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Rainy Paintings!

With winter coming to an end and spring on the horizon, rather than snow, rain seems to be pouring from the Maine skies this time of year! In light of the increased downpours, we would like to show some seasonal spring paintings!

"Afternoon Rain" by Kristen Dill shows the beauty of the sky after it rains, when the sunlight peaks through the clouds again.

"Pine Tree on Water (Kancamagus Spring)" by Gwen Nagel shows the view of the water near the shore. Not relying on the color green as much, but nonetheless captivates the feeling of spring.

"Water Iris" by Mary Ellen Serina shows a beautiful iris, a very prominent symbol for spring. It's a simple showcase of the flower but conveys all the emotion springtime brings.

Lastly, we have "Chickens in Springtime" by Sandy Crowell, which depicts chickens in a springtime field. This piece in particular reminds us of times to look forward to, with vast green fields filled with animals. Come see more works at Harvest Gold Gallery!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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