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Keep Warm with New Quilts from Carole and Charles Hicks!

Original publish date: Jan. 21st, 2011


During these cold and wintery months a little extra color and warmth can bring a burst of joy to our lives. With this is mind, Harvest Gold Gallery is pleased to present a beautiful collection of handmade quilts to be on display through the winter season. Quilters, Carole and Charles Hicks of Bridgeton, Maine have been immersed in both the quilting and art industry for several years. Their collection of quilts denotes wildlife motifs reminiscent of Maine’s stunning outdoors accented with bright geometric patterns. Carole received her education through classes offered by Cornell University in Hicksville, NY and later went on to teach classes in sewing. With her spare time she continues to further learn the artistry of quilting while also learning to batik handbags, penny wool rugs, needle punch and paper pierce. She is a member of the Chickadee Quilters Association of Bridgeton, ME as well as the Pine Tree Quilters of Maine Association. Her husband Charles has taught classes in industrial arts in both Levittown, NY and for the Lake Region High District in Naples, ME. Together they have received ribbons for their quilts from the Fryeburg Fair Association and are honored throughout the North East for the exquisitely handcrafted and aesthetically designed quilts. The collection of quilts at Harvest Gold Gallery include king, queen, twin, and baby sizes in addition to the one of a kind table runners. The exhibit is on display daily from 10am-4pm so stop in, warm up, and come enjoy some of Maine’s one of a kind fine art. Please call ahead (207)-925-6502.