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Graduation Rings

Original publish date: Mar 31st, 2010

Hey everyone! The two kids just graduated college and Bill and I thought it would be a great idea to make them Harvest Gold Jewelry custom class rings. Check them out!

We engraved the inside with their school name, their name and the year.


Congratulations to Morgan and Aurora! They both graduated from Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe. Morgan received his degree in Environmental Science and Ecology. Aurora, his girlfriend, received her degree in Fine Arts. 

And a big congratulations to my daughter, Carley. Check out her ring.
Carley received her degree in Communication Studies from Stetson University in Deland, FL. 

Bill and I couldn't be more proud. What a great start to our busy summer!
The Happy Couple: A Custom 5-Diamond Engagement Ring!

Original publish date: May 2nd, 2010

We had the pleasure of making a lovely diamond engagement ring for a friend of ours! The to-be-groom was so sweet and wanted the ring and the entire proposal to be a surprise. He told us he wanted a 5 diamond ring and mentioned the style of the cut. We found the diamonds and I went to work setting them in white gold. Constructing the setting was a welcome challenge and with Bill's architectural thought process and my artistic approach we came up with the perfect descending arrangement. Once completed then came the biggest challenge- keeping it all a secret!! Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long since he proposed this weekend!
Then on Sunday the couple stopped by to share the happy news and to show us the ring on the bride-to-be's finger!

This is our favorite part of being jewelers: seeing the happy faces and making something that represents a couple's love and commitment to each other. Congratulations to our friends!

Wedding Bells and Custom Orders!

Original publish date: April 30th, 2010

We've been busy around here with some romantic custom orders and we wanted to share the pretty results.
   ABOVE: is a matching set of our popular Tree of Life Ring one made in yellow gold and the second in white gold. I took this picture with the rings perched on our white fence over looking our view of the mountains and Kezar lake!
See the picture below for a more accurate depiction of the gold colors. The rings were sent to Vermont - the land of maple syrup - so they will fit right in with all their friendly trees!

We made these beautiful custom bands for an etsy customer to fit with her engagement ring. We bent the rings allowing them to create a lovely nestled border around her diamond ring. One ring is beaded and the second is smooth. What a fun idea to add a little variety to an engagement ring!

Selling our jewelry through etsy has been a real treat. We have met- virtually- with some fantastic customers and the dialogue and collaborations that follow always reinforce why we love making jewelry in the first place!

One customer wrote, "I am so happy to have my wedding ring made in Maine! I spent all my summers growing up in Maine. It's a wonderful state and I love to support family businesses there whenever I can!"

We couldn't agree more!

Coming Soon!

Original publish date: Mar. 24th, 2010

We are busy making new jewelry and taking pictures in order to list new rings and special one of a kind pieces to our jewelry Etsy shop. Above is a collection of gold rings with Maine tourmaline! As you can see they look great stacked together and also look darling paired with our 1mm beaded bands.
We love texture and we can't wait to list our 2mm vertical bark ring! Another piece that looks lovely grouped with a set or add it along side an engagement ring for a fun nature inspired feel. 
Stay tuned- these rings and ones like them will be in our shop shortly!
New Glassware!

Original publish date: Mar. 20th, 2010

We are so excited to bring you a new line of glassware by young up and coming artist Nathan Macomber. Available in our gallery and on our website. Macomber is a local artist from just across the border in New Hampshire. His glass work is colorful and so affordable making it the perfect addition to your home for spring!

Our Trip to the Tetons!

Original publish date: Feb. 24th, 2010

We went to the Tetons for L's birthday! We did a lot of skiing , met fun new people and had a fabulous time. We are back in Maine now, with very little snow but that's okay since we are busy completing all the orders we sold while we were away!

The Story of Us... and Our Rings!

Original publish date: Feb. 4th, 2010

As we've mentioned on past posts and in our blog's mission, we want to share the stories behind the jewelry we design and make. So it was only fitting to share our own story! Recently on ETSY, there have been features of couples working and running their etsy store together and so we started to look back at our own story that began YEARS before etsy and has continued to grow and flourish over the past 25+ years! Above is a picture of L & B back in the day, hard at work in the studio making jewelry.

Our braided band was one of our first designs and became our wedding bands. It's a funny story behind our rings! We had the gold from L's grandmother's teeth and we repurposed it by melting and changing the alloy to the three different golds that constitute the braid! It's definitely an untraditional source of gold, one that speaks back to olden time, but when your young and just starting out- recycling gold can be a great option. We have had many customers stop by with old gold, or a grown out wedding band, etc and we have worked with them to make a brand new piece that fits their style and needs! 

And a more recent photo- of L&B with Mount Washington!

We love being jewelers and wouldn't change a thing! We work well together, starting our day early and always take a break for one of B's fantastic lunches. Then it's back to the studio to fulfill retail and etsy orders! And if the sun is shining and the weather is right, we'll close up shop for a gaunt of skiing or come summer- for a dip in the lake. We have many more stories to share with you about past and present designs, so stay tuned!
Winter Landscape Around the Gallery

Original publish date: Jan. 30th, 2010

We really do experience the seasons here in Western Maine, although sometimes during the winter months it feels like summer will never arrive. But we enjoy the slower pace of winter, of getting out and skiing in our very own backyard, of cooking up a delicious meal, and stoking that fire. Then soon enough the snow will melt and we will welcome back all of our summer friends!

As some of you may know- here's the view from our gallery! Looks a bit different with all the snow!!! Although we haven't had quite the winter as last year, there is always the chance for those unexpected storms!

And another view from our gallery!

Matching Mountain Wedding Bands

Original publish date: Jan 29th, 2010


Another great story in our little series!

Since being told to join etsy this past fall, we have enjoyed the new connections and people that the crafting community has introduced us to! We love working with couples in designing the perfect piece for their engagement or wedding, so Harvest Gold and etsy feels like a perfect match!

Anyway, so one day we received a phone call from a couple who was vacationing in the Caribbean. They had found us online and were so delighted becomes it turns out when they weren't on vacation, they lived relatively close! Oh the power of the internet.

So when they returned they stopped by and we discussed making our mountain range ring for them. Instead of our original yellow gold mountain range on the rose gold band, they opted for a white mountain range instead. The color combination is realy striking and we think they turned out splendidly if we do say so ourselves! Their rings are pictured above. click here for etsy click to the item.

They live near the mountains and were in fact married near them, so it was only fitting that the eternal symbol of the mountains became their own symbol.

All Wrapped Up

Original publish date: Jan. 27th, 2010


As part of our etsy redo for the new year, we have been taking pictures of all the little details: and those details include our gift wrapping. And of course we wanted to share these pictures with you!

As jewelers it's only right to finish off a lovely piece of jewelry with a beautiful presentation! That's why each piece comes neatly packaged in a protective pouch in our signature box along with a card telling you all about our story. And if you order any one of our tree of life pieces, we include the poem my husband wrote about this ancient symbol.

Could we make gift giving any easier!?