matter where across the world they travelled, remind them of their homes and families in the trees and mountains.

The couple brought in a few old family rings, that they wanted to reuse to create their own bands. While we sat and chatted about size, design, and the like, the man cheerfully recounted to me the stories of each ring that he had brought.

“This one,” pointing to the first, “was my great-grandmother’s. And this, my great aunt’s.” He smiled and seemed nostalgic as he turned the rings in his hands. The girl grinned too, happy that the man could relive the memories of his youth when looking at his beloved family heirlooms.

“This one though, this one is extra-special. This ring belonged to my grandmother, and she and her beau bought it in Switzerland on a whim when they went on vacation. Isn’t it stunning?”  And the ring was gorgeous. Comprised of eight sapphires and ten diamonds, the ring was a beauty, forged in the old style.

The couple wanted to reuse these rings to create new, modern rings that would suit them and their style and lifestyle, all while holding close a keepsake that contained joyous memories. And my oh my, did they turn out to be stunners!

Out of the family rings we were able to reuse the gold to create new bands for the couple, and out of the collection of old stones we were able to create three stunning rings. For the woman, two yellow gold bands with five diamonds each. And for the fellow, one bulkier yellow gold band set with the stunning cabochon sapphires.

When they returned to the shop, this time with the young man’s mother as well, we couldn’t help but feel excited and a little bit nervous about whether or not they would like the new rings. Their reaction was so much better than expected! Smiles all around, and even some tears from mom, and we knew that we had done well.

These rings that are so dear to such a young couple, and symbolize their eternal love and commitment for each other, are made even more special knowing the history behind the gold and stones. Cradled in the gold and comfortingly circling their fingers are memories both old and new, that will be passed down from generation to generation: as are the stories of how the rings came to be.

Grandma’s diamonds reimagined: beloved stories remembered.