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  • Abenaki Artist- Lenny Novak
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Abenaki Artist- Lenny Novak

These beautiful Dreamcatchers are handcrafted by Abenaki artist, Lenny Novak. Dreamcatchers are traditionally a craft of the Ojibway Tribe but Lenny was not taught the traditional Ojibway way until later on. Before he was taught, he learned how to make his own web which he still uses to this day. He has been making Dreamcatchers since the 90's- his work is exhibited at the Abbe museum, entered both as a Dreamcatcher and as a Contemporary Native American Sculpture. Lenny's Dreamcatchers are one of a kind, artistically he describes them as:
 "Bending planes dance with nature
In positive and negative spaces
Bringing to life what you esteem
Both past and present in these laces"

Indigenous mothers would hang a Dreamcatcher over their back, to ward off evil spirits and protect the baby in the swaddle on her back. It helped the child have strong eyesight by watching it sway, then later hand eye coordination. Eventually it was hung over the child's bed to ward off evil things from invading dreams. The web traps the evil, allowing the good dreams to flow through the center hole and feather, then to the child. If you would like to see them in person, stop by the gallery!

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