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New Additions to the Gallery

Earlier in the fall, we received a substantial collection of Jean Swan Gordon paintings. Jean produced her works by outlining the subject matter, typically bouquets of flowers from her own garden, in ink and then adding several layers of watercolors. This method creates vibrant, eye-catching works of art, the impact of which can truly be appreciated in person. 

The paintings, generously provided by the family of the artist, consist of various combinations of flowers in different vases, whether a simple glass bowl or a china pot. See if you can spot a vase that has been used twice!

In addition to the Jean Swan Gordon pieces, we have a few new sculptures by Michael Tatom. Michael casts his animal sculptures in bronze before finishing them with a beautiful patina that gives the animals a unique coloring. His sculptures impart not only the shape of the subject, but also a sense of the movement and fluidity of the animal. We now have sculptures of a mother bear and cub as well as a fox.

Bronze Polar Bear Mom by Michael Tatom

We encourage you to come by and view these spectacular works of art in person!

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