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  • Somewhere Over (or Under?) the Rainbow
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Somewhere Over (or Under?) the Rainbow

There is still some lingering foliage here in Lovell despite the harsh winds and rain we've experienced in the last few days. This morning, we were lucky enough to witness a gorgeous rainbow stretching across the mountains.

A neighbor was kind enough to send us a picture from her house across the street. The gallery appears to be nestled under the arc of the rainbow.

The rainbow was viewed from all different angles before it faded away. 

This sight is not unfamiliar to us at Harvest Gold; Mary Ellen Serina painted a similar scene, "View From Harvest Gold Gallery". The time of year may be different, but the rainbow is in nearly in the same spot. For more information on the painting, click the image below or stop in the gallery to view it in person.

Rainbows have always been common in art and folklore. In Norse mythology, the rainbow represented the journey from life to death. In Greek myths, it acted as a pathway for the goddess Iris to travel between the earth and the heavens. Most popular, though, is the legend that there is a pot of leprechaun gold at the end of the rainbow. If you happen to find it, let us know!


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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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