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Shelley Pilsbury's Unmistakable Kezar Lake Paintings

Anyone who has spent time in Lovell, Maine is familiar with Kezar Lake, whether you visit the town beach to cool off every day, or like to take relaxing kayak rides through the water lilies at the north end. At Harvest Gold, you can experience Kezar Lake through Shelley Pilsbury’s oil paintings which are now on display.

In honor of all who enjoy our Kezar Lake, those who live here year-round and those who visit us for the summer, we are proud to present Beached Boats and The Sky Looked Exactly Like This by Shelley Pilsbury. These paintings are both in our front room, so you’ll see them right when you walk in the door. 

See our collection of Shelley's work here, or come in and visit us today!


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