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  • Meeting with Randy Rowe!
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    Harvest Gold Gallery
Meeting with Randy Rowe!

We at Harvest Gold Gallery met up and interview Randy Rowe, who is the one behind the brand new Strumsticks here at Harvest Gold Gallery. We discussed his process and his own opinions behind the music scene and his Strumsticks, and learned a lot of valuable information. 

"Standard Strumstick" by Randy Rowe

Randy Rowe's Strumsticks are beautiful instruments and decorations, him describing it as "beautiful hanging from a wall." His Strumsticks are great for any novice or expert, with "no right or wrong" on how to play it.

Growing up, Randy's process of making music was not at all focused on perfection, more the sound of the notes played. Randy enjoys playing more slowly, and taking in each note at a time. Randy dislikes sight-reading with written music, describing it as "looking at bugs crawling on paper".

Randy Rowe's musical instruments are fantastic for the eyes and ears, for playing and listening. Come see more at Harvest Gold Gallery.

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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