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Award Winning American Woodcarver Coming to Harvest Gold!

Original publish date: June 4th, 2012

We are always excited to share with you, in some detail, the artists that we have show cased at the gallery, especially when they are from our own home state like Rob Jones, our featured artist of the week. Rob Jones is an award winning American Woodworker from Thomaston, Maine. He began his art by building, with assistance, his first banjo, an instrument that had always held an interest for him. Since then, he has built several instruments including banjos, a French horn, trombones, and a trumpet. His musical instruments are played by music professors. He entered his lobster carving in the Maine Sportsman Show and he won the People's Choice award and was hooked from that point on. To view some of his works visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqWRsRDDb1M







At the gallery, we are delighted to have a sample of his very unique bowls, Baltic by Design. They come in four different sizes from small for a candle holder to large enough to be a center piece with fruit. With the wedding season upon us or Father's Day right around the corner, these would made a fabulous and timeless gift. Stop by any day!