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New Rebecca Paintings!

Recently at Harvest Gold, Rebecca Klementovich sent in some gorgeous new paintings! One of the first abstract artists to show at Harvest Gold, Klementovich seeks to introduce a new color palette and style of painting to New England that can challenge the hold that traditional schools have on the region. Her bright colors and the motion that can be seen through her strong brush strokes seek to represent the natural rhythm and vibrancy that can be seen in the mountains and trees all around us. 

 By painting with loud, vivid colors, along with painting and showing in outdoor locations that many people feel more comfortable in than a traditional gallery space, Klementovich seeks to capture the attention of the public and encourage other women to pursue their passions.

The first of these new paintings is "Visions of Kezar Lake" a beautiful landscape painting that shows the view of Kezar Lake in Lovell!

The second of the new paintings is known as "Moon, Plains and You", a beautiful showcase of the winter season. Leaves are on the ground, but green is beginning to peak through, with the moonlight shining above.

The final painting in this newest batch is known as "Let's Work Among the Leaves", a very vibrant and colorful painting that shows the skill Rebecca showcases in her painting. Come see these paintings and more at the gallery!

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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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