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The Bronze Creatures of David Smus

Take a walk through Harvest Gold Gallery and you’re bound to encounter several woodland creatures, whether they are made of wood, bronze, or copper; whether they are miniature or life-size. David Smus is one of our artists who specializes in bronze sculpture, and recently we added several more of his pieces to our collection! From miniature bear cubs to a nearly life-size blue heron, David’s sculptures express an obvious love of nature and a clear knowledge of animal anatomy.

So the next time you find yourself at Harvest Gold, keep an eye out for a beaver whittling away at a tree stump, a blue heron with wings unfurling, three little bear cubs playing happily on a log, and a bobcat tiptoeing curiously across some rocks. When you find them, see if you can recognize the sense of spirit that David has so skillfully crafted into each creature.

  • Harvest Gold Gallery

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