Journal Page
Cleaning the Gallery is Tough Work!

With so much art in every corner of every room, dusting and vacuuming can be a large task here at the gallery. We try to keep on top of it, and pride ourselves on keeping a spotless showroom. Captain of course is a large contributor to the dust and fur that needs to be cleaned up. So sometimes, we find it is best to go right to the source of all this fur and clean him right up!  


Full Steam Ahead Towards Summer!

            Summer setup is in full swing here at the gallery! With the lilacs opening out on the front lawn, and the artists bringing in tons of gorgeous new work every day, the gallery’s summertime makeover has begun! Look forward to new work from many of your favorite artists like Bill Janelle, Sandy Crowell, Carol Novotne, Joelle Goff, Ernest Porcelli, and so many more! Plus, we are excited to share with you the work of several artists new to the gallery, including Massachusetts-based weavers Loomination, leather workers Rogue Nation, lamp maker Woodsilks Studio, and card maker Just Bee and Me!

            Bill and Lynda have been busy all winter in the workshop too, so look forward to seeing beautiful new designs in the jewelry cases this summer. From stunning pearl earrings to a bounty of tourmaline pendants and rings, there is jewelry to suit every taste and style. Plus we have just set up a new silver showcase to show our ever-expanding collection!

            We also want to encourage you to stop by one of our summertime events this year. Beginning in late June, we hope to hold plein air painting sessions every other weekend. Pop by to see some of our artists set up their easels in the garden! Also, save the date for this summer’s Open House will be held in July 20th, as part of the Lovell Old Home Days celebrations. The Gallery is 21: finally old enough to attend Old Home Days!

            As the sun shines through the rolling clouds, the pines dance in the wind, and the lake water warms to perfection, we can’t wait to welcome you back to Lovell this summer. See you soon!