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Cardinals in the Gallery

Ashanah Here:

Hope everybody is having just as much fun as Ari and I as we shot some wonderful videos for our followers. Lots of laughter as we stumbled through some bloopers. I can’t express how magical the gallery can be while we are working some days; always full of laughter. If you are ever driving by feel free to come say hello and join in.  Every time I work I still always find a new favorite piece of art. Today I caught myself staring at Thomas Merriam’s Cardinal paintings remembering a loved one that past away last spring. Growing up my grandmother was my best friend, and I spent almost every weekend at her house. I have vivid memories of her sitting at her kitchen table watching the bird feeder while reading a book. She spent most of her time chasing off squirrels, but still she would sit there waiting for the cardinal that would sometimes visit.

tom merriam painting cardinal

Merriam's watercolors capture the spunky attitude of the bird that my grandmother adored. To see more of Merriam's wildlife painting visit our website or stop in and see it in person.

One of Ari's favorite artists: Rebecca Klementovich

Hey everyone!

Working at Harvest Gold Gallery has expanded my knowledge of art a lot. I love learning about the artists background.

Such as:

~why they started painting

~what inspires them

~why they are passionate about expressing themselves through art

I really enjoy seeing all the beautiful styles and techniques throughout the gallery. However, one artist that stands out to me is Rebecca Klementovich. I have always been a fan of abstract art, I find her paintings very emotional and equally stunning.

As you can see above in one of my favorite painting's, she captures the contents of an image in such a unique way. It is absolutely breathtaking. 

“There is a small thrill, I admit in the state motto of New Hampshire, ‘Live Free or Die.’ To some degree it gives me permission to expand my color palette in representing the mountains, to paint beyond green, brown, and blue skies, to go deeper, to see the layers. The visual state treasure, the alpine glow on the mountain ranges, shows the complexity of the purple mountain majesty which has twenty two variations of purple in it,” Klementovich says. “The mountains deserve at least 20 colors of purple.”

Learn more about her and her work on our website link below.


Check out some of our new treasures!

Once again, Lynda had been busy creating new earrings just in time for the new year! She recently designed these stunning earrings below:

Above are "Cotton Hill". They are local Maine Amethyst stones in a 14k yellow gold setting. They are especially stunning when the sunlight shines through them. You can find them on our website if you click here.

Above are breathtaking aquamarine stones. "Crystal Blue" are one of a kind, set in 14k yellow gold. They are perfect if you are looking to add an extra special shine. You can find them on our website here.

Looking for a little sparkle to brighten up your day? There "Sea Foam" green tourmaline earrings where locally mined and perfect for everyday wear. The tourmaline is set in 14k yellow gold and can be found on our website here.

"Perfectly Pink". Enough said, these pink Maine tourmaline earrings are set in 14k yellow gold. As you can see, they are delicate yet very beautiful. You can find them on our website here.

Last but not least, these gorgeous Maine Amethyst earrings are called "Purple Ray". When they are in sunlight, the stone reflects a different shade of purple from each perspective. You can find them on our website here.

We can't wait to share more creations with you! Hope you had wonderful holidays.

Lilly's favorite painting

Lilly: My favorite painting is “Lupines in the Sunrays” by Varvara Harmon. After hearing Varvara talk about her trek up Mt Washington and stopping to see this beautiful scene of lupines freshly covered with rain just made the painting even better. The realism and the way the light is captured in this painting is

breathtaking.  varvara harmon original oil of lupines

Happy Holidays!!

Greeting from Captain!

Can you believe New Years is just around the corner? Neither can we, but we sure are excited! We hope you enjoy every second of the upcoming holidays. 

We also are excited to help you surprise your loved ones with special surprises. Come stop in and check out what Bill and Lynda have prepared for the season.  Including new earring designs, necklace designs, bracelet designs and fresh rings. They have been busy in their little workshop, almost as busy as the elves. We also have a few new paintings, puzzles and more! 

We hope to see you soon and that you all enjoy this special time of year with everyone special in your life.

Wishing you happy holidays,


23rd Anniversary for Harvest Gold Gallery

This Christmas Eve, Bill and Lynda will be celebrating their 23nd year at the Harvest Gold Gallery!

Bill began his career with Lynda, but soon found his own inspiration and developed a line of unique flexible earrings and bracelets, which he took to the next level under instruction from master goldsmith Hekki Steppe of Helsinki, Finland. Bill’s life-time quality bracelets have since been sold to hundreds of fine jewelry stores and galleries. Many happy customers have revisited Harvest Gold and shared their appreciation for the long lasting craftsmanship by Bill.

Together these two jewelers created a line of timeless jewelry, including resurrecting family heirlooms by redesigning them into new treasures for current and future generations. The gallery, located on Route 5 in Center Lovell, is open daily and looks forward to celebrating their anniversary with you this holiday season!

White Mountains Winter Sunrise

It was a cold day in November, Lynda took a picture of the sunrise on the mountains over Lake Kezar. Soon to be loved picture by many on Facebook, the staff here at Harvest Gold, and artist Rebecca Klemetovich. Recently used as a logo picture in the winter newsletter seen below.

Klemetovich decided to paint Lynda's picture of the sunrise, showing here at Harvest Gold!

Come check it out here at Harvest Gold Gallery or on Rebecca's artist homepage!

Power Outage in Lovell!

Just a few days ago out typical day at Harvest Gold Gallery took an unexpected turn.

We lost power!! 

But that did not stop us. Unfortunately we could not continue our original plan for the day but even in the dark we continued working hard by taking pictures in the sunlight and coming up with designs to share with you guys!

Thankfully the power returned later that day and Captain was able to sleep in a warm bed. We hope everybody who also lost power stayed warm and enjoyed their time as much as we did!