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50th Anniversary Fun!

Recently here at Harvest Gold, we've had many couples -- including dear friends of ours Hal and Carol Severance-Taylor -- celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries! How lucky for us to have so many wonderful couples surrounding us, customers and friends. Did you know that the traditional 50th anniversary gift is gold? If someone you know is celebrating 50 years of love stop by Harvest Gold and find the perfect gold jewelry for your loved ones.


The ever-perfect Tree of Life design represents the long years of dedication to each other, and the accumulated growth of wisdom and love that has been created out of such a relationship. One of our oldest designs, this cutout pattern is near and dear to our hearts, and we hope soon yours as well!

Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings,   14k Yellow Gold Tree of Life Ring

Another favorite here at the gallery is the White Mountain Interlace Cuff. This bracelet is made of two pieces of interwoven gold, and represents two lives that have been intertwined together in happiness and love. The design was inspired by the interplay between mountains reaching up to the sky and the clouds stretching down to blanket the peaks, this bracelet can be made in any color of gold you would like, and in sterling silver. 

14k Yellow Gold White Mountain Cuffs, shown in both the wide and narrow widths
A second gorgeous bracelet option is the pair of our Together Forever cuffs. These beautiful wire cuffs look stunning when worn individually, but when paired together they wrap around each other to form an infinity symbol! These dainty bracelets are reminiscent of the streams of life, and the constant flow of time. No matter what though, as the days go by, you know you will always have each other! 
The two cuffs entangled, creating a loop of infinite love! 
We hope that your years to come are filled with love and joy. Love from Lovell!