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  • Ceramic with Lacey Pots!
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Ceramic with Lacey Pots!

Lacey Pots have arrived just in time for summer! These beautiful ceramic vases have the obvious purpose of holding flowers or twigs, but alone they also make a statement. The style we have comes in three different sizes- "itty bitty", "mini" and a larger make. Not only do they come in many different colors, but there are several different patterns: polka-dots, floral, swirly and striped. 

Itty bitty size in blue with polka-dots!

Click the images to view on our website.

Due to the small size of the mini pots, they're the perfect decor for a small work space or coffee table. You could even keep it on a bed stand with some flowers to make your area more lively!


Mini size in pink with floral pattern!

The mini size is the middle ground between the itty bitty vases and the large vases, it's big enough to be able to draw attention to itself while still being small enough to add to a smaller space.


Largest size in dark green with swirls! 

This style would make a great centerpiece for a table or on a shelf, these pieces are attentions grabbers. The large size allows enough room for an overflowing bouquet of flowers to be placed inside. 

Check them out on our website here!

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