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Rosa's First Blog Post

Hi! My name is Rosa and today is not my first day working at Harvest Gold, but this is my first blog post. When I'm not working I like spending time on the lake, playing tennis, and hiking with my dog.

Since I've been working at Harvest Gold for a few weeks now, I have some favorite pieces that I wanted to share with you!

Right now one of my favorite landscape paintings in the gallery is "Unless You See It You Won't Believe It: Sunset Timber Island" by Jeanne Ouellette. This 12" x 28" oil painting is actually a diptych meaning that it is comprised of two panels. The horizontal lines going through the water are what draw me to this painting. They allow Ouellette to depict how waves change what the water reflects and they also add the stunning pinks and oranges of the sky into the lake portion of the painting.

Another current favorite of mine is "Falling Water" by Sandra Josephine Bell. While I like her more realistic works as well, there is just something about this piece that beckons me each time I walk past it. Every time I see it, I see something different in the swirls of the water. Today, I could see the head of a horse which reminded me of the hippocampi of Greek mythology. 

Finally, a non-painting favorite of mine is "Questioning Mind Grande" by Michael Alfano. This bronze resin sculpture is not only interesting to look at, but also makes you think about how our minds work and why we are always questioning things.

These are only a few of the many wonderful pieces of art here at the gallery.  I look forward to greeting you when you stop by this summer!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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