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  • Glass Artist- Ernest Porcelli
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Glass Artist- Ernest Porcelli

We recently received new work by glass artist, Ernest Porcelli. He has been working with glass for over 30 years- which is clear from the skill it takes to create what he does. Ernest makes a range of things with his glass knowledge; everything from doors and windows to plates and platters! His range of knowledge is impressive.
Much of his works consists of fusing glass, like the plates seen below. Fusing glass is done by taking small square rods or think strips of glass, then arranging them into the pattern and color of the artists choosing.


The piece is then put in the kiln where it is then fused during a process called ramping which is when the artist rapidly raises the temperature within the kiln. Then a process called soaking takes place which is when the artist allows the glass to stay at the same temperature within the kiln. To finish the piece it is cooled for a long time, during a process called annealing, which reduced the chance of  breaking.
Stop by Harvest Gold Gallery to see Ernest's work in person, or visit our online store and check it out!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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