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Anchor Bend Glassware
Anchor Bend glasswork is a glass art collaborative created by three life-long friends, Michael Richardson, Timothy Underwood, and Justin Tarducci. Together they inspire and encourage one another to create the beautiful glass you see produced by Anchor bend. 

Michael Richardson first tried glass blowing in high school, which eventually lead him to attend St. Michael's College in Vermont to continue exploring art. Now his favorite part about being an artist is seeing the pleasure people get out of using his work. Justin Tarducci first blew glass when he was only 14, he later attended Rhode Island School of Design, then he was an apprentice under John Bolger Glass. His field knowledge and studies have really aided in the creation of Anchor Bend and he hopes to continue learning.Timothy Underwood has a great reputation in the industry due to his fine-tuned skills. He also mentors local high school students and spends his free time teaching his son about glass work.
At the gallery we carry both the wave and confetti glasses. Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery to see Anchor Bend glasswork for yourself!
Bills's Pesto Recipe!
It's that time of year when the vegetable garden has seen better days, and the final harvesting of herbs and such must take place before the garden rests for the winter. For Bill, this translates into- PESTO making time! Pesto is a tasty sauce that can be made in a big batch and stored in the fridge or even freezer to add to your dishes at your convenience. Bill has a quick and tasty recipe that fits any pesto craving!
The recipe is as follows:  Pick your fresh basil, and using a food processor, add  2 cups of basil leaves, 1/3 cup of pine nuts, 8 cloves of peeled fresh garlic, 3/4 cup of shredded parmesan cheese. Blend this all together into a nice green and aromatic paste! Then add 1 cup of olive oil and blend the oil into the paste. Store the pesto in a jar and keep refrigerated and use within 30 days, or store your pesto into ice cube trays in the freezer. Once they are frozen, pop them out into a ziploc bag and Voila! Pesto all winter long! 
(Check out Bill's large can of Olive Oil- a sign of a true cook!)
We love this time of year! Happy cooking!
Birthstone of the month: Sapphire!
Anybody born in September knows that this month's birthstone is Sapphire!
Sapphire is a gemstone comes from the mineral corundum, and is most famous for its deep blue coloration. Though it is most commonly recognized for it's deep blue beauty, sapphires come in a very wide variety of colors.
The only color sapphires don't come in is red, because when corundum has a red color it is instead recognized as a ruby! Sapphires are super durable, ranking a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale which makes them the perfect stone to wear as jewelry. You can wear sapphires without ever having to fear about them cracking or chipping! Fun fact, sapphires can be man-made, meaning they can be synthesized in a lab and will have the same properties as a natural sapphire. Sapphire has been known as a royal stone, often worn by royalty as a status symbol.
Pictured above is a photo of Princess Diana's engagement ring. Sapphire has also been know to represent sincerity, faithfulness, and fidelity, which makes it the perfect anniversary gift. Sapphires are traditionally given as a gift on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.
Happy Birthday to all the September birthdays and we hope to see you all in the Gallery soon!
Nyla's Favorite paintings!
 Hello Everyone! My name is Nyla and I started working at Harvest Gold about two months ago. Every day I've been in the Gallery I've come to appreciate the beauty of the artwork around me and every artist's unique style. Today I'm going to share some of my absolute favorite paintings in the Harvest Gold Gallery with you.
Click on any of the paintings to see them on our website!
First, "Lupines in the Sky" by Varvara Harmon. This is one of the pieces that really caught my eye walking through the gallery for the first time. I love the visible beams of sunlight filtering through the trees, highlighting the delicate spiderweb in the bottom left corner of the painting. To me, the spiderweb nestled in the lupines is the centerpiece of the painting. The cool undertone of the painting makes it feel like Harmon has captured the first rays of sun in the early morning, the light reflecting off dew drops trapped in the web. The cool color palette is complemented by the soft orange shadows of the lupines' leaves and scattered throughout the tips of the tree branches.
Next, "The Yard" by Doug Houle.The first time I saw this painting the bright turquoise of the truck surrounded by the earthy tones of the rest of the scene brought my eyes right to it. The pops of bright colors lead my eyes around the entire painting, noticing the carefully placed details before taking a step back and viewing the painting as a whole. The painting feels like a warm day, standing in the yard with the sun directly over head, soaking in the late summer air.
"Sun over Field" by Varvara Harmon. Varvara's paintings are world renowned for their realism, and this one is no exception. The picture above doesn't fully capture the light emanating from the the sunset and the sky above. Seeing it in person, the blue sky and the sun's rays pouring onto the field almost seem to have their own life, glowing in a way I've never seen captured in any other artist's painting before. I love how focus of this painting is the background, letting the light bounce off the little trees in the foreground, decorating the field about not taking away from the bold clouds.
"The Lace Curtains" by Amy Laskin. Amy Laskin's paintings never cease to amaze me. The detail in her paintings is extraordinary and I get lost in a new part of this painting every time I look at it. The seamless layering of different aspects in the painting, such as the night sky poking through the lace curtains, is fascinating. It almost feels like if I shifted my gaze from the curtains to the moon I could see right through them and view the moon in perfect detail. I love the brightness of the painting and how each and every flower and leaf is highlighted, creating a  dimensional, striking scene.
Stop in and see these beautiful pieces for yourself at the Harvest Gold Gallery!
Jean Swan Gordon

Harvest Gold Gallery is honored to display Jean Swan Gordon paintings. She was born in 1922 and lived her early years in Old Lyme, CT where at only 14 years old she was studying under a local artist due to her talent. At first she only drew pen and pencil line drawings, many of them are figures of people. It wasn't until her later years that she started painting flowers, however they became an incredible success- both for Jean and anyone to behold them. Sadly Jean passed away in 2013, yet her spirit lives on in every brush stroke of every flower in her paintings.

"As with people, no two are the same. They can move around like people, and there’s something challenging about that. That’s why I try to convey in my work the vigor, energy, and variety of flowers at various stages of growth and development.
 Jean Swan Gordon

The Process of Making Our Cut-Out Pendants
Ever wonder about the process of how we here at Harvest Gold make jewelry? Well, it all starts with a concept, these can either be ideas we think of ourselves, or personal requests made by the customer. In this sample picture, a sketch was drawn to represent what the customer wanted on their earring!
Then, the process actually begins, with making the earring and turning a sheet of gold and silver into beautiful earrings. In this case, we cut the sheet into the outside shape of the gold and silver. Next we drill a couple of tiny holes ,insert a tiny jeweler's saw, and hand cut the design into it. With polishing and finishing, we complete the process of making beautiful earrings!


 Check out our other hand-crafted pieces at Harvest Gold!

Shapes in Silver

Recently at the gallery, we've taken pictures of many different pieces of jewelry to share with all of you! 

These chunky hoops are the perfect addition to anyones earring collection, and look great on everyone! These earrings shine so bright in any light. 

Finally, the loop-de-loop earrings are a fantastic way to accentuate any look. The anticlastic design is such a unique way to spice up your accessories! Please click on the photo for more information on these earrings. 

Come see these earrings and more at Harvest Gold Gallery!

Felted Soaps From Jan Winsor!

We've been carrying Four Winds Farm's felted soap at Harvest Gold for over two years now! What is felted soap? It's soap in its own washcloth! Fiber artist Jan Winsor of Four Winds Farm in Gorham, ME has partnered with soap makers to sell this fun product.

Jan became interested in the fiber arts over 20 years ago and has progressed to becoming a full time fiber artist with a farm. She has a small flock of sheep from which she gets the wool to create artworks as well as felted soap.

She uses either hand crafted soap from Medicine Wheel Herbals, or goat's milk soap from Knotty Goat Soapery or Spiritwind Farm and then "felts" them with wool from her own sheep. The soap is wrapped in a thin layer of felt, so it lathers up without needing a washcloth. When the soap is gone, the felt can be used as a scrubbie.

In addition to smelling fabulous, these soaps are made from all natural ingredients and are eco-friendly! Ditch bottled soaps filled with chemicals and try out this product. Not only are you helping the planet, but you're supporting multiple small businesses. Give it a try today and pick up a bar at the Harvest Gold Gallery.

Ceramic with Lacey Pots!

Lacey Pots have arrived just in time for summer! These beautiful ceramic vases have the obvious purpose of holding flowers or twigs, but alone they also make a statement. The style we have comes in three different sizes- "itty bitty", "mini" and a larger make. Not only do they come in many different colors, but there are several different patterns: polka-dots, floral, swirly and striped. 

Itty bitty size in blue with polka-dots!

Click the images to view on our website.

Due to the small size of the mini pots, they're the perfect decor for a small work space or coffee table. You could even keep it on a bed stand with some flowers to make your area more lively!


Mini size in pink with floral pattern!

The mini size is the middle ground between the itty bitty vases and the large vases, it's big enough to be able to draw attention to itself while still being small enough to add to a smaller space.


Largest size in dark green with swirls! 

This style would make a great centerpiece for a table or on a shelf, these pieces are attentions grabbers. The large size allows enough room for an overflowing bouquet of flowers to be placed inside. 

Check them out on our website here!

Check Out Our Cut-Out Jewelry!

One of our most iconic pieces is easily our cut-out jewelry collection. The look is simple, yet eye catching and intricate. Lynda skillfully hand-cuts each individual design to create the beautiful cut-out. "The Tree of Life" is historically the most popular, however Lynda makes a wide array of designs for the gallery and custom cut-outs such as states, names, and animals! All of the Harvest Gold Jewelry cut-outs can be made in either 14k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or sterling silver as a pendant for any kind of jewelry your heart desires. 


Shown above is a gorgeous pair of sterling silver earrings with a Lady Slipper cut-out! This style of jewelry is perfect because it can be worn daily and causally, however it can also be dressed up for a more formal look. If you would like to get yourself or a loved one a piece of cut-out jewelry, check out our website to see our selection or stop by the gallery to design a custom piece! 

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