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  • One of Ari's favorite artists: Rebecca Klementovich
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One of Ari's favorite artists: Rebecca Klementovich

Hey everyone!

Working at Harvest Gold Gallery has expanded my knowledge of art a lot. I love learning about the artists background.

Such as:

~why they started painting

~what inspires them

~why they are passionate about expressing themselves through art

I really enjoy seeing all the beautiful styles and techniques throughout the gallery. However, one artist that stands out to me is Rebecca Klementovich. I have always been a fan of abstract art, I find her paintings very emotional and equally stunning.

As you can see above in one of my favorite painting's, she captures the contents of an image in such a unique way. It is absolutely breathtaking. 

“There is a small thrill, I admit in the state motto of New Hampshire, ‘Live Free or Die.’ To some degree it gives me permission to expand my color palette in representing the mountains, to paint beyond green, brown, and blue skies, to go deeper, to see the layers. The visual state treasure, the alpine glow on the mountain ranges, shows the complexity of the purple mountain majesty which has twenty two variations of purple in it,” Klementovich says. “The mountains deserve at least 20 colors of purple.”

Learn more about her and her work on our website link below.


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    Harvest Gold Gallery

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