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  • Megan Reiniger- Maple Sugar Studios
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Megan Reiniger- Maple Sugar Studios

Maine silk artist, Megan Reiniger, recently visited the Gallery to drop off some of her new designs. As child Megan had an interest in art but it wasn't until 2016 that she taught herself how to dye silk, a couple years later she began selling her pieces. All of her designs are inspired by nature because that's where she goes to recharge her creativity. 

"Yellow Orchids" by Maple Sugar Studios 

Silk art calls for an extreme amount of precision, so even for the most qualified artist, making mistakes is inevitable. 

"Purple Lupine" by Maple Sugar Studios 

Megan admitted that she can be a perfectionist when it comes to her art, but now instead of getting frustrated at a mistake she turns it into part of the art. 

"Light Purple Iris" by Maple Sugar Studios 

She told us that "inevitably something happens and it takes on it’s [the painting's] own personality.” Clearly, Megan has found the secret to silk painting because she work is mesmerizing. 


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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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  • Jul 05, 2021

    I am so proud that you’re getting your work out there. You have such a great talent that needs to be shared. We miss you!

    — alice spaulding

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