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Sweet Summer Discoveries!

We recently discovered a lovely farm in Hebron, Maine that grows lavender plants. Since May 2014, Pen-Y-Bryn specializes in distilling high quality lavender essential oil and hydrosol.  They harvest lavender by hand with a scythe when the lavender is at peak oil content.  Their oil is steam distilled in their custom made essential oil still in small batches with the utmost care.  They then bottle the essential oil and hydrosol, and other wonderful lavender products. Their product is 100% natural meaning that they do not use any chemicals or pesticides on their plants or add any additives or perfumes to their products.  

"Pen-y-Bryn Lavender Farm was started on our 10 acre farm in May of 2014 from the idea that we wanted our fields to be full of beautiful, lush and sweet smelling plants that could also be used to soothe, aid and relax people naturally and simply.  With the help of family and friends, 600 perfect little lavender seedlings found their home. Since then, with the help of those same family and friends (and bees from a local farm) we’ve harvested, distilled and bottled hydrosol and essential oils.”

They’re always happy to have visitors to Pen-Y-Bryn Farm!  Their lavender at Pen-Y-Bryn is usually in full, glorious bloom during the month of July.  Pen-Y-Bryn Farm warmly welcomes visitors to experience the sensation of walking between the lavender rows abuzz with bees.

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